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BitMex Review and Tutorial

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BitMex Facts & Figures

Bit Mex Offer the largest market liquidity of any Crypto exchange. Ultra low trading costs and minimum deposit requirements. Join in 30 seconds.




Bonus N/A
Instruments Crypto
Demo Account Yes
Min. Deposit 0.0001 XBT
Pay Methods N/A
Min. Trade 0.0001 XBT
Regulated By N/A
MetaTrader 4 No
MetaTrader 5 No
cTrader No
ECN Account No
DMA Account No
Mobile Apps No
Auto Trading No
Social Trading No
Copy Trading No
Trade Signals No
Islamic Account No



BitMex offer the largest liquidity Crypto trading anywhere. Contracts from $1. Compliant with global AML guidance, the platform offers cutting edge crypto exchange and hedging.


Spread BTC 0.1%, ETH 0.1%
Risk Warning – Your capital is at risk

BitMex is one of the top online trades for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading. This audit subtleties the charges, the TestNet demo account, all versatile application information, in addition to use and edge levels accessible. Peruse on to discover the qualities and shortcomings of the Bitmex trade.

Company Details

HDR Global Trading Limited in 2014 established BitMEX, and from that point forward, has had a brilliant ascent to become perhaps the leading Bitcoin trading stage accessible around the world. 

HDR Global Trading Ltd was, thus, established by previous financial specialists Samuel Reed, Arthur Hayes and Ben Delo. Enlisted in Seychelles and working universally, the organization began solid by expanding into subordinate trading and explicitly edge trading. 

Ben Delo, one of the authors of BitMEX, is the primary tycoon in the UK to make their fortune from Bitcoin. 

Starting in 2019, the organization is right now under survey by the CFTC (Commodity Future Trading Commission) regarding whether BitMEX is going through criminal behaviour dependent on American exchange prerequisites. 

Presently, no decision has been made dependent on these allegations, and the stage keeps on trading as standard – be that as it may, the location isn’t accessible to US-based brokers.

BitMex Trading Platform

BitMEX offers a subsidiary trading stage to a worldwide market. For those more used to trading cryptocurrency straightforwardly, their diverse strategy for trading might be very befuddling. 

Rather than trading money straightforwardly, merchants rather exchange contracts, which can be fundamentally more unstable than conventional trading. Accordingly, the stage is primarily intended for clients that know what they are doing, with next to no hand-holding gave. 

Joining BitMEX is somewhat basic and direct, with no trading limits included whenever Enlistment has been finished. 

Everything necessary is an email address, being more than 18 years of age, and affirmation that the client isn’t in the US because of current lawful issues.


The interface of the BitMEX trading stage is messy and somewhat obsolete yet at the same time utilitarian, with a few gadgets accessible that can be openly changed dependent on the review inclinations of the specific client. 

Graphing is incorporated as standard, utilizing TradingView to offer clear perceivability that numerous different stages can’t coordinate. 

Whenever exchanges have been made, these can be seen through Active Orders, taking into consideration the speedy and simple administration and scratch-off of continuous orders. 

The stage is exclusively intended for work area use, which bodes well thinking about the intricacy of the screens before you. 

For those acquainted with working incomparable business sectors, BitMEX’s foundation will be usable and natural to a certain extent, if not creative or fledgling amicable.

Assets / Markets

BitMEX is a stage that manages the trading of digital currencies, as subsidiary trading as referenced above and specific trading like edge trading. 

While all stores for trading should be in Bitcoin, the help considers the trading of a scope of various digital forms of money against other, level monetary standards like Japanese Yen, US Dollar and Chinese Yuan. When Bitcoin has been saved, it would then be able to be utilized as a strategy to buy other cryptographic forms of money. These include: 

  • Bitcoin 
  • Bitcoin Cash 
  • Run 
  • Ethereum 
  • Ethereum Classic 
  • Litecoin 
  • Monero 
  • Wave 
  • Tezos 
  • Zcash 

BitMEX centers explicitly around these spaces of exchange, as opposed to more complete stages that give a wide scope of various choices, styles and resources for exchange. 

For those searching for an exceptionally explicit, specialty stage that takes into account influence on exchanges, then, at that point, this stage may be the best fit. 

For those searching for a more noteworthy assortment, notwithstanding, looking somewhere else might be a more grounded bet.

Spreads & Commission

As a stage that sticks to a certain something, BitMEX doesn’t offer a huge measure of assortment in their spreads, bonuses or charges. 

All things being equal, they have an average charge plan for use with customary future trading. 

Nonetheless, notwithstanding those standard charges, the stage additionally gives up to 100x influence on a portion of their cryptocurrency exchanges, intended for proficient financial backers and those more acquainted with this sort of unsafe trading. 

Expenses for Bitcoin, for instance, are 1% for the underlying edge in addition to 0.5% for upkeep. 

Past this, the creator, taker and settlement charges are at a similar level for all digital forms of money, all together – 0.25%, .075% and .05%. The solitary exemption for these standard charges is a shifting expense for both Tezos and Zcash, the two of which have no producer charge except for a more generous .25% take and repayment charge. 

It’s likewise significant that BitMEX likewise charges extra expenses or ‘ice sheet’ or secret orders. In these cases, the taker expense is settled up until the mark of execution. 

Now, the creator discount will be applied as the request is changed into ordinary. As a general rule, the expenses charged by BitMEX are somewhat standard – it’s the utilization of influence that has a significant effect.


As experts in edge trading and comparative trading alternatives, influence is an indispensable place of interest for prepared dealers that have great involvement in speculative trading – and will face the challenge. 

BitMEX makes influence a noticeable component in the plan of their foundation, remembering an influence slider for the sidebar of their trading design. 

Influence differs as indicated by each type of cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin having the ideal choice with the greatest influence of 1:100, which is likewise coordinated by Bitcoin Cash. 

Merchants can set the ideal measure of influence (from 1:1 to 1:100) in view of their danger profile. 

The most minimal influence offered is on Tezos, which just goes up to an unobtrusive x2 in the examination.

Mobile Apps

As of now, BitMEX doesn’t uphold any type of versatile use for their foundation, rather leaning toward that client’s exchange from a work area. 

This is to some extent in view of the enormous measure of data that is accessible on the screen, and to some degree since this specific type of trading best suits work area to use. 

It’s significant that an informal Android application is accessible, yet past that, the stage isn’t responsive for portable and tablet use, and there is no iOS application accessible.

Payment Methods

One of the critical advantages of picking BitMEX is the reality it doesn’t charge expenses for the store or pulling out of Bitcoin. 

This is particularly invaluable as Bitcoin is the lone type of installment the stage acknowledges. Along these lines, the solitary related expenses depend on the Network charge, determined from the blockchain load. 

The base sum that can be saved into a trading account is 0.001 BTC, while there is no restriction of pulling out Bitcoin. 

The way toward getting cash is somewhat clear, with a fast and simple interface. While stores can likewise be made rapidly and 24 hours every day, all withdrawals are prepared to face to face at a particular time, including a degree of safety to the cycle and taking into account the refusal and decrease of false demands. 

Fiat monetary standards are right now inaccessible for any type of installment, regardless of whether it’s saving or pulling out.

How To Trade At BitMex

The Place Order box is the place where you will exchange on Bitmex. The ‘At Market’ tab permits you to exchange at the current market costs. Cutoff and Stop alternatives empower you to purchase or sell at levels that you choose – accepting the market arrives at those levels. 

‘Market’ merchants are purchasing and selling at live costs. There are three principle things to watch out for at first: 

‘Amount’ is the sum in dollars that you need to contribute. (The expense of the exchange is likewise recorded in XBT, underneath the exchange catches). 

‘Request Value’ shows how much cryptocurrency the dollar sum you entered will purchase. In this model, $1000 purchases 0.1339 Bitcoins. The influence level you use will influence this – more on this underneath. 

Snap the Buy or Sell button, contingent upon what direction you anticipate that the market should go. (Purchase on the off chance that you figure the worth will go up, Sell in the event that you figure it will go down. 

Underneath the spot, the request segment is the influence measure. This defaults to nothing, which implies on the off chance that you purchase $1000 of cryptocurrency and the value duplicates, your holding will be valued at $2000; in the event that the worth drops to nothing, your holding will be worth zero. 

Influence, nonetheless, expands the dangers and the prizes. Setting influence to 10x will mean you adequately purchase $10,000 worth of Crypto. Little value developments will mean a bigger swing in the worth of your holding – on the off chance that you have just kept $1000 in your record, a more modest value move against you could clear it out. 

In the event that you are uncertain about the dangers and advantages of influence, it is ideal to leave it zero or an extremely low level. An incredible method to find out about influence is through a demo account, which carries us to…

TestNet Demo Account

BitMEX gives a total showing rendition of its foundation known at BitMEX Testnet that requires a different enrollment to get to. 

This demo account is a ‘sandbox’ form of the stage, permitting clients to evaluate the help without the extra dangers related to living trading. 

Testnet utilizes a green form of the exemplary BitMEX logo so clients can recognize which variant they are at present utilizing. 

Past that differentiation, the majority of the stage has similar non-live functionalities at BitMEX Exchange, with the capacity to basically subsidize your record from various sources and test out trading before you endeavour the genuine article. 

While we actually wouldn’t prescribe the stage to amateurs in view of the great degree of hazard, for more experienced merchants hoping to learn about new stages, evaluating BitMEX Testnet is exceptionally helpful.

Deals and Promotions

While BitMEX appears to like to leave clients to their own gadgets with regards to their schooling and comprehension of the stage, the trading administration likewise infrequently gives a scope of various limits and offers to expected clients to captivate them to join. 

Average advancements incorporate a rebate reward of as much as 10%, which is positively advantageous for newbies. Subsidiary arrangements are likewise accessible through the BitMEX site other than.

Regulation and Licensing

BitMEX is a completely authorized organization that is entirely possessed by originators HDR Global Trading Limited. 

The organization is authorized in the Republic of Seychelles as a feature of the International Business Companies Act of 1994. Their organization number is 148707. 

This implies that BitMEX is a genuine choice for some dealers all throughout the planet; however, presently, US brokers are not acknowledged according to their terms of administration. 

Presently, BitMEX is being scrutinized both by UK Watchdogs and by the US CFTC for their practices, regardless of whether they conform to lawful necessities. 

While this has to lead to a decrease in trust for the brand, its simple admittance to edge trading settles on it a top decision for a specialty trading crowd.

Additional Features

Past the commonplace contributions as an internet trading stage, BitMEX has exceeded all expectations to give a scope of various request types to speak to a more extensive crowd. 

This incorporates ice sheet requests, fill or kill, quick or drop and post-just orders. For brokers searching for a high-hazard, high-reward stage, BitMEX is an extraordinary fit. 

One more of the best extra highlights on the stage is the capacity to utilize influence quickly following the making of a record. 

For dealers intrigued by this element, its free accessibility and simple access from the trading page – utilizing the influence slider – is a fabulous reward to the stage. Nonetheless, for fledglings, the pushing of influence can be an issue and ought to stay away from. 

BitMEX is an organization that is enthusiastic about help, and it praises this responsibility by pressing its site brimming with valuable data, guides and reasonable general information to help brokers utilizing their foundation interestingly. 

This incorporates a very much planned help community, just as live reports on the stage concerning issues or data about refreshes. The capacity to connect with different dealers by means of talk on the stage is likewise a helpful device.

Account Types

Rather than comparable trading stages available, BitMEX just has one sort of record for its clients. 

This implies there are no rewards, benefits or limits to access to merchants over a specific level. 

In any case, this additionally implies that novices to the stage are on an equivalent balance to those trading for more, taking into consideration a more attractive battleground in contrast with a portion of the more record-level-centered stages out there.


For merchants thinking about BitMEX, these are only a portion of the positives that can be said about this interesting trading stage: 

A stage exclusively intended for cryptocurrency makes it undeniably more smoothed out and natural than a stage that does everything 

Admittance to a lot of data straightforwardly from BitMEX themselves, uninhibitedly accessible on their site 

Worldwide trading and the chance to converse with merchants from everywhere the world utilizing the inbuilt visit usefulness 

Outstanding degrees of safety, guaranteeing that trading on this stage is protected 24 hours every day, seven days seven days 

Incredible customisability utilizing gadgets inside the work area stage, making it simpler to see precisely what you need on opening the assistance 

An eventually specialty administration notwithstanding broad trading draws in a more engaged crowd than numerous different stages out there 

A scope of various digital forms of money accessible for trading


Regardless of the numerous positive advantages of BitMEX, there are a few downsides to this stage, including: 

  • No application or versatile responsive rendition of the stage, making it exclusively available in a work area design 
  • A base store sum for all merchants 
  • Just Bitcoin is acknowledged for both withdrawal and store on the stage 
  • Withdrawals are just done at a set season of day 
  • The stage isn’t totally as new, jazzy or inventive as different choices available 
  • zeroed in on a non-fledgling crowd, with little direction to recommend that those new to trading shouldn’t utilize the uninhibitedly accessible influence slider 
  • Current examinations in the UK and US may set a few clients tense about utilizing this stage

BitMex Trading Hours

BitMEX is a day in and day out trading stage, and all things considered, is available at whatever point brokers might want to get to the help. For unending agreements, a financing rate happens like clockwork. 

Past this, there are no necessities on how or when dealers can utilize the stage, settling on it the best decision for those that lean toward constant admittance to their preferred assistance.

Contact Details / Customer Support

Notwithstanding the abundance of data and direction that BitMEX gives, as expressed in our extra highlights segment, the stage offers a standard client care you’d expect for the business – support gave through email by means of a tagging framework. Live stations are additionally accessible on Weibo, Wechat, Telegram, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

Past this, the help is additionally dynamic via online media stages like Twitter. This considers moderately expedient reactions to issues and issues, and the organization appears to zero in on downplaying bugs and stage issues by overseeing issues in-house. 

Reddit likewise has a sensibly dynamic local area for those searching for counsel and help from a more extensive crowd. 

The contact subtleties for BitMEX are not unreservedly accessible on the web, but rather a structure is accessible on the site for general questions and data.

Safety and Security

BitMEX is a stage that views the security of their clients appropriately, something that is seen from their utilization of in-house hand-checked withdrawal the board through to their utilization of tough security rehearses for stores. 

The stage utilizes Amazon Web Services to guarantee workers are all around ensured with two-factor validation, and a scope of functionalities are incorporated, for example, trading motor security to close down the framework should a store address and key not match. 

The stage is likewise made utilizing kdb+, a sort of code as often as possible utilized for the making of trading applications for a portion of the world’s greatest banks. 

As far as past breaks, there is no recommendation that BitMEX has at any point been hacked, and the utilization of such tough security necessities guarantees merchants will be protected on the help as long as possible.

Overall Verdict

BitMEX is a stage that views the security of their clients appropriately, something that is seen from their utilization of in-house hand-checked withdrawal the board through to their utilization of tough security rehearses for stores. 

The stage utilizes Amazon Web Services to guarantee workers are all around ensured with two-factor validation, and scope of functionalities are incorporated, for example, trading motor security to close down the framework should a store address and key not match. 

The stage is likewise made utilizing kdb+, a sort of code as often as possible utilized for the making of trading applications for a portion of the world’s greatest banks. 

As far as past breaks, there is no recommendation that BitMEX has at any point been hacked, and the utilization of such tough security necessities guarantees merchants will be protected on the help as long as possible.

Accepted Countries

BitMex acknowledges dealers from Australia, Thailand, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Qatar and most different nations.

Alternatives to BitMex

On the off chance that you are searching for options in contrast to BitMex, we have ordered a rundown of the best 5 merchants that are like BitMex underneath. This rundown of specialists like BitMex is arranged by similitude and just incorporates organizations that acknowledge merchants from your area. 

  • Bitfinex – Bitfinex is among the best crypto trades for experienced dealers with a free portable trading application and low charges. 
  • NordFX – NordFX offers Forex trading with explicit records for each sort of broker. Zero records offer spread from 0 pips, while the Crypto offers ideal cryptocurrency trading. Open record from just $10. 
  • OKEx – OKEx is a computerized trade offering trading on many cryptos across the work area and versatile applications with low expenses. 
  • Trading212 – Trading 212 Offer a genuinely versatile trading experience. With tight spreads and an enormous scope of business sectors, they offer a dynamic and definite trading climate. Late client care issues have seriously harmed the standing of the brand. 
  • Just2Trade – Just2Trade offer Hitech trading on stocks and alternatives with the absolute most reduced costs in the business


Can US Citizens use Bitmex?

Indeed. Bitmex acknowledges brokers from the United States.

Is Bitmex safe?

Indeed. BitMex uses a scope of cycles to guard assets and exchanges. Wallet security incorporates multi-signature stores and two degrees of human review on every exchange. The framework, trading motor and correspondence all have singular security conventions set up. 0coins have been lost through hacking or interruption.

Does Bitmex have an App?

At present, the BitMex stage isn’t accessible through the application.

Where is Bitmex registered?

BMEX are worked (and possessed) by HDR Global Trading Limited. HDR Global Ltd is a Republic of Seychelles consolidated element.

Does Bitmex require ID verification?

No. Enlistment can be finished with an email address and secret word.

How much are BitMex fees?

There are no expenses for stores or withdrawals. Expenses apply to exchanges. These fluctuate depending on the cryptocurrency being exchanged and the measure of influence utilized. Expenses are by and large somewhere in the range of 0% and 7%. 

Itemized, straightforward data on charges are given on the BitMex site.