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Everything You Should Know About Eos Trading

EOS Cryptocurrency

Let me guess… Have you heard the buzz of the EOS trading and want to know more? Or, have you looked at other guides but still don’t understand where this entire buzz is coming from?

Well, don’t worry; you’ll have your answers soon! Today we are going to walk you through everything you need to know about EOS coin in the easiest way possible. So, this guide will be ideal, whether it is for cryptocurrency experts or for beginners!

We’ll talk about the EOS coin, how the EOS crypto project started, and how the EOS blockchain works. By the end of the guide, you will become an expert in EOS cryptocurrency!

History of the EOS Cryptocurrency

EOS was born in 2017, breaking records. It became the most profitable cryptocurrency of the year. Daniel Larimer developed it, intending to optimize the already consolidated Ethereum. How?

Simply put, its objective was to bring blockchain technology closer to any application. EOS makes it easy to implement decentralization in any application.

It can be said that it arrived with “good bread During the ICO at his birth.” Prior to its launch, they request the participation of investors. It raised in 5 days, almost 190 million dollars. The fact that attracted the attention of many investors lurking about EOS.

Evolution of the EOS Cryptocurrency

Worth of Different Cryptocurrencies

It seems that it will probably become one of the most profitable platforms. Many traders have their eye on EOS:

Because its functionality is essential, and for now, exclusive, in a digital future that is already beginning to awaken.

Its market value at its exit was less than the dollar. It has established itself among the 10 most capitalized securities in the markets in less than a year.

What Is EOS Crypto: The Principle

EOS is a cryptocurrency born in mid-2017, with the aim of providing users with the ability to make faster payments. This cryptocurrency, which supports smart contracts, has some features in common with Ethereum. The project, however, brought some improvements, such as scalability. The ICO is currently underway.

The portal dedicated to the project is EOS.io. By consulting the pages, it is possible to notice the recurrence of some terms. We are talking about usability, scalability, and flexibility in particular.

Let’s see the characteristics of every single aspect. Let’s start by remembering that when we talk about usability, there is the simplicity of use. It allows even those who do not have the particular technical knowledge to use the platform.

What about scalability? In this case, the focus is on the number of transactions the platform can support. In this regard, it is good to remember that the EOS developers immediately set out to overcome in this way. For example, one of the main obstacles to Ethereumis the excessive duration of transactions.

With regard to flexibility, it should be specified that, by this term, we mean the possibility of being able to block transactions in a simple way in the event of an error. What to say about the price?

First of all, the EOS cryptocurrency was affected by a first bullish movement at the end of 2017. However, the highs in the first year of history were reached in April 2018. This data is very important. EOS is one of the very few cryptocurrencies to have touched them in the aforementioned year.

What is an EOS token?

EOS is an easy-to-use protocol based on the Ethereum blockchain. EOS is, therefore, an ERC20 token.

EOS tokens are widely adopted and used by the community and cryptocurrency investors. EOS is often seen as a new version of Ethereum, and therefore it is a decentralized platform. A developer who holds the EOS token can develop and run the dApp.

EOS Trading: How Does It Work?

Like many other coins, EOS was born in 2017, and many are asked the question, what is EOS? How does EOS work? It is based on a new type of blockchain that supports large volumes of transactions per second and without fees, so the system is free to use.

With EOS, developers can provide ready-made services such as database, authentication, and communication. So, the main focus is to simplify the development of the App. Therefore, it is not a simple digital currency.

EOS is a bit like Ethereum, which also offers the possibility of producing smart contracts or Ripple.It allows transactions between different currencies without going through the dollar.

This cryptocurrency is based on a new blockchain. It is capable of guaranteeing vertical and horizontal scaling for decentralized applications with minimal latency.

Among the main features of this innovative cryptocurrency, we find:

  • A security function capable of blocking transactions in case of theft,
  • The capability of avoiding the theft of tokens from the wallet

So this system is practically inviolable.

How to Invest In EOS Cryptocurrency?


In our guide to investing in EOS trading, we explain the steps to invest in cryptocurrencies.

We summarize here what are the different ways you have to invest in cryptocurrency:

Produce EOS

First of all, you should know that EOS cryptocurrency cannot be mined. To be able to produce EOS, you must be a “block producer,” and that is achieved only by voting from the rest. This is a process suitable for high-level programmers.

Buy EOS: How And Where Can I Buy Eos?

To buy EOS the simplest way ever is this:

  • Register a new account on a trading platform;
  • Select EOS from the available cryptocurrencies;
  • Set the buy order and invest the desired amount.

As you can see, the simplest procedure is to purchase EOS and keep them on the platform. Below we are going to explain each of these 3 points in more detail.

Access to the EOS purchase platform

The first step is to log into the platform where you want to buy EOS. If a platform is regulated, you will need to sign up. Registration does not require additional costs.It will allow you to access as many times as you want by logging in with the data set during registration.

We recommend that you choose a safe, known, and regulated platform. We have already mentioned some of the best platforms.

Selection of EOS among the available cryptocurrencies

We continue the explanation using the eToro platform as an example. Once you have completed your registration and logged in, you are ready. You can access the list of cryptocurrencies available for purchase and trading.

From the left column, select “Markets,” and then on the page on the right, click on “Crypto.” In this way, you will be able to view the list of available cryptocurrencies.

EOS Purchase Order Setup

On the previous list, click on EOS. This will take you to a page where you can view EOS-related posts, EOS statistics, market research, and the EOS graph in real-time.

As you will see, an “Invest” button also appears on the right. To continue with the purchase, click on it. This will take you to the EOS purchase order window.

Where to buy EOS safely?

We repeat once again: to buy EOS safely, you need a reliable platform. This is true regardless of whether you prefer a classic exchange or a trading platform offered by an online broker. The important thing is that it is safe, as your money is important. You will need to be able to invest them as and when you want.

For this reason, we recommended some regulated platforms above. They offer the highest security standards and are constantly monitored.

Invest in EOS

Finally, we propose a less technically complex solution: investing in EOS CFDs. In this case, you do not have EOS at any time.What you do here is invest only for the price difference when opening a position and closing it. You invest in cryptocurrency in the same way as you would invest in gold, in IBEX, or in the dollar.

The main advantage of investing with CFDs is that you can also win when the price falls.

Where Can Eos Traderinvestsafely?

The first step to investing in CFDs is to find a broker that participates as an intermediary between you and the markets.

How to choose a good broker? Always before choosing a broker, you should take into account:

  • That a competent supervisory body regulates the broker. The regulation of CFDs is very strict, and not all brokers operate with the necessary authorization. Avoid scams with a regulated broker.
  • Try their trading platform with a free demo account. Do you have all the tools you need to implement your strategy? Brokers offer them so you can get familiar with them without risking your real money.
  • Research about the broker on the Internet. On many broker pages and forums, you will find comments of all kinds about brokers. Look for brokers whose experience and reputation is relevant.

EOS Platform: The Best Brokers

To make your search a little easier, we offer you regulated CFD brokers with a good reputation among the trading community.


Anyone who wants to understand how to trade EOS CFD’s must, inevitably, consider Plus500. This broker, online since 2008 and a registered trademark, is licensed by CySEC.

It allows you to trade EOS CFD’s and other cryptocurrencies, always through CFD trading.It helps you to start from the opening of the account. It even allows you to invest either with or without real money.

The second option is the ideal solution for beginners. However, after a few hours of testing, it’s time to switch to the real money account. Thanks to it, it is possible to trade EOS with CFDs.

Thanks to CFDs, EOS traders can earn even if they lose share. What matters, in fact, is to open the right position between long and short. Before operating, it is necessary to take into consideration the information on the graph. Always remember that a specific trend does not last forever.

We also specify that this broker allows you to trade on the go. It has a dedicated app downloadable on iOS and Android devices.


eToro is another interesting broker for those who want to trade EOS. Online since 2007, in 2008, it received the authorization to operate in the USA.

What are its main features? The first concerns social training. When you trade with eToro, in fact, you have a free profile available. Thanks to it, you can share your strategies with the rest of the community.

Above all, the results are fundamental. Whoever gets the best can be followed by other users who automatically replicate the strategy.

eToro allows you to open a demo account, thanks to which you can practice trading EOS without real money. Thanks to it, it is possible to practice without putting real money into play.

Moreover,it is possible to view the section dedicated to the data of the gurus. (These are classified based on geographical origin, the markets treated, the risk profile, and, obviously, the results obtained).

IQ Option

When it comes to EOS trading, IQ Options brokers must also be involved.

What are its characteristics? In the foreground, we must undoubtedly remember the possibility of trading starting from a minimum deposit of 10 euros. No other broker allows you to trade with such a low deposit.

The platform is internationally regulated and licensed by CySEC. It allows you to open a demo account through which to practice with the asset.

Thanks to it, you have the opportunity to access the trading station. This is a very immediate working environment where you can quickly find the asset you are interested in. in the case of EOS, you can start operating in a simple and safe way.

Downside of CFDs

When trading EOS, you have to be very careful with CFDs, which have a downside.

Which one exactly? Financial leverage. This multiplier allows you to expose yourself to the market with a higher sum than the initial deposit. In this way, the gains are amplified but also the losses.

For this reason, it is necessary to have a lot of awareness of everything related to stopping loss mechanisms.Thanks to this mechanism, it is possible to tell the broker when to stop losses.

Payment Tools for Investing In EOS

Payment Tools for Investing In EOS

To buy EOS, you can use different payment instruments, which will be indicated by the platform you operate. Once you click on the deposit item, you can choose which tool to use from those shown.

On the eToro platform, for example, it is possible to buy EOS with a:

  • credit card,
  • PayPal,
  • Neteller,
  • Skrill,
  • Rapid Transfer,
  • Bank Transfer and
  • Union Pay.

Note: Some of these methods may not be present on other exchange platforms.

Sell ​​EOS and Collect Any Profits

When you want to sell EOS, it would be ideal to be able to do it instantly. You don’t have to find a buyer. This is exactly what you can do with the eToro platform.It allows you to buy EOS, keep them on the platform, and instantly resell them when you want.

The collected amount is immediately credited to the trading account and is immediately withdrawable.

To sell EOS, it is necessary to locate the open position in the “Portfolio” window.And then click on the wheel and then finally click on “Close.”


Is EOS still a good investment?

That is debatable. As you know, EOS is still in progress. However, researches show that the price of EOS tokens can rise to a significant amount by 2030. So, it can be a pretty good long-term investment.

How does EOS work?

As we have already explained, the main purpose of EOS cryptocurrency is to facilitate decentralized applications. It is based on blockchain technology, which allows the storage and transmission of exchanges. It is a kind of database ensuring the execution of the various transactions in complete transparency, security, and without any intermediary of control.

Is EOS dying?

Not quite yet.

Currently, Eos is ranked 8th place in the list of cryptocurrencies. It has potential, promises, and Ideas. There is also some debate and controversy, but it did not die in 2018, so, probably not going to die anytime soon.

Is EOS better than Ethereum?

This can be true soon. Already Eos trading shows a lot of promises and improvement than Ethereum in scalability and transaction fees. However, a more centralized design is still controversial and debatable.

Does EOS have a future?

The future prediction looks quite fruitful.

The current price of EOS hangs at $2.53, which is supposed to fall to $2.35. But it will hopefully rise again to $2.94. Some predict that the price of EOS may rise up to $4.83 by the end of 2023.


EOS tradingcan shake the cryptocurrency market may be even become #1 in the long run. But that will happen only if Block. One lives up to what it says. This is one of the reasons that drive us to have more than positive reviews.

It is true; however, that part of EOS is currently only based on ideas and promises. It is still a new technology.

Besides, some conspiracy theories claim the EOS team is not as honest as they look. This can also mean that they are trying to stop the promising sector in the bud. So, if you have confidence in this cutting edge technology, this is definitely a worthwhile cryptocurrency to invest in.