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Best Stocks for Swing Trading

Best Stocks for Swing Trading [Review & Guideline]

In this Actionable guide, we will share our expert reviews on the best stocks for swing trading. We have explained everything you need to know about all those stocks that can bring you more profit from swing trading.

Swing trading is a predictive trading strategy in the financial market. It is a short to medium-term investment method where many tradable assets are held for one or more days to profit from the price swings. Swing traders buy stock for some days, which can be one day to 15 days, and then sell it when the price is increased significantly. This is the fundamental objective of swing trading.

If you want to start swing trading now, the first and the most important thing you have to do is, choosing the best stock for swing trading. In that case, the stock’s liquidity is the essential factor that you need to consider. Besides, there have many other factors that you need to consider before buying the stock for swing trading. 

However, in this article, we will review many swing stocks and the ultimate guide on choosing the best stocks for swing trading, considering all the essential factors. Hopefully, it will help you in your trading.

Best Stock for Swing Trading in 2021

Many swing trading stocks you will get in the market, but all of them are not safe to invest in. You should choose one that moves slightly, without too much drama, which is also comparatively steady enough. Here we have chosen the best ten that considers all the factors, including liquidity and price moving. These are as follows:


Facebook - One of the Best Stocks for Swing Trading

Facebook is one of the best stocks for swing trading. It is the best place for new traders to learn to trade trend lines. Around 16 million stocks of Facebook are bought and sold every day. That means, here, the liquidity of this stock is very high. You will quickly get a buyer of this stock for selling after some days. You will not be stuck in the first position.

On the other hand, after few days of observation, you will also be able to predict whether the trend line will turn or not. In the last two weeks, Facebook got a 7% rise in its stock price, and it is expected that the stock price will be increased 14.49% in the next three months. Then the price will be between $376.07 and $410.47. Considering all these things, Facebook is the best stock that you can choose for swing trading. So, you can view this as a good swing trade stock.

Apple Inc.

Apple Inc

The stock Apple incorporation is little bit finesse than Facebook. So, you need to think so deeply and then act slowly in buying this stock. However, this one is the best place for learning how to trade the news. Didn’t you understand this? Let us make you clear about this. The stock value of Apple Inc. moves with the announcement of launching new products.

For example, the stock price of Apple was increased 43% after releasing the iPad. So, if you want to learn it and utilize it at the right time, you can make huge money within few days. Besides, considering all other sides, this one is good enough stock to swing trade.

Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft Corp

The movement of Microsoft Corporation’s share price is almost similar to Facebook. You need to observe the price movement for at least fifty days to understand Microsoft corporation’s stock. After this observation, you will quickly get the guide on which time the price will fall and rise. You can also make a trend line to determine the highest value of the share.

By doing this, you will get a clear idea of when you need to sell the stock. The rate of selling and buying this company’s stock is higher than Facebook in some days, and mostly it stays around Facebook. So, we can easily say that the liquidity is also high here. You can sell the stocks any time you want.

During the last ten days in July 2021, this company gained a 7.06% growth in its stock value. Considering all these things, we can say this one is also an excellent stock for swing trading.

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Amazon is also another one of the best stocks for swing trading. This e-commerce giant is engaged in retail consumer product sales in North America and almost all the countries in the world. In this pandemic situation, its share value is increasing every day. For instance, today, 1 July 2021, this company’s stock value is increased by 2.27%. During the last day, the stock value is increased from $3 436.92 to $3 511.72.

Besides, three million stocks were sold and brought where the total price was $10.47 billion. So, we can say that this company is doing a great job in this pandemic situation. If you buy its stock and hold it for few days, it will increase, which is more or less sure. You can also observe few days and then invest in it. Considering these things, Amazon Inc. is one of the best stocks for swing trading.

Alphabet Inc.

Alphabet Inc.

Alphabet inc provides advertisement services in the United Kingdom, United States, and the whole world through its subsidiaries. It operates business through Google, and some bets segments, including Ad, YouTube, Apps, Google Play, Android, Chrome, etc. Alphabet Inc. is the world leader in digital advertisement services.

In the last few days of July 2021, the stock price of this company is increasing gradually. Like, on the previous day, the increment was 2.30% which means a lot. The stock price increased from $2 448.89 to $2 505.15, and 1 million stocks were sold and brought. In this lockdown, these online companies are doing actually great.

These things make Alphabet a good choice for swing trading. So, as a new trader, you can consider this company’s stocks as a good swing trades stock after noticing few days.

PayPal Inc. 

PayPal Inc.

PayPal holding incorporation is a digital technology-based that operates a digital and mobile-based payment system on behalf of consumers and customers of the whole world. It allows many businesses in the world to get payment from different types of platforms. This one is also a reasonable consideration for swing trading nowadays.

On the last trading day, it gained a 0.98% increment in its stock value, which increased to $290.24 this July 2021, and a total of four million shares were sold and brought. According to the current situation, there is a 90% chance of increasing the stock price up to 9.16% during the last three months.

So, considering this information, this is a good chance for the new swing trader to buy it and hold it for few days. Hopefully, it will be increased, and you will be succeeded on your first attempt. Make a trend line after buying it and determine the highest value of these stocks to know the perfect time to sell your stocks.

Caterpillar Inc.

Caterpillar Inc.

Caterpillar Inc. is the largest producer of infrastructure and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines, and many other things. The constructions segment of this company engages small wheel, skid steer, compact truck, truck excavator, tractors, and so on. This company gained a 0.48% rise in its stock value on the last trading day.

13 thousand new stocks were traded on those days, and around two million stocks were sold and brought. That means the liquidity is good enough to buy it. However, there has a chance of a decrease in its stock. Then again, considering all other factors, Caterpillar Inc. can be one of your choices for swing trading.

Stanley Black & Decker

Stanley Black & Decker

Stanley Black and Decker Inc. are engaged in the storage, tools, security, and other industrial business in the United States. The tools and storage of this company include cordless and corded power tools and equipment like wrenches and drivers, fasteners, sanders, routers, grinders, saws, and many others like these.

During the last ten days of July 2021, this company is gained 6.68% of increment in its stock value. On the previous day, it gained 0.73%, 793 thousand stocks were sold and brought, and at the same time, 213 thousand new stock was traded. Here the stock is moving on the horizontal and a wide range.

There is a 90% probability of trading this stock from $192 to $220 during the next three months. Considering all the factors, this company is suitable for swing trading now. So, you can research about this company and then make the final decision.

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Unilever PLC

Unilever PLC

Unilever PLC produces FMGC (fast-moving consumer goods) products in Africa, America, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. This company makes made different segments including, home care, personal care, and refreshment. The personal care segment includes skincare, haircare, perfumes, and some oral care products, the most popular part of this company.

Unilever products are sold through Lux, Dove, Zendium, Murad, and other brands’ names. The stock of Unilever PLC is a reasonable consideration indeed for swing trading. There is a 90% chance of increasing 5.30% of the stock value of Unilever during the last three months. On the previous day, it gained a 0.29% increment in its stock price.

However, people who want to invest less can try this stock out because this company’s stock price is around $60. Consider all the important things and make a trend line before buying this.



Netflix is the most popular and the most extensive internet television network engaged in delivering television shows, web series, and movies on the internet. This company operates its business in three most important segments: DVD streaming, domestic streaming, and international streaming.

During this lockdown and pandemic situation, Netflix gained immense popularity and a rise in its stock value. There also has a massive chance of increasing in the next three months at least 6.30%. At the same time, according to the market research, this platform will be more popular day by day, and the stock value will gradually increase. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

As this one is a very trendy topic, many people ask different types of questions. That is why here we are giving the most common and frequently asked questions now:

Question – 01: What are the Best Stocks to Swing Trade?

Answer: Well, it is not possible to be very specific about the best stocks for swing trading. Here we have given you the ten best stocks to swing trade. Among them, we can say Facebook, Apple inc. And Amazon is the best three. You can quickly and undoubtedly pick one of them.

Question – 02: How Do You Pick Stocks for Swing Trading?

Answer: Swing trading is slightly different from others, so you have to think differently to pick one for you. Here, it would help if you focused on the price, not the hype. Then match the stock with your holding time, and after that, watch the news and act quickly.

Question – 03: Can Swing Trading Make You Rich?

Answer: Swing trading can make you rich. Here the annual return will be around 30% of your initial investment. Ultimately, swing trading will double your money after three years of investment. For this reason, swing trading is one of the most popular trading styles nowadays.

Question – 04: Who are the Best Swing Traders?

Answer: There have a massive number of swing traders you will get. Some of them are also very experienced and skilled. But among them, Mark Minervini, Dan Zanger, and Paul Singh are the best three. Mark Minervini was the top swing trader for 30+ years, and he had been around the block for many years.

Question – 04: Is Swing Trading Illegal?

Answer: No, not at all. Swing trading is legal, and there have no restrictions on the starting amount of this trading. You can start with any amount from anywhere and make as much money as you can. You are trading at your own risk. No one is going to prevent you.

Final Thoughts

Swing trading is one of the most popular and well-known trading strategies in the world nowadays. The most important part of this trading is, choosing the best stock for you. There are many stocks you will get for swing trading. But the thing is, all of them are not much lucrative and easy enough to start as a new trader. You have to choose the best one for you from those.

That is why, in this article, we have conducted a detailed discussion on the top ten best stocks for swing trading. Here we have given the review of all those stocks. Now, it is your turn to choose the best one for you that suits you most.