Forex and Binary Options Trading Academy

Forex and Binary Options Trading Academy

Forex, Crypto and Binary Options Signals Trading

At FX Trading Master, we have initiated an academy to learn forex business that offers massive resources on the forex trading business. We have a goal of educating curious visitors who are interested in forex business. Our resources will make them learn to complete the whole journey from beginner forex trader to an advanced level forex trader.

In addition, do not be hesitate that you are going to learn only forex trading here. We are building a complete learning academy for you. You are going to learn every kind of financial trading business, including forex trading, binary options trading, CFDs, Crypto Currency trading, Stock market trading, and the list goes on. However, our primary goal is to make you enrich with the knowledge of forex trading and binary options trading.

Forex and Binary Options Trading Academy

Forex trading needs lots of resources, study, and practice. All three of them are as essential as each of them. They are part of the steps that you need before you start trading on the forex network. Resources will help you to understand the methodology and give you an answer of how the forex market is working. If you properly study those resources, then you will see the full scenario of the forex market. Now, you need to start practicing.

We are going to build this section of our website as a page that will serve you as the complete solution to your forex learning journey. We will try to complete every step of resource, study, and practice. Now, we are going to present the resources, how to trade on the forex network, but you need to study those resources and practice.

In the below section, we are going to explain how we have designed our resource page for you. We wish to give you a learning experience that will ensure the learning only, not any other intention to make money out of it as nowadays happens. Let’s start,

Forex Academy for Beginner Traders

It is the first section of our academy that focuses only on beginner traders. We have designed the environment of the page as beginner-friendly as we can. We are going to begin your learning process from the definition of forex trading for beginners.

It will pass the path of your forex learning through strategical analysis in forex for beginners, technical factors, fundamental factors, and so on. We will try to cover every term related to the forex network for beginners so that they can connect it through the whole study period. We have made a list of resources that will be most helpful to start the journey.

Forex Academy for Intermediate Traders

As an intermediate trader, it is a vital part of your learning process. Traders are not very carefully handle this portion of their trading experience. Most of the traders are making mistakes when they are just beginning their trading, and when they are passing their intermediate period without even knowing.

How do you know that you are passing your midway to be a professional forex trader? That’s the most curious question you may ask anyone to know about your condition. You have to understand that when you are frequently trading and making a profit, but you cannot put yourself to any strategy that would work for you. Now you need to move on to the advanced learning of forex trading. We have listed several resources for you in this section so that you can be aheaed enough to learn when to move on to the next stage.

Forex Academy for Advanced Traders

Now, this section, the resource page is for an advanced level forex trader. You should know that advanced level traders who have enough trading experience. It is the stage of your forex trading life that you cannot complete. It is a stage that never finishes and cannot stop learning. Most of the time, so-called “experts or gurus” stop learning and start teaching people without even come up with a better idea. Often they are using old methods and strategies presenting differently with the same results.

However, not everybody is doing that, several experts who really understand what it means to be a professional forex trader. It needs in-depth analyzing power and years of experience to be a pro trader. You must have to understand how the whole trading industry works, and how the news, political agendas, are influencing the market. You should understand how to act when every second is essential to understand the movement of currency prices. Here are the resources you will find to enrich your knowledge of the forex trading business.


We are at the end of the resource page of our forex learning academy. We are hoping that you are following our academy resources and learning the forex trading well. We have tried to help to learn forex trading by making a journey that makes the learning process easier for you. Study as much as you can because it will help you to understand the core of forex trading very profoundly.

Do your research and do not stop just here in these resources, go further. You will find millions of resources on the internet, and they are also based on the experience of expert forex traders. We also have hundreds of experts who are trading and teaching. Hundreds of people are learning how to trade on the forex trading from our experts.

Beginners Guidelines

Fundamental Analysis of Forex: The Beginners’ Guide

Welcome to our guide on fundamental analysis in the field of Forex. The fundamental analysis of Forex is the best study method for everything that happens in the financial markets. Because it is a significant subject, we have decided to provide you with an excellent essential guide to the fundamental analysis of Forex. Stick to

Effects of Trade Balance on the Forex Market: The Beginners’ Guide

Look at the electronic products, the toys and the clothes you bought last year. You will probably see that they were made in countries other than yours. It is the emergence of global trade. It is already possible for practically everyone to eat bananas from South America on European dishes in front of a TV

Current Account Economic Indicator in Forex: The Beginners’ Guide

The Current Account is an economic indicator that summarizes the flow of all goods, services, income, and payments to and from the country. The report acts as an indicator of how the country's economy interacts with the rest of the world. Let us dig in to understand the concept of current account economic indicator in

Intermediate Guidelines

Macro-Economic Indicator: The Definite Guide

The macroeconomic indicators allow traders of the forex market to know the economic health status of a country. Thus, to anticipate the fluctuations of the currency. They are published at regular intervals by private or public study organizations. These indicators are used by traders who love fundamental analysis.

Capacity Utilization in Forex Trading: The Definite Guide

The installed capacity in forex is the maximum yield that can be produced in a given period, using the resources that are available at a given time. It is an essential aspect of the production system; it is an efficiency measure that can be adjusted in such a way that production is by demand.

Fibonacci Trading: The Definite Guide

In the world of trading, there are numerous strategies and techniques for forecasting the markets. One of the most used and known is undoubtedly that of Fibonacci. It is based on the numerical series discovered by the Italian mathematician of the same name. Fibonacci trading allows for identifying areas where price tensions could occur and

Advanced Guidelines

Zigzag Pattern in Forex Trading: The Advanced Guide

Zigzag is an indicator used in the chart of technical analysis. It functions as a filter for directional changes in the movement of price. Technical analysts and forex traders use the Zig Zag filter to eliminate irrelevant noise from the price chart. The purpose is to concentrate on the essential trends in the market, not

Advanced Applications in Wave Analysis: The Definite Guide

Wave analysis is an ideal form of technical analysis used by finance traders to analyze financial market cycles and estimate market trends, observing investor psychology, price fluctuations, and other common factors. Elliot found out that there is a repetitive pattern in the market.