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Just2Trade Review and Tutorial

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Just2Trade Facts & Figures

Just2Trade offer hitech trading on stocks and options with some of the lowest prices in the industry




奖金 N/A
仪器 Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Futures, Options
模拟账户 Yes
最小订金 £2500
付款方式 Credit Card, POLi, QIWI, Yandex Money
最小贸易 1 contract
MetaTrader 4 Yes
MetaTrader 5 Yes
交易者 No
ECN帐户 No
DMA帐户 No
行动应用程式 iOS and Android
汽车交易 No
社会交易 No
复制交易 No
交易信号 No
伊斯兰账户 No



Just2Trade is intermediary offering stocks and choices exchanging through proficient stages and applications. Premium Trading devices and creative projects, for example, Try2BFunded, make the contribution extraordinary. Peruse our nitty-gritty survey and choose if it is for you.


Just2Trade separates itself from different specialists through a couple of essential roads: 

  • It has a severe estimating structure and solid exchange execution. 
  • It is remarkable in that it gives customers admittance to social highlights (WhoTrades informal organization) and exchange following and exchange duplicating administrations through a help called Novoadvisor. 
  • This permits customers to get to the top-performing dealers and exchanging systems of the Just2Trade organization. It consequently works as a crossbreed among “Robo” and conventional warning administrations. 

Just2Trade has worked out its dealer advancement program, Try2BFunded, where merchants who arrive at specific benefit benchmarks while successfully overseeing hazards under a reproduced exchanging climate can get a subsidized record straightforwardly from the firm with no capital commitment of their own. 

It intends to give a chance to merchants to seek after their enthusiasm to exchange expertly inside the setting of a protected encounter (i.e., without gambling life reserve funds). 

Just2Trade will be of most interest to dynamic merchants hoping to control their costs who need admittance to stocks (both US and worldwide), choices, and fates. 

Exchanges can be executed through Just2Trade’s online or portable stages or using outsider applications.

Company Details

Just2Trade is a profound markdown business established in 2007 and is settled in New York, NY. 

It was obtained in 2015 by WhoTrades, Inc., which puts an accentuation on friendly exchanging. 

Just2Trade caters toward dynamic merchants through its attention on cutthroat estimating for the individuals who exchange volume. It is a FINRA enrolled specialist vendor and an individual from the SIPC and NFA.

Trading Platform

Just2Trade offers admittance to stocks, forex, ETFs, digital money and choices on its fundamental restrictive stage. However, it also offers security and shared asset exchanging, however not as a component of its restrictive exchanging stage. 

On the off chance that a customer needs to get to these protections, they can call the intermediary to find any protections they are hoping to exchange. 

Just2Trade gives admittance to a few outsider fates exchanging stages (e.g., Sterling Trader Pro, CQG Trader, OEC Trader, and the broker portable application), with admittance to demo renditions. 

The online stage has a good and intuitive interface that shows your portfolio possessions, execution, complete benefit/misfortune, market information, and graphing usefulness. 

Different arrangements are accessible, including if one needs to watch a few graphs at the same time. 

Dealers can likewise pick among dull and default subjects.

Account Types

Just2Trade offers a wide range of records to accommodate brokers’ exceptional individual monetary necessities: 

  • Individual
  • Joint with Rights of Survivorship
  • Joint with Tenants in Common
  • Custodial
  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Rollover
  • Corporate
  • Limited Liability
  • Partnership
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Trust

To start exchanging the record, various prerequisites apply to each. The base equilibrium needed to start exchanging under the Per-Trade plan is $2,500. (The Per-Trade plan is shrouded in more detail in the Spreads and Commissions segment beneath). 

The base equilibrium needed to open a Futures Accounts is $2,500. The base equilibrium to keep it open is $100. 

Customers should be 18 years old or more seasoned to open a record. 

Just2Trade permits US residents, US occupants, and unfamiliar residents to open a record. Notwithstanding, specific non-US locales may not be qualified to open a record or be restricted to specific record contributions (e.g., no admittance to edge accounts). 

Just2Trade is precluded from opening records from occupants of the accompanying nations: 

· Afghanistan · Bosnia and Herzegovina · Central African Republic · Cuba · the Democratic Republic of the Congo (once in past Zaire) · Guyana · Iran · Iraq · Laos · Libya · Nigeria · North Korea · Somalia · Syria · Uganda · Vanuatu · Yemen

Assets / Markets

Just2Trade offers a comprehensive arrangement of business sectors and exchanging instruments, including stocks (both US and worldwide), ADRs, ETFs, prospects, fates choices, shared assets, and bonds. 

To deal with these from a similar interface, a dealer should utilize an outsider exchanging application. 

As previously mentioned, exchanging securities and common assets can be finished via telephone. 

Non-US brokers may open a record with Just2Trade’s Cyprus SEC-enrolled organization to get to exchanging spot forex, cryptographic forms of money, and CFDs to oblige the other tradable instruments offered by the US firm.

Spreads & Commissions

Just2Trade is among the business chiefs in low per-exchange and per-share exchange costs. 

Most brokers and financial backers effectively forget about the amount they are paying in commissions every year. For dynamic brokers paying $5 per exchange or more, that can amount to a large number of dollars each year (or even each month for dynamic dealers) simply in commissions. 

Just2Trade customers on the Per-Trade plan and exchange more significant volumes of offers per every exchange (i.e., at least 500) will beat Interactive Brokers, who charge $0.005 per share. 

Just2Trade additionally offers a Per-Share exchanging plan beginning at $0.0025 per share for under 1 million offers exchanged each month. This drops to as low as $0.001 per share for accounts exchanging volumes of something like 5 million offers each month. 

Just2Trade additionally looks at well to or destroys Interactive Brokers on choices exchanging costs. 

Just2Trade charges a design of $0.50 per alternatives contract on its per-exchange plan in addition to a $2.50 base expense. For example, if one somehow happened to exchange 20 choices gets, the all-out cost on Just2Trade would come to $12.50. 

On Interactive Brokers, this usually is $15 or more. On the off chance that one is exchanging choices contracts in a non-paltry volume (i.e., past around 10 every month), Just2Trade is very prone to be your smartest choice. 

For accounts that tried out the Per-Trade plan, commissions are charged at a pace of $2.50 per exchange. 

Records that see their value esteems drop into the $2,000-$2,499 territory will be charged $4.00 per exchange. 

Records that fall underneath $2,000 will not open new situations until a value is raised back over that edge. 

To try out the Per-Share plan, accounts should have a base total of $25,000 and should be an edge account. (Edge accounts opened under the Per-Trade plan can be opened for just $2,500.) 

Commissions on fates accounts are $2.50 per contract.


Just2Trade offers edge rates beginning at 8.50% for accounts under $10,000 and down to 5.25% for accounts with totals of $1,000,000 or more. This undermines other markdown merchants, like Ameritrade, Scottrade, Schwab, and Etrade: 

Edge prerequisites for long stock positions rely upon the offer cost of the security. Stocks evaluated at $3.00 or less per share have a 100% edge necessity (for both introductory and upkeep edge). 

Those in the $3.01 to $5.00 territory are dependent upon a half prerequisite. Those at $5.01 or more per share have a 30% prerequisite. 

Unique edge administers additionally go after accounts holding concentrated jobs. 

If one value position (held long) represents over half of the absolute edge record’s worth, the support edge prerequisite for that security will be no under half. 

Also, certain stocks may have higher edge necessities if their instability is at an incredibly significant level that requires extra cash flow to be held. Just2Trade claims all authority to change edge necessities on protections whenever.

Other Trading Fees

  • There is no month-to-month expense for the Per-Trade plan. 
  • There is a base month-to-month expense of $333 for the Per-Share plan. On the off chance that the complete commissions charged to a record under the Per-Share plan are not exactly the base month-to-month expense, matters are charged to the record. 
  • Customers may need to pay information expenses relying upon business sectors in which they may require constant information. 
  • Exchanging during stretched-out hours depends on a commission overcharge of $0.003 per share relating to orders executed on the Electronic Communication Network (ECN). 
  • Given shared asset and bond exchanging should be done via telephone with a live delegate, if the security can be found, dealer helped charges will apply.

Mobile Apps

Just2Trade offers two portable applications 

  • Just2Trade+ (“Just2Trade Plus”) 
  • Just2Trade Pro 

Both accessible on iOS and Android. 

These stages extensively match the online variants. Instruments accessible to exchange the program-based stages are additionally accessible to exchange on the portable applications. Diagramming highlights are additionally accessible.

Payment Methods

A Just2Trade record might be subsidized through a wire move, OFX move, ACH move, or a record move. 

Additionally, the firm began to acknowledge stores in digital currencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Records can’t be subsidized with Mastercard, charge card, PayPal, Mastercard checks, secured checks, cash requests, or Western Union.

ACH – Automated Clearing House

The ACH (“Automated Clearing House”) framework is quite possibly the US’s most well-known electronic installment network. 

Asset move solicitations can be made somewhere in the range of Just2Trade and one’s financial balance once the ACH relationship is set up between the two. 

There is no charge related to connecting your ledger to Just2Trade to move reserves. Nor is there any expense related to any activity, including an ACH store, withdrawal, or enactment. Besides, since the cycle is paperless, there are no postage charges. 

ACH connections are not, be that as it may, accessible for IRA accounts right now. 

Building up the ACH association among Just2Trade and your financial balance takes around 5-7 workdays and requires an ACH Activation Form. 

Moving assets using ACH takes around 2-3 workdays. Assets stored by ACH require a hold of five workdays before they are accessible to exchange with. 

This hold can be lifted by submitting evidence that the assets have cleared your ledger to Just2Trade’s info@just2trade.com email (or by fax). 

ACH can remove ACH stores following 10 workdays of the first store. Something else, ACH stores can be removed through check, wire, or a robotized client account move (ACAT) following 60 schedule days have passed from the first date the store was made. 

Inbound and outbound ACH demands require at least $100. Every day most excellent for inbound ACH moves is $25,000, while day by day most extreme for outbound ACH moves is $100,000.

Wire Tranfers

Homegrown wire moves can depend upon one entire workday gave all record data on the wire move is right. 

Unfamiliar (non-US) wires may take 1-2 workdays relying upon the nation of beginning. Missing or mistaken record data may defer wire moves. 

Usually, accounts are charged $50 when a record is moved out (i.e., an ACAT). The equivalent $50 charge applies to move out and successfully close an IRA account. Physical or potentially unfamiliar settlement expenses apply. 

ACAT expenses can typically be kept away from if portfolios are sold first (i.e., all positions changed over to cash), shut. Then, at that point, the money can be essentially removed and moved to an alternate investment fund.

Demo Account

Just2Trade offers a demo represent Just2Trade+ and Sterling Trader Pro. 

Just2Trade+ is a program-based stage that requires no product download. It’s anything but an adaptable interface, admittance to 

US trades, postponed market information, market profundity information, news, and definite stock data. It permits you to audit every one of your orders and shows your current portfolio and market execution. 

Authentic Trader Pro is immediate access exchanging stage for exchanging values and choices. Its alternatives exchanging interface ascertains Greeks and instability. 

Its alternatives chain features in-the-cash choices for quicker dynamics. Additionally, the stage has eleven preconfigured alternatives exchange structures accessible, including Butterflies, Calendar Spreads, Covered Calls, Iron Condors, and Straddles. 

Spread request passages are entirely adaptable. Outlining on the stage upholds more than 60 pointers and configurable investigations.

Regulation and Licensing

Just2Trade is an SEC-directed intermediary vendor and an individual from FINRA, SIPC, and NFA. 

The SIPC ensures the protections and money in a client’s investment fund of up to $500,000, including up to $250,000 of security for cash in the record. 

The SIPC doesn’t ensure against market misfortune, guarantees speculation execution, or secure wares or prospects contracts besides under specific conditions.

Additional Features

Just2Trade joins with its worldwide informal community, WhoTrades, which permits all merchants to build a customized channel and talk about thoughts, organizations/protections, news, and methodologies vital to them with different brokers. 

It is open to all, not simply Just2Trade customers.


Additionally, Just2Trade’s restrictive exchanging stage Novoadvisor gives merchants admittance to the top-performing dealers and procedures on the Just2Trade organization. 

Novoadvisor is very basic about publicly supporting venture thoughts and offering them to a more extensive local area of merchants and financial backers. 

Each profile on Novoadvisor shows complete straightforwardness over for all intents and purposes. All one would require to know to settle on a choice concerning whether a technique accommodates your necessities and assumptions. 

This incorporates returns, drawdowns, execution patterns, portfolio property and rate assignments, an AI and client-produced summary of the exchanging style, ubiquity dependent on devotee tally, and any applicable time-stepped exchanging movement.


Just2Trade likewise offers another program, Try2BFunded, for those hoping to turn into a broker without genuine capital commitment. 

In the initial two phases of the program, brokers are put on a demo/paper exchanging account. They should meet a benefit target while staying away from explicit drawdowns and most extreme everyday misfortune sums. 

If they effectively pass both, they will get admittance to a financed genuine cash record and exchange on the company’s capital (month-to-month membership expense applies). 

If a possibility effectively goes through the passing phases of Try2BFunded, accessible beginning capital surpluses are $30,000 ($100 month to month membership expense), $50,000 ($150/mo), and $100,000 ($300/mo), and will be equivalent to the underlying demo account balance picked at the start of the program. 

Benefits are parted 60% to the dealer and 40% to Just2Trade. 

Later in 2019, Just2Trade hopes to carry out a broker analytical instrument.

Diagnostic Tool

This will assist merchants with recognizing typical missteps they may be making, how viably they are opening and shutting positions, how well they are dealing with their portfolio/book, the danger of their portfolio, how well they exchange upsetting circumstances (i.e., in light of unpredictability), and how to assist with planning a superior portfolio. 

The demonstrative will likewise make brokers’ proposals to follow on Novoadvisor who are solid in regions where the merchant may be powerless.

Trading Hours

Exchanging hours run from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday, barring occasions. Just2Trade additionally offers broadened hours exchanging (i.e., pre-market and post-market) running from 8:00 am to 9:30 am, EST, and 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm EST.

Contact & Customer Support

Client support can be reached by phone, fax, email, and live visit. 

Client care is accessible during business hours Monday-Thursday from 9 am to 6 pm EST and on Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST.

Safety & Security

All close-to-home data is secure and protected when it is shipped off the site. 

Just2Trade’s portable applications, Just2Trade+ and Just2Trade Pro, give a choice to require a PIN or finger impression confirmation to get to an exchanging account. 

Just2Trade utilizes an outer record check framework; however, they will utilize Plaid to verify a customer’s bank and money market funds for some individual capacities. 

Two-factor confirmation is additionally empowered. The work area exchanging stage requires client accreditations (i.e., username, secret key) just as a security expression/picture and pin.

Just2Trade Benefits

  • Stocks, ADRs, and ETFs, can be exchanged for just $2.50 per exchange 
  • Choices can be exchanged for just $2.50 per exchange (level expense) and $0.50 per contract 
  • The individuals who exchange higher offer volumes can execute exchanges beginning at just $0.001 per share and $0.35 per choices contract 
  • Gives admittance to exceptional highlights, for example, an informal organization for examining exchange thoughts (WhoTrades), an exchange following/exchange replicating stage that gives admittance to the best dealers in the organization (Novoadvisor), and, coming soon, an exchange symptomatic device to assist with adjusting regular exchange ruins 
  • Gives admittance to a broker improvement program that permits anybody to conceivably subsidize a record without the capital commitment of their own on the off chance that they can show solid exchanging capacity (Try2BFunded), with the access of up to $100,000 
  • Outsider applications are accessible to enhance Just2Trade’s current innovation

Just2Trade Drawbacks

  • Research tools, such as stock screeners, require third-party applications
  • $2,000 is required to open an account
  • Customer support is not available 24/7 or 24/5

Overall Verdict

Just2Trade is destined to speak to autonomous informal investors and more dynamic swing dealers who are worried about costs and have their inclinations on what innovation and assets they need to enhance their exchanging and help in their examination. 

In addition, algorithmic brokers may likewise interest Just2Trade given the simplicity with which APIs and exclusively robotized exchanging applications can be created to interface with Just2Trade for execution. 

Given that Just2Trade caters explicitly to higher-volume dealers, it by and large comes up short on the customary examination devices and channels (e.g., stock/bond screeners) and ordinary exchanging instruction assets that different representatives may give. 

Be that as it may, Just2Trade is gaining ground around here to advance an exchanging analytic device (an exchanging mentor or AI aide). Instruction is, for the most part, designed for the social highlights inborn in WhoTrades and Novoadvisor. 

Its dealer advancement program, Try2BFunded, is, particularly among merchants. It gives customers a likely chance to exchange on the association’s capital with no danger, with an ideal benefit split of 60/40 for the broker. 

Accepted Countries

Just2Trade recognizes representatives from Australia, Thailand, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Qatar and most various countries. 

Dealers can not use Just2Trade from Uganda, Nigeria, Yemen.

Alternatives to Just2Trade

If you are searching for options in contrast to Just2Trade, we have assembled a rundown of the best 5 intermediaries that are like Just2Trade beneath. This rundown of specialists like Just2Trade is arranged by closeness and just incorporates organizations that acknowledge dealers from your area. 

  1. FXPro – Multi-Award winning specialist. Work in Forex yet additionally offering stocks and tight spreads on CFDs and Spread wagering across a gigantic scope of business sectors. 
  2. Libertex – Libertex – Trade Online. Libertex offers CFD and Forex exchanging, with fixed commissions and no hidden expenses. 
  3. Binary.com – Binary.com is the setup pioneer of paired choices. The decision of the high-level merchant, Binary.com, offers the best adaptability of any twofold specialist. They likewise offer Forex and CFD using the MT5 stage. 
  4. IronFX – IronFX offers internet exchanging forex, stocks, fates, products and digital currencies 
  5. Ayondo – Ayondo offers to exchange across an enormous scope of business sectors and resources. They additionally offer negative equilibrium security and social exchanging.