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Binomo Facts & Figures

Leading short-term trading platform, offering high payouts, quick trading, and reliable service.




Bonus None
Demo Account Yes
Min. Deposit $10
Pay Methods Perfect Money, QIWI, Skrill, Yandex Money
Min. Trade $1
Regulated By
MetaTrader 4 No
MetaTrader 5 No
cTrader No
ECN Account No
DMA Account No
Mobile Apps no
Auto Trading No
Social Trading No
Copy Trading No
Trade Signals No
Islamic Account No
Risk Warning – Your capital is at risk

Binomo was established in 2014 to cater to new and experienced traders alike. It offers a variety of services, including access to asset classes that may not be widely available to individual investors who don’t wish to trade through a brokerage or proxy.

In an era where the markets have grown more complex than ever, it’s important to take a close look at services like these before making investment decisions. Often, you have one opportunity to put capital to work and need to use it to make the best call for your long-term planning.

Even if this isn’t the case for you, some opportunities in the markets come along just once. If you’re not positioned to take advantage of them, the opportunity costs can be devastating.

The two leading characters in the stage of a market are buyer and seller or, in other words, a trader and a broker. A trader looks for a required contract that is being offered by a broker at given terms and conditions. And these deals take place in a trading platform.

Virtue of a good trading platform is to provide its clients with enough security to trust, a comfortable interface, sufficient essential information, and the opportunity to start without many requirements. One of the basic requirements of the platform Is the initial deposits and money to open an account. The platform that can provide its clients the opportunity to start with less can be an ideal platform for traders to enter the game. And a platform like that is Binomo broker.

Binomo broker created a space in the mind of traders as a safe haven to enter the industry with ease. And now, if you are feeling curious to know more about Binomo, then you are reading the right article. Here’s what you need to know to decide if Binomo is the right trading platform for you.

Basic Facts and Information of Binomo

Binomo is one of the most popular multi-award winning Binary options trading platform. It is known for its impeccable service and extraordinary features and also for its reputation and reliability. Binomo provides its services to users from 133 different countries, with over 887,000 active traders. With more than 3 million traders successful trades every week, Bonomo is undoubtedly one of the biggest brokers in the industry. And all of this is possible for their highly efficient service and low entry requirement.

Although the platform is accessible to traders at any level of experience, Binomo is designed for use by the short-term trader. With a minimum deposit of $10 USD, and minimum trade values as low as $1, it’s optimized for trading at any funding level.

Although it isn’t the primary focus of the service, Binomo does provide access to Forex and CFD trading at these levels. This is especially noteworthy because asset classes such as these may otherwise require large investment amounts and access to an institutional trading platform.

In order to provide this flexibility, Binomo operates as an unregulated services. This means they do not offer the protections provided by regulation, but in return are able to offer a more flexible investment model and access strategy.

In order to offset this, the company makes an effort to join financial organizations that can provide them with credibility and reassure investors. While they are not yet approved, they are pursuing CySEC membership, and are already a member-in-good-standing with FinaCom. Investors with credibility concerns should also review their current IFC rating.

In terms of technology, Binomo is on the leading edge. Their proprietary platform is optimized for swift and efficient transactions. It’s been developed specifically to be. This includes services such as QIWI and Skrill that include needed currency conversions.

Features and Services

Binimo aims to provide its users with a user-friendly platform, which is why their innovative ideas are beyond basic. This includes the concept of giving users hotkeys for their actions to be faster. They also provide excellent charts and a fast refreshing system to refresh rates. There are almost 20 types of different charts for technical analysis. Binomo contains individual tabs for every kind of chart and an additional economic calendar. This economic calendar is integrated and can be customized as well. All these features give traders a whole new level of trading experience and comfort.

Binomo offers several specific features that make it unique. They’ve designed their own robust mobile app, and it’s available cross-platform (iOS, Android, tablet, PC). The user can customize the app through a simple settings interface, allowing real-time updates and alerts, including the ability to set up push notifications on the appropriate devices.

The app has no limited functionality, regardless of platform. It interfaces seamlessly with other account software connected to the same device when needed. Because the software was developed specifically by Binomo in response to its user’s needs, it will continue to adapt and grow over time.


There are four different tiers of accounts in Bonomo that provide various types of facilities from each tier. These accounts start from 10$ deposit so that anyone can have access to the platform. And there is also a free account, which is a demo account for you to learn before you start. These four types of accounts are Free account, Standard account, Gold account, and VIP account.

Demo accounts

Every good broker offers its clients to have a demo account. This helps the new brokers to have an idea of how contracts, market, and price works, and for professional, experienced traders, it helps to create strategies to make a profit. To start a demo or a free account, you don’t need to pay anything; instead, Bonomo gives 1000$ virtual funds to have treading experiences.

VIP account

Vip account is the topmost tier among all the accounts. With the deposit of 1000$ traders using this account gets many extra features like

  • Individual offers
  • Investment insurance: To protect your investment
  • 100% bonus
  • VIP tournaments: access to a competition allows you to earn extra money, and the VIP tournament offers the highest prize.
  • 90% max yields
  • Four hours to withdraw: payouts will be available in your account by 4 hours in your given method.
  • VIP manager: to get extra support and assistance and also helps you to get a bonus.
  • 49 assets

Gold account

A gold account takes fewer deposit fees than the VIP account but yet gives practical benefits to the users. The deposit money to have a gold account is 500$. It provides you more assets than the standard level account with some more extra benefits like

  • Investment insurance
  • Gold tournaments: Higher chance to earn than standard but lower than VIP tournaments for prize money.
  • 86% max yield
  • 90% bonus
  • 24 hours to withdraw
  • Access to 42 different assets

Standard account

If you are a newcomer in the market, then the standard account is very suitable for you. It only takes 10 dollars deposit to get this account. And for 10 dollars, it provides enough benefits for a starter to get into the game. These benefits are

  • Withdraw in three days: this might seem very long, but some brokers take longer
  • Standard tournaments: The prize may not be like gold and VIP account, but yet it’s a chance to earn extra.
  • 84% max yield
  • 80% max bonus
  • 39 assets

Assets and instruments

Though there are not many assets yet Bonomo gives access at least 39 assets and 49 assets at max. Binomo provides all the significant types of instruments for traders to invest in. This feature provides traders with a wide range to explore and find a suitable instrument to invest. These assets are

  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • Forex
  • Cryptocurrency

Mobile App

To trade on the go and to not miss any profit-making opportunity, Binomo has its mobile for traders to trading anywhere anytime. There one option that is available in the app which is not there on the website and that is notification. If you have the mobile app of Bonomo, then you get information about the trade market or any significant changes taking place in the market. It is very essential to stay updated. The mobile app is available n google play store as well as apple store.

Commissions and leverage

Unlike other traditional Binary options brokers, Binomo does not pay leverage. There are plenty of treaders who look for leverage, but there are many benefits of broker not paying leverage, such as when a treader does miss treading or make a loss, then he does not have to pay extra for leverage. And for standard users of binomo, there is no fee of commission as well.


Binomo is certified and regulated by the international financial commission (IFC). There is also a category A member of IFC. And they are in the process of getting a license from CySEC.

Is Binomo Right for You?

Binomo also offers unique deals and incentives for both sign-up and participation over time. It’s a good idea once you are comfortable with this platform to keep tabs on what they are offering, as there is often an opportunity to pad gains and offset options by taking advantage of the current promotions.

A good way to evaluate the service is to take advantage of the demo account offer. You’ll be provided with $1000 of virtual cash on set-up, and will be able to try out all the related services and features for yourself. It’s a great idea to use this feature to get a feel for the software, ensuring the platform is a good fit for you.


Every coin has two sides, like that every platform also has benefits and drawbacks. Though you get limited assets and investment genres, yet you get an ample amount of profits in Binomo as a binary options broker. With active customer support available through the mail, skype, and chat, you also get enough security to invest in Binomo at very entry requirements. Entry-level investors or traders may not afford a high deposit, which is the requirement of many good brokers, but Binomo is facilitating new traders in this sector.