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Cryptocurrency Guide for Beginners: Learn Everything You Need to Know

Cryptocurrency Guide for Beginners: Learn Everything You Need to Know

Here is the most desired cryptocurrency guide for beginners in 2020 that you can follow with all the updates we have shared in the below article. We have researched the topic, spending hours gathering resources for you. It helped us to design the piece in a way that every crypto trader can find comfortable.

We understand the confusion regarding cryptocurrencies that inspired us to write this particular discussion and publish it on FXTrading Master. We all know that the market runs based on electronic media, and there is no impact on the physical world on this particular currency system. Experts share their thoughts about this currency, and they say that cryptocurrencies are the future of transactions.

We have decorated the article mostly for beginners. We also have included information that every trader needs to know. Let’s start our article by discussing the popular terms that you will see often.

Terms to Understand before Dealing with Cryptocurrencies

Before we move into cryptocurrencies’ core discussion, let us explain some of the vital terms you need to know. You will need these terms often if you are eager to enter the crypto industry to learn and trade in this particular currency system.


Our first term is “altcoins,” also known as alternative coins. As the primary crypto coin is Bitcoin, and altcoins refer to all other currencies. However, in the coming sections, we will also explain some of the most popular and profitable coins other than Bitcoins.


Blockchain is a sophisticated online version of a ledger book where all the transactions are stored. The crypto developers have ma nagged to develop the storage to avoid the possibility of scams in this industry. However, the transactions are stored as a block on the blockchain. The statistics say that every 10 minutes (appx.), a new block is created on the blockchain.


Cryptography is the primary concept from where we got the “crypto,” and then it became cryptocurrency. It is the core of everything in the crypto industry, from writing in or deciphering every transaction. Besides these, cryptography’s primary goal is to create a secure path for every transaction, including the addresses and other encrypted data in crypto trading.


Well, fiat is widely known as the currency paper used to produce physical currencies like US dollars, Euros, etc.


Cryptocurrency mining is the only way of validating every transaction made. The system is also known as the “proof-of-work” (PoW), and it is also a part of validating the transactions. Miners have all the resources and expertise to solve the mathematical problems generated to make the transaction more secure, transparent, and valuable. However, miners do get an incentive to solve those problems. Mining is the only way of earning Cryptocurrencies that miners are using from the beginning.

Learn about the best bitcoin mining sites


Nodes are computers used to validate transactions. All computers that miners use to mining are part of the global cryptocurrency blockchain network. Miners use their devices to very transactions and then record transactions on the blockchain.

Each transaction needs multiple validations to get recorded on the blockchain. Even if any computer validates a wrong transaction, it will not get approved instantly. Only when all nodes validate a transaction will it be successfully stored on the blockchain.

Private Key

The private key is an encrypted password for your cryptocurrency wallet. A crypto wallet is an account service where all of your cryptocurrencies are stored. Each crypto users have their own wallet and an access key to secure your account. If you lose it, then you cannot access your account and your digital access.

Public Address

A public address is similar to an email address or the physical address. Well, the use of a public address is to send and receive cryptocurrencies. Each user has a public address, and if you want to send some coin to anyone, then ask his/her public address and send it to that address. It is the front-face of your cryptocurrency block on the blockchain. The address looks like this (1gv5vVE54cPFKm9HFHfsqSzK8KQ2VbXVck).

Best Guide to Cryptocurrency for Beginners

The prediction says that cryptocurrency is the future payment system. Many people are switching to the crypto payment system because it is more convenient and more secure. No one can track your payment or scam with you. If you want to learn or trade-in cryptocurrency, follow the guideline we will discuss in the below section.

What is Cryptocurrency?

The cryptocurrency is an entirely sophisticated virtual currency that is more secure than the current physical currency system. The entire currency system of cryptocurrency is secured by the cryptographic algorithm and advanced level encryptions.

Most of the cryptocurrencies are decentralized by blockchain technology that makes the transactions more secure, transparent, and convenient for traders. The cryptocurrency is gaining popularity because any governmental interferences or manipulations do not observe your transactions.

How Do Cryptocurrencies work?

The cryptocurrency industry runs electronically, not even virtually. It leaves no traces of any transactions. Well, it works like a unicorn over the ice. You may feel it or mistakenly see it but never catch it or hold it in hand.

If you want to buy any of the cryptocurrencies, you must have a wallet to keep all your digital assets. The broker where you open your crypto account will give you an encrypted address that you will use to buy or sell your currencies. You can also convert it to dollars using those brokers’ services, though you need to spend a portion as a fee.

However, only a few countries allow trade cryptocurrencies and have taken traders under tax laws. Yes, the government that enables you to do business in the crypto industry also sets rules for the particular currency system.

We have discussed earlier, others when any transaction happens in the crypto industry. The miners help to record the transaction details for customers’ own safety securely. Those miners receive a portion of their effort, resources, and time to invest as an incentive. It is the only way of earning cryptocurrencies without investing any money.

However, many people are buying cryptocurrencies and storing them for a price raise. The crypto industry is growing every day, and prices are increasing with time. People are investing in the currency system so that they can make a profit when the price is at its peak.

How Is Cryptocurrency Created?

Primarily cryptocurrency was created to avoid any political influences because physical currencies are getting affected by it. The massive financial recession happened in 2008 due to political and government interference and manipulation.

People thought of an alternative currency system. So, they came with a cryptographic currency system and named it cryptocurrency. Well, they created the currency based on three main criteria. Let’s check them out,

A Strong Community

First of all, they built a strong community, united toward their purpose, and planned what they would do. The community believes that their effort will bring world peace. They will surely mine the coins and invest their resources, effort, time, and expertise to evolve the new currency system.

An Advanced Encryption System

A strong group of developers can build the ultimate encryption system that no one can break or breach and scam using any platform. They made sure that the code and every system they used are open sources and available for anybody who wants to see it.

They develop an encryption system named blockchain that no one can hack or scrumble. However, everyone can see the transaction due to the transparency of the cryptocurrency industry.

Strong Confidence

The community who believed in this new currency system thought it would be popular, and people would use it for their benefit. They thought that the merchants and the business owners want to make their transactions transparent.

General people also can use the currency to trade anything if the currency got legalized worldwide. Perhaps the main goal was to gain the consumers’ trust so that they can reliably trade online without hassling with physical money.

Worth of Different Cryptocurrencies

Want to know the current worth of the different cryptocurrencies. For the traders or investors, you have to understand the market trend, and the meaning is that you must analyze how the prices are changing with time.

If you can do this, then you will understand everything to decide whether you should invest or not. Below, we have developed a chart that will give you real-time prices with movements. Let’s check it out.

The Chart Goes Here: Please Make Sure below listed Cryptocurrencies below are present in the chart.

Security of CryptoCurrency

Most crypto experts agree at the same point that the currency is the most secure environment compared to other existing currency systems running in the world. After the 2016 event, the scenario changed when the hackers stole $ 120,000 from a Hong Kong-based Bitfnex exchange.

However, most experts also mentioned the theft as a mistake of the exchange because they were not using specific security protocols. There are two significant hackers’ attacks that happened on cryptocurrencies other than the Bitcoin attack.

After 2016, no major hacking or theft happened on cryptocurrency because the developers have developed a safer trading environment. People are using more secure protocols to manage cryptocurrencies in most cases.

You need to understand, and the industry has grown higher than anyone could think of. Security of Cryptocurrency is unbreachable as long as the traders use secure protocols while they trade.

Safety of Investment in Cryptocurrency

Investing is never 100% secure in or out of the cryptocurrency. Whether you are doing physical business or online business, you are investing in agreeing that there is a risk of losing money. Cryptocurrency is a more volatile market than other financial markets in the world. You do not know when to purchase or when to sell away if you have no idea about the industry.

If you are new, then learning the industry is the best move you can take. Understanding the market, how the prices are changing, what affects the price, how much affecting it, which types of events causing price changes, etc.

Without understanding, you should not invest your hard-earned money because the market is very complicated. It would be best if you can manage to have an in-depth idea to understand what cryptocurrency you should invest in.

Legal Issues of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are not widely authorized by governments worldwide. Only a few developed countries like the USA, Canada, The UK, Japan, etc., countries are allowing trading in these currencies. India and China have banned the currency but did not react to the legal issues if anyone continues trading in Cryptocurrencies.

However, countries that authorize the trading and taking it under tax laws are not regulating any traders’ investment. They are also not securing anything if something happens. If any trader loses the money, the government is not going to recover or compensate for anything.

Apart from all these, you can find several ways of earning cryptocurrencies. You can simply invest your money to learn things or share your ideas and earn cryptocurrencies. Before investing your money, at first, you should invest time to understand the market, and then if it suits your requirement, you can invest.

What is Cryptocurrency Wallet?

The cryptocurrency wallet, also known as the blockchain wallet, is a platform where crypto traders can make transactions using a given public key. Well, when you register on any wallet, you will get two keys, a public key, and a private key. Remember, both are important, but the private key is essential for you, and you never share it with anyone.

Know more about anonymous bitcoin wallet

The blockchain wallets are very sophisticatedly developed, and it is secure than any currency wallet in the world right now. Several providers are serving with the crypto wallet system. The more their security system, the more people trust to make transactions. However, here are the best cryptocurrency wallets in 2020.

  1. Coinbase
  2. Trezor
  3. Ledger
  4. SoFi
  5. Robinhood
  6. Edge
  7. Exodus
  8. Mycelium

How to Start Trading Cryptocurrency?

Building a business based on cryptocurrencies is no wonder. Many people who are already shining in the trading industry are investing in the crypto industry. However, if you are trying to start trading cryptocurrency, below are some steps you can follow. Let’s check them out,

Choosing the Broker

First of all, you need to choose a reliable exchange or broker to conduct your trades. You have to be careful if you want to keep yourself safe from losing. Remember, a wrong broker may lead you to a massive loss in investment.

Register for Free Demo Account

Then, you need to open a demo trading account for practice. Almost every broker has its platform where its users can trade with virtual currency for free. In this way, you will get to know how their platform performs and how comfortably you can use their platform.

Practicing and Learning

Practice more, and till the moment you think you understand the market movement. Practicing more and more will make you experienced because you are just using the virtual currency in a practice account. However, on the platform, you will trade on the live market. So, for a beginner, practicing is the best way to learn how to trade cryptocurrency.

Investing Money on Purchase

Invest your money that you can afford to lose because you need to keep your life safe, and you do not know whether you will make a profit or lose your investment.

Choosing the Proper Cryptocurrency

Invest your money in your preferred cryptocurrency that you understand to analyze, and that inspires you towards trading. If you see earlier price movements, then you will have a clear idea about the perfect cryptocurrency you should invest in.

Being Updated with the Trends

Keep yourself updated with the trends, keep multiple journals, and keep an eye on the trendline. You will find many live-updating sources where you can see when on the day, the price is moving in a positive line and when it is moving negatively.

Strategic Trading

Never follow others’ strategies. You can take ideas from others to develop your strategy to trade. It will give you confidence and make more profit because you know your strategy better than anyone.

Expert Tips: Cryptocurrency Investment

If you want to enter into the crypto industry, then you need to be ahead of many trends to be successful. You should know that cryptocurrencies are not like our current currency system or any other payment system we use traditionally. Cryptocurrencies are running by computer codes and mathematics by solving equations to make transactions in this industry.

Blockchain is holding all the transaction details through individual blocks. Miners solve those mathematical problems to make the transactions secure so that no one can trace your transactions. Here are some crypto trading tips you should follow if you want to build a crypto business or work in this industry.

  • Understand the crypto industry before joining
  • Start small initially
  • Diversify your trading
  • Leave your emotion behind while you are playing with money
  • Learn about trading software and use it to master your trading
  • Study a lot, use google and other sources to find out mistakes to study them

FAQ: Cryptocurrency Guide for Beginners

People are getting enthusiastic about cryptocurrency. Many people are searching for answers here and there. However, we are receiving many queries through different mediums asking about cryptocurrencies, including how the industry works, which one is best, etc.

Instead of responding to all of those queries individually, we have decided to develop a dedicated section for you. In the below section, you will get the most frequently asked questions and answers. Check it out first, and if you do not see your answer here, please leave a note through our contact form. We will add it shortly.

Which is the Best Cryptocurrency?

There are more than 50 cryptocurrencies out there you can find online. Well, not each of them is worthy of mentioning. So here we have picked the most profitable 10 best cryptocurrencies in the world right now. Here’s the list. You should check it out.

1. Bitcoin (BTC)
2. Ethereum (ETH)
3. Ripple (XRP)
4. EOS (EOS)
5. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
6. Litecoin (LTC)
7. Binance Coin (BNB)
8. Tron (TRX)
9. Chainlink (LINK)
10. Tether (USDT)

How Much is a Crypto Coin Worth?

The Crypto market is changing every day, and the price is also changing with the trend. If you want to know the specific price for a particular cryptocurrency type, it is also not shareable.

Besides that, we can say that the most profitable cryptocurrency “BitCoin” reached more than $20000 for each. We hope you have got the idea. You can keep an eye on the live price chart for observing the changes.

Is Bitcoin Legal?

Yes, Bitcoin is legal in many developed countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, Japan, etc. China only banned it from using any transaction, but they did not criminalize the scenario if someone held it.

On the other hand, India restricted banks from dealing with these currencies in any case, but they did not say anything, whether earning or selling is legal or illegal. However, many countries do not have a law or act about dealing with cryptocurrencies.

Does Amazon Accept Bitcoin?

No, Amazon does not accept Bitcoin for making any purchase on its platform. Instead of that, you can use their gift card, and you can buy it in any local store nearby.

As Amazon serves in most countries globally, there are many countries where Bitcoins are not allowed. However, some methods enable you to use SpectroCoin to purchase Amazon gift cards.

Why Is Bitcoin So Expensive?

Bitcoin is so expensive because people are getting fond of this cryptocurrency. The more popularity this particular coin gets, the more its value will increase. You should know that the cryptocurrencies have no physical existence, and it runs through encrypted code that is also untraceable.

Businesses who trade online spending massive money find the transaction more secure in crypto trading, so they make their purchase in this currency system. However, to be specific, after the economic disaster in 2008, Bitcoin was founded in 2009 to create a currency system that nobody can manipulate.

What Will Bitcoin Be Worth in 2030?

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency, and it is the first revolutionized currency system to save the world from crashing down. However, it did not perform its purpose but remains the most demanded currency in the world right now. The latest analysis says that the price of Bitcoin can reach $400k in 2030. The price will increase with the popularity it gets with time.

The prediction was made by experts using Mill’s equation of exchange, and from the beginning, they are using that equation to predict the price in advance. Every time the equation gives almost perfect results, and it is the reason most strategists are using the method to calculate the cryptocurrency price.

Is Cryptocurrency the Future of Money?

A popular entity in crypto prediction, ”Deutsche Bank,” says that one day the cryptocurrency will take the position of physical currencies. People are getting interested in the anonymity of their money, and that is possible only in cryptocurrency.

The decentralization of the transaction system will increase the payment amount. Most of the giant business industrialists are interested in making their payments in cryptocurrencies. So, they can remain anonymous.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy 1 Bitcoin?

The price of Bitcoin is changing every moment you can say. However, if you want to invest or purchase Bitcoin, you may not have to buy a whole coin. You can buy a portion of 01 single Bitcoin. If we say the amount you have to invest in buying 01 Bitcoin, it may not be accurate the next day.

It would help if you searched for Bitcoin’s latest price, and you will end up with a live updating Bitcoin price. However, the moment we are writing this answer, you have to pay $ 11831.69 to buy a single Bitcoin.

Is It Wise to Invest in Bitcoin?

You are here to know about investing in Bitcoins, hoping that you see the market growth and the availability of cryptocurrencies in the current standard. Most financial experts say that Bitcoin is the no.1 liquid investment asset you can invest in, and there are several logic to it. Due to the worldwide availability of the trading platform for Bitcoin trading, exchanging cryptocurrencies through online brokerages is now very easy.

Not only can you buy Bitcoin through cash, but also with assets like gold, you can instantly buy Bitcoinat low fees from respective brokerages. However, to answer your question, we can say that, Yes, it is wise to invest in Bitcoin right now. You will get benefits in the long run and profit from it because the demand is surprisingly increasing every day.

Is Bitcoin a Bubble?

When the hipe was on in 2018, people were talking about the Bitcoin bubble. However, after that, the price did not ever fall its price, though people quoted that the Bitcoin bubble could last about 100 years once it started.

We think that Bitcoin is not a bubble because most people can find real-life applications and implement Bitcoin in economically distressed countries. The world is witnessing the most significant financial revolution of currencies worldwide.

The price of Bitcoin increases with the trading volume. The meaning is that the world is being used with the new currency system. However, Bitcoin trading’s rapid growth is negatively correlated with how local currencies perform in the finance market, including the distressed regions’ economic growth.

Can I Buy a Car with Bitcoin?

Yes, you can buy a car with Bitcoin. Several online car traders provide services to trade with Bitcoin. Some traders are allowing you to purchase only used vehicles with Bitcoin. Some companies also allow you to buy new cars with Bitcoin. It would help if you were careful while buying cars with these particular crypto coins.

Can You Buy a House with Bitcoin?

Yes, you can buy a house with Bitcoin. All you need to do is offering the seller to agree for taking payment in Bitcoin. However, most of the time, brokers deal with the payment process between the sellers and buyers. Bitpay handling trading houses with Bitcoin since 2014. You can contact them, and they may give you the perfect solution.

Final Words: Guide to Cryptocurrency

We hope that after sharing the most useful beginners’ guide to cryptocurrency on the internet, you will get enough to decide how you should move now. We have shared the most reputed wallets and the list of best performing cryptocurrencies in the industry. If you are searching for a guideline that you really follow along, there you go. We have given you everything in this article.

Cryptocurrencies have some legal issues that you need to consider carefully. The reason behind this is that you must understand the consequence if you are in a country where it is not legalized. However, you should also know that there is no regulator, particularly for managing cryptocurrencies.

You need to consider every aspect of losing money and learn how the crypto trading or crypto investment business is currently working. However, we have shared a step-by-step process on how to start trading cryptocurrencies.

You must go through every step and understand in order to begin your journey with a decent level of knowledge on crypto trading. Our cryptocurrency guide should help you for starting your trading journey like a professional trader.