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TD Ameritrade Review and Tutorial

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E-Trade Facts & Figures

eTrade provide everything from online day trading accounts to managed investment portfolios and retirement planning




奖金 Commission Free Trades
仪器 CFD, Stocks, Futures, E-minis, Options
模拟账户 Yes
最小订金 $500
付款方式 Apple Pay, Cheque, Credit Card, PayPal, Western Union
最小贸易 $10
监管者 SEC
MetaTrader 4 Yes
MetaTrader 5 No
交易者 No
ECN帐户 No
DMA帐户 No
行动应用程式 Yes
汽车交易 No
社会交易 No
复制交易 No
交易信号 No
伊斯兰账户 No
富时点差 N/A
油价差 0.06 pips
股票价差 0.2% Var
杠杆作用 N/A

TD Ameritrade is a traded on an open market online merchant, boasting over 7 million clients and handling roughly 650,000 exchanges every day. Its detailed contribution includes exchanging stocks, forex, fates, alternatives, ETFs, and different protections. This audit will analyze all administration parts, including account charges, exchanging stages, versatile applications, and significantly more. 

The firm offers a scope of exchanging stages and has likewise been first to the market with creative exchanging apparatuses. This has permitted them to bring to the table an adaptable exchanging center for brokers. 

There is a scope of record choices which likewise oblige various kinds of the dealer. 

The thinkorswim stage was initially an alternate brand yet has now been brought under the TD Ameritrade umbrella. These commendations different locations, which previously conveyed online or portable exchanging on android or iOS. While the stages do require some becoming acclimated to, they include rich and adaptable.

Account Types

The standard individual TD Ameritrade exchanging account is somewhat direct to open. Whenever you have filled in the essential structures and TD Ameritrade has completed their checking, you can begin trading. As referenced above, no base store is needed to open a record. In any case, the base electronic financing is $50. 

You wish to utilize edge on the off chance you will require a base surplus of $2,000. This will permit you to twofold your purchasing power. However, you may need to pay interest on the credit.

Trading Platforms

Regardless of whether you live in the UK or Canada, you will approach the equivalent powerful TD Ameritrade exchanging stages when you sign in to your money market fund. You will have three alternatives, TD Ameritrade.com and Trade Architect, online, just as work area application thinkorswim.

TD Ameritrade.com

This online stage is ideal for new informal investors hoping to facilitate their direction. You will be met with an entire host of data, making the site route reasonably troublesome. Luckily, you can use the ‘Ask Ted’ chatbot, which will address questions. 

You likewise gain admittance to a Portfolio Planner device. This permits you to construct an objective resource designation plan, assisting with making a fair arrangement of protections. You can pick between a standard model, or you can fabricate and tweak one yourself to guarantee ideal outcomes with your technique.

Trade Architect

TD Ameritrade’s Trade Architect is a higher level up as far as exchanging apparatuses and continuous highlights. For instance, you get newsfeeds, market heat maps and an entire host of request types. The stage is additionally perfect and straightforward to utilize. Getting to information takes care of is direct. You can tweak outlines, in addition to you have 30 stock and alternative screeners. 

The framework has also been smoothed out, so doing essential jobs, such as setting stop-misfortune cutoff points and following stop orders, is speedy and bother-free. Also, there are alternative exchanging devices, like likelihood examination, benefit and misfortune charts, just as target zone devices. Subsequently, Trade Architect is a decent decision for dealers with some experience hoping to contribute a discreet amount of assets.


Initially, an independent agent until TD Ameritrade took it over in 2009, thinkorswim is viewed as the crown gem in the stage offering. When you download this work area stage, genuine brokers can profit with the entirety of the highlights found in Trade Architect, in addition to cutting-edge exchange abilities. It is modern to the point that solitary TradeStation offers a particularly exhaustive stage. 

You gain admittance to many graphs streaming continuous information and more than 300 specialized investigations for each diagram. This is the most critical number in the business, and each examination can be tweaked. Investigate ThinkScript, which is thinkorswim’s exclusive coding language, and you would be able to make your pointers. 

You additionally have: 

  • Backtesting 
  • Organization profiling 
  • Plotting FRED information 
  • Customizable screeners 
  • Complex procuring examination devices 
  • Ongoing stock filtering and sharing graphs 
  • Capacity to replay recorded business sectors tick by tick 
  • Admittance to both monetary and corporate schedules 

Experienced brokers will battle to discover a remarkably progressed, solid and straightforward to-utilize stage. Customization can go to the extent that the client’s creative mind will take them. Along these lines, as far as exchanging instruments and settings, TD Ameritrade client audits report the most significant levels of fulfillment. 

Additionally, every one of the three stages can be utilized to exchange a gigantic scope of instruments, from penny stocks to digital money, for example, ethereum and litecoin.

Minimum Initial Deposit

One of the quick advantages of a TD Ameritrade money market fund is that there is no base starting store necessity. This is useful for amateurs and those with restricted starting capital. This is fabulous when contrasted with estimating at different contenders, where account essentials can go from $500 to $10,000.

Spreads & Commissions

Surveys and examination show TD Ameritrade don’t score so well as far as edge rates and commission expenses. Commissions are higher than the business average at $6.95 per exchange for stocks and ETFs. This is very just about as costly as some other markdown merchants. Truth be told, when you think about TD Ameritrade versus Etrade, Interactive Brokers and Scottrade, it is just Etrade that charges a lot. 

You can profit with 101 without commission ETFs. The solitary drawback is that any sans commission ETFs sold within 30 days of procurement are liable to a $13.90 exchanging expense. 

However, the inquiries that will be replied to beneath are are the incredible exchanging devices and broad examination assets enough to make these high business charges excellent incentive for cash?


There are various extraordinary offers and advancement rewards accessible to new merchants. New record cash rewards range from $100 for stores somewhere in the range of $25,000 and $99,999 as far as possible up to $1000 advancements for high dollar accounts. 

On top of the store rewards, TD Ameritrade once in a while discharge promotion offer codes, just as surrendering clients to 500 free exchanges. It’s additionally worth watching out for their site for move rewards.


Forex spreads are decently industry standard, and you can likewise profit with forex influence. This is a credit, permitting you to expand your position and conceivably support benefits. In any case, exchanging on edge can likewise intensify misfortunes. 

Likewise, TD Ameritrade’s edge costs are among the most costly in the business. The base edge rate is 7.75%, while the most effective rate is 9%. You will likewise need to hold a $2,000 most minor record surplus for an edge account.

Other Trading Fees

When you have your login subtleties and begin exchanging, you will experience certain exchange charges. For instance, homegrown wire withdrawal will cost $25. Record moves will cost $75, and a constrained edge sellout is charged at $25 in addition to facilitate commission. 

Notwithstanding that, TD Ameritrade’s valuing structure is genuinely straightforward. Also, you will not need to pay any yearly or idleness expense, in contrast to Interactive Brokers. 

Generally, TD Ameritrade is higher than usual as far as commissions and spreads. Notwithstanding, their zero least record prerequisites and liberal advancements help to invalidate a portion of that expense. In this way, in case you’re searching for low fates, choices and shared assets charges, you might need to head somewhere else. Assuming you’re searching for a modest beginning and liberal money welcome, TD Ameritrade might be a reasonable decision.

Mobile Apps

When you open another record, you will likewise approach two portable applications, TD Ameritrade Mobile and TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader. The previous is intended for fledglings and easygoing financial backers. The last is for exceptionally dynamic merchants who require various highlights and progressed usefulness. Overall, iPhone, iPad and Android application audits are highly sure.

TD Ameritrade Mobile

While you can sign in with your username and secret word, Touch ID login capacities are likewise. When you’re into the application, you can redo positions and watch list sees. Getting too many tops to bottom explorations is clear, while seeing edge equilibrium and record data is fast and straightforward. 

Furthermore, you can use the Social Signals examination. You’ll likewise track down the portable application that is viable with the two iOS and Android gadgets.

TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader

The Mobile Trader application takes into consideration progressed graphing, with a noteworthy 328 specialized investigations. Likewise, you get an extensive rundown of request choices. The interface is smooth and straightforward to explore. Audits show in any event, making complex choices exchanges is tranquil. 

You have in-application visit support that will straightforwardly interface you to a client care counsel if you are having any issues and the application isn’t working. 

There is even a screen-sharing capacity. This permits you to interface your thinkorswim work area stage to the Mobile Trader application. You select the statements tab, pick a shading close to the hunt bar that matches in thinkorswim, pulls up an account, and thinkorswim will take cues from you. It’s exhaustive to such an extent that a few clients contend it is right now the best in the business. 

A few surveys propose a capacity to screen and set progressed cautions to develop the Mobile Trader application further.

Methods of Payment

Customers can put aside direct installments and pull out assets effortlessly through the TD Ameritrade organization. 

You can decide to electrically move cash from your back to your TD Ameritrade account. You will need your ledger number and any pertinent security codes. Finish ordinarily requires 30 minutes to 3 workdays. Be that as it may, you need to move at least $50 and can carry a limit of $250,000. 

The most well-known subsidizing strategy is wire move. There are no commitment cutoff points, and fruition time is one workday. Be that as it may, you may have to check for some other day exchanging rules or wire move expenses forced by your bank. 

You can likewise utilize Paypal to support your record and make withdrawals. At long last, you can again finance your history through checks or an outside protection move. It might likewise merit going to their site to check for any current rewards or offers for utilizing explicit financing techniques.

Demo Account

TD Ameritrade additionally offers a free demo account called PaperMoney. Subsidized with recreated cash, you don’t need to hazard natural capital until you feel sure. This is an incredible chance to get to know the business sectors and foster techniques. It’s additionally an excellent method to test the TD Ameritrade exchanging stage. 

To paper exchange, you need only a couple of essential subtleties, including your name, email address, phone number and area. When your certainty has developed, it’s then direct to close your demo record and move up to a live exchanging account.

Additional Features

Client surveys show fulfillment with the quantity of helpful extra highlights found in the TD Ameritrade offering, including: 

  • Social Signals – The Social Signals highlight gives a continuous streaming feed of algorithmically sifted applicable tweets. You likewise get an outline graph of the most discussed brands. Many feel this is simpler to use than StockTwits. 
  • Peer Comparison– The Peer Comparison tab permits you to find clean, customizable diagrams showing a security’s new presentation against its rivals. This is then circled back to a table of pertinent measurements. 
  • Free research – You can discover streaming news from Zacks, Dow Jones, briefing.com, in addition to various sources. What’s more, there is an examination from Market Edge, CFRA, Credit Suisse and Vickers. 
  • Interactive learning– TD Ameritrade offers various ways you can learn, from recordings and articles to slideshows and tests. Also, they will screen your advancement and grant focuses and virtual prizes as you improve. Indeed, video preparing surveys rush to feature how thorough and valuable their instructive assets are. 
  • Earnings calendar tools– This permits you to follow income declarations of organizations of interest. It can assist you with getting ready impending information delivers and foresee future value developments.

Regulation & License

In the day exchanging world, it’s significant you can trust your merchant. Checking they are appropriately controlled and authorized, accordingly, is fundamental. 

For more than forty years, TD Ameritrade has been perceived for working with managed worldwide admittance to brokers. FINRA oversees the organization. Likewise, customers accounts are ensured under FDIC (store accounts held at TD Bank) and SIPC. What’s more, abundance SIPC inclusion is given by London backup plans. 

This means your assets are secured in the scope of situations, for example, TD Ameritrade becoming bankrupt. They are authorized in various areas, from the USA to Hong Kong. Be that as it may, head over to their entire site to see administrative subtleties for your area.


There are various excellent motivations to pick TD Ameritrade, including: 

  • There is a tremendous determination of instruments. 
  • You get quick and dependable client support. 
  • You can make progressed orders, including OCO and sections. 
  • TD Ameritrade gives wealthy top to bottom examination and instructive assets. 
  • Expanded all day, every day exchanging hours takes into account global admittance to the business sectors. 
  • They work with programmed synchronizing among work areas and versatile exchanging stages. 
  • There is admittance to more than 350 specialized investigations, 20 drawing devices and 8 Fibonacci devices. 
  • You get free admittance to the high-level thinkorswim stage, with no record least. 
  • There is admittance to more than 100 without commission ETFs and many no-exchange expense common assets. 
  • Portfolio edge gives a few clients expanded influence by putting together edge necessities concerning add up to portfolio hazard. 
  • You can pick between three exchanging stages, guaranteeing there is a stage for merchants of all experience levels. 
  • There are computerized exchanging capacities, including Robo-guides from their Investment 
  • The executive’s Services and Essential Portfolios. Audits of which show undeniable degrees of consumer loyalty. 
  • The Economic Data apparatus permits admittance to a scope of information about the strength of worldwide economies. 
  • You will discover dynamic visit rooms to share thoughts and speak with a great many experienced merchants on the stage.


Notwithstanding the quantity of TD Ameritrade benefits recorded above, there likewise exist a few drawbacks to their contribution, including: 

  • Exchanging costs are inevitably high. At the point when you put TD Ameritrade versus OptionsHouse and different contenders, you understand TD Ameritrade’s bonus rates for stocks and ETFs, specifically, are well over the business-standard. 
  • You will be hit with a $19.99 momentary exchanging expense if you sell any of your bonus-free ETFs within 30 days. 
  • Merchant helped exchange commissions are around $44.99, while different firms keep costs around $25 to $35. 
  • You likewise have arduous edge support necessities to fight with. 
  • Security could be worked on using a two-factor verification highlight—a component that a few contenders do offer. 
  • New merchants might be overpowered by the immense measure of data and instruments accessible. Therefore, beginner brokers might need to search for a cleaner, more smoothed-out exchanging stage. 

For those exchanging bitcoin to penny stocks, the entirety of the above focuses have hauled down TD Ameritrade audits and appraisals. Nonetheless, there are various positives. So regardless of whether the geniuses offset the cons will be an individual decision.

Trading Hours

TD Ameritrade exchanging and available time are industry standards. The organization was one of the first to declare it would offer 24-hour exchanging. This implies clients could respond promptly to expedite news and occasions like worldwide races. 

Likewise, this move expanded their allure in Asia, as the individuals interested in US values could now estimate value development. In the off-hours between Sunday 20:00 EST and Friday 20:00 EST, clients can exchange 12 ETFs. 

In this way, for those intrigued by premarket hours and scope of instruments, from file assets to bitcoin (BTC) prospects and alternatives, there will consistently be an exchange opportunity at TD Ameritrade.

Contact & Customer Support

TD Ameritrade currently offers all-day, everyday support through email, text and even Facebook Messenger. Client audits show sit tight an ideal opportunity for telephone support was under two minutes. Backing arrives in various dialects, including English, Spanish, Cantonese and Mandarin. Just head over to their site for the 24-hour number where you are based. 

Messages are typically returned within 12 hours. Specialists are all around prepared with a top to bottom information on both exchanging stages and records. They ought to have the option to assist you with any TD Ameritrade.com login issues or when the site goes down. 

Shockingly, the ‘Ask Ted’ live talk support is just for customers utilizing the thinkorswim stage. Thus, there is an opportunity to get better around here. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you approach live talk, they can assist you, including forgotten usernames and premarket exchanging to reference rewards and alternatives endorsement. 

By and large then, at that point, audits show merchants were pleased with TD Ameritrade’s client service and helpdesk. Yet, assuming you need direct contact, you could make a beeline for their various workplaces or go to one of their occasions. Likewise, you can go to their ‘Get in touch with Us’ segment for the closest postage information in your area.

A Brief History

From their base camp in Omaha, Nebraska, TD Ameritrade has been serving clients since 1971. The financier has almost 50 years of involvement with industry firsts, including: 

  • 1998 – TD Ameritrade were among the quick-to-present touch-tone exchanging. 
  • 1994 – They were additionally one of the first to pioneer online day exchanging. 
  • In the late 1990s – TD Ameritrade presented online alternatives request passage and electronic exchange affirmations through email. 
  • 2000s – They were quick to ensure exchange execution velocities of 10 seconds and present paperless record creation. 

Thus, they have ceaselessly stood out as truly newsworthy giving creative answers for brokers’ issues throughout the long term. Therefore, they presently offer worldwide exchanging a tremendous scope of instruments, including bitcoin, currency market common assets, securities, and other fixed-pay protections

Head over to their authority site, and you will see the point of the business trade has consistently continued as before. They have “been engaging customers by assisting them with assuming responsibility for their monetary lives.” But what do client surveys say when you dig underneath the features?

Safety & Security

TD Ameritrade approaches client wellbeing and security incredibly in a brutal way, as they ought to do. This implies individual data is kept secure through advanced firewalls. Peculiarity location and interruption innovation are likewise used to identify any strange conduct from your record. 

TD Ameritrade sites are secure and utilize 128-cycle encryption to communicate all information between your PC and their locations. 

Additionally, a TD Ameritrade’s Asset Protection Guarantee will repay your record if you lose any assets because of unapproved action. Their site states they will “repay you for the money or portions of protections you lost.” 

In any case, notwithstanding your information and record being somewhat secure, there is space for some improvement. For instance, a two-factor validation would additionally upgrade their present framework.

TD Ameritrade Verdict

TD Ameritrade is an industry chief concerned with exchanging stages and admittance to top-notch research and instructive assets. Toss in a $0 least store necessity, point by point client guides and admittance to nightfall exchanging, and they ought to be a genuine competitor on your specialist waitlist. 

Be that as it may, exceptionally dynamic merchants might need to reconsider because of high commissions and edge rates. The absence of tweaked hotkeys and direct access steering may likewise offer motivation to stop. By and large, then, if you’re a decently dynamic merchant who needs a fantastic stage and admittance to broad exploration, at that point, TD Ameritrade could well be the right decision.

Accepted Countries

TD Ameritrade only accepts traders from the United States.

Alternatives to TD Ameritrade

If you are searching for options in contrast to TD Ameritrade, we have ordered a rundown of the main 5 intermediaries like TD Ameritrade underneath. This rundown of dealers like TD Ameritrade is arranged by similitude and incorporates organizations that acknowledge merchants from your area. 

  • IronFX – IronFX offers internet exchanging forex, stocks, fates, wares and digital forms of money 
  • Just2Trade – Just2Trade offer Hitech exchanging on stocks and alternatives with probably the most minimal costs in the business 
  • IG Group – IG offer spread wagering, CFD and Forex exchanging across a scope of business sectors. They are FCA-directed, boast an incredible exchanging application and have a long-term history of greatness. 
  • Forex.com – Forex.com boasts a worldwide standing. Directed in the UK, US and Canada, they offer an enormous scope of business sectors, not simply forex, and contribute significantly close spreads and a state of the art stage. 
  • Trade Nation – Trade Nation is a top FX and CFD merchant directed in numerous wards incl the UK and Australia. They brag tight spreads and no base store.