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Webull Review and Tutorial 2021


Facts & Figures

Webull offers a leading online stock trading app with low fees and generous bonuses.



Бонус Two free stocks joining bonus
Інструменти Stocks, ETFs, options, cryptos
Демо-рахунок Yes
Хв. Депозит $0
Методи оплати Wire Transfer
Хв. Торгівля 0.01 lots
Регулюється SEC & FINRA
MetaTrader 4 No
MetaTrader 5 No
cTrader No
Рахунок ECN No
Обліковий запис DMA No
Мобільні програми Yes
Автоматична торгівля No
Соціальна торгівля No
Торгівля копіями No
Торгові сигнали No
Ісламський рахунок No

Trade on a handful of the most traded currency pairs with leverage.

Спред GBPUSD Floating
Спред EURUSD Floating
Спред EURGBP Floating
Активи 11

Webull offers trading on popular cryptos such as Bitcoin against the US Dollar.

Spread Floating
Попередження про ризик - Ваш капітал знаходиться під загрозою

Webull is an agent seller that offers exchanges on stocks, alternatives, ETFs, and ADRs. Our audit talks about the nature of the business and inspects its free stock advancement, paper exchanging mode, work area application, and expenses. We likewise take a gander at Webull contrasted with other mainstream intermediaries like Robinhood and E-Trade.

Webull Details

Webull Financial LLC is a US-based firm established in 2017 with central command in New York City. Its CEO is Anthony Denier, and a Chinese organization named Fumi Technology is its parent company. The organization has a worldwide presence and is accessible in the United States. The agent is additionally accessible to non-US residents in various nations. 

This firm is controlled by the U.S. Protections and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

Trading Platforms

Clients can start day exchanging after join and log in. The agent vendor has an own-image exchanging stage accessible as both a work area download and an online arrangement.

Desktop Platform

The latest stage programming, Webull Desktop 4.0, is accessible on the agent site for Windows 7 or more, alongside Mac. The work area application download is free and highlights the accompanying: 

  • 12 diagramming devices 
  • Customizable format 
  • Valuable measurements like P&L 
  • 50 specialized markers, including the KDJ pointer 

Brokers can limit, market, stop-misfortune, stop-breaking point, and stop-misfortune/take-benefit request types. Work area clients can likewise set up hotkeys or console alternate routes to play out a particular activity and save time exchanging. Moreover, customers can utilize Quick Trade, a bunch of devices that help with entering request boundaries, for additional accommodation.

Web Platform

The Webull Web Platform application can be gotten straightforwardly from the representative site. It offers: 

  • Continuous stock statements 
  • Exploration and examination devices 
  • Backing by every single significant program

How to Use the Platform

How to Read a Webull Chart

Dealers can change the time reach and spans in the Stocks tab on the stage. Different periods and diagramming alternatives are accessible, for example, a 2 moment, 1 day or multi-day moving regular outline. Merchants can get to a broad scope of drawing instruments and line styles to suit their system.

How to Do a Stop Loss

This request type is found in the Regular orders area. From the Positions tab in the stage, select the exchange you wish to close and info your stop cost under the Stop-Loss heading.

How to Use Take Profit

To utilize this Advanced request type, guarantee the Take Profit/Stop Loss button is flipped and discover the position you need to close. Then, at that point, add your value limits under the proper headings and snap Place Order.

How to Short

Customers can short stocks on Webull if they have an edge account with a net worth of $2,000 or higher. Utilize the Watchlist tab to track down your supply of interest and search for the blue descending bolt, revealing that shorting is accessible. Then, click the Trade symbol, tap Sell and round out the significant boxes to present the request.

How to Buy Stock

Track down the stock you might want to buy on Webull utilizing the inquiry bar or utilizing the stock screener incorporated into the stage and snap Trade. Select either a breaking point or market request, then, at that point, input a cost and amount in addition to the time you wish the request to be in power for. Note the intermediary offers either Good Until Cancelled (GTC) or Day choices for time-in-power.

How to Day Trade

Customers would be able to exchange on Webull, yet note that clients with net record esteem lower than $25,000 are restricted to multi-day exchanges five workdays. Those with more capital have limitless day execution. 

To make exchanges, customers should have Buying Power. This is the aggregate sum held in the dealers’ money market fund, in addition to the accessible edge. Clients may get Instant Buying Power on the off chance that they have kept assets that are not yet settled, yet this could deliver a negative money balance as acquired assets are being utilized for exchanging. 

Clients may have zero or negative crypto purchasing power on the off chance that they are attempting to exchange on edge, which is beyond the realm of imagination with this resource, or they lack assets (for example, record esteem underneath $25,000). Merchants may cause a Good-Faith Violation if stocks purchased with disrupted assets are exchanged. 

Webull gives essential market information to all clients, albeit most of the statements are on a 15-minute deferral. They offer progressed cites on a few information feed items that are accessible on membership. Note that from 2020, Webull no longer shows market information for the London Stock Exchange.

How to Close

Brokers can utilize a market, breaking point, stop, or stop-limit request to close a situation on Webull. 

Note the representative doesn’t have an authority API and customers utilizing a VPN to open a record in a non-upheld nation are not prone to be fruitful.


Webull offers the accompanying business sectors to exchange: 

  • Stocks & ETFs– The merchant vendor, as of now, offers over 5,000 US stocks and ETFs, including influential organizations like Tesla (tsla) and market files like the S&P 500. Different instruments incorporate Gamestop, AMC and Zoom stock. Dealers can see the stock/share cost on the staging interface – note the business doesn’t permit customers to purchase partial offers, OTC stocks or fates. 
  • Options – Webull gives choices exchanging to its clients. Customers intrigued by this venture elective should initially be supported by filling in a survey identified with exchanging experience. 
  • ADRs  – Customers can likewise decide to put resources into foreign organization stocks. ADRs deliver profits in US dollars, so dealers don’t need to be worried about trade rates moving against them. 
  • Cryptocurrency– Clients would now be able to apply to exchange crypto resources on the stage. Merchants can purchase Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Litecoin. Different monetary forms, for example, XRP, are not as of now advertised.

Spreads & Commission

Webull offers zero commission exchanging and doesn’t charge an idleness expense. It makes income on edge revenue, which begins at 7% every year for brokers with a charge total of $25,000 or less and diminishes to 4% for customers with $3,000,000 or more. 

Digital money exchanging on instruments, for example, Bitcoin, doesn’t cause any expenses. Brokers can, notwithstanding, expect everyday short-selling charges, estimating dependant available worth of the acquired offers and the stock credit rate. Little exchange and administrative costs are likewise charged to the customer for each sale by offices like the U.S. Protections and Exchange Commission.


Clients can get to use and use up to 1:4 (4x) day exchange and 1:2 overnight purchasing power utilizing an edge account. Note that clients should have essentially $2,000 to be supported. Customers ought to consistently know about the dangers related to utilized exchanging before opening a record.

Mobile Trading

The Webull APP offers progressed request types, for example, stop misfortune/take benefit and OCO, in addition to the choice to buy into Level 1 and Level 2 market information. Our audit discovered that the application additionally reacts to voice prompts, for example, ‘purchase’ and ‘sell,’ permitting merchants to put orders with voice orders as it were. Expenses on the versatile arrangement are equivalent to on the work area terminal.

Payment Methods

Customers have no base store necessities regardless of the sort. Clients should visit the Help Center to figure out how to store and pull out from Webull. Brokers can’t build the moment store limit they get on Webull, as it is set comparable to numerous components like installment sum, cash equilibrium, and customer FICO rating. 

Merchants with a US financial balance can either utilize wire move or set up an ACH for the store – note that ACH is free yet covered at $50,000 each day, while wire permits more extensive exchanges yet charges $8 per exchange. For withdrawal, wire move includes a $25 charge for each business. Individuals with non-US banks can hope to pay $12.50 per store and $45 per withdrawal for international wire.

Demo Account

Webull gives a paper exchanging climate to US stocks inside their foundation. This training account permits forthcoming clients to demo the exchanging stage and is financed with $1 million in virtual cash. If the location isn’t working or continues smashing, contact the help group utilizing the subtleties beneath.

Webull Bonuses

How to Get Two Free Stocks on Webull

Our survey found that Webull current promotes a sign up joining reward in which customers get one free stock (esteem $2.50-$250) when they open a record, and a subsequent free supply ($8-$1600) after it is supported with a $100 store or more. Customers considering how to guarantee their free stock should note that they must be gotten on the versatile application and may take up to 10 workdays to clear. 

Webull likewise advances a client-designated layered store reward that offers 10, 25, or 35 free stocks when customers reserve their record with $10,000, $25,000 and $100,000 separately. The dealer has likewise recently run outside reference plans where merchants get 6 free stocks after fruitful sign-up.

Level 2 Advance Free for Three Months

Webull offers Level 2 Advance, a superior feed for market information controlled by NASDAQ TotalView, at a month-to-month cost of $1.99. The firm, as of now, promotes three months of free membership to this assistance for every single enrolled client.


Webull is directed by the U.S. Protections and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). The agent seller is an individual from SIPC, which ensures customer’s resources up to $500,000. Note that digital currency is offered through an alternate substance and isn’t provided by this plan. 

Upheld nations incorporate China, Malaysia, Turkey, Japan, India and Korea. The merchant isn’t offered in certain countries in Europe like Germany or to inhabitants in Kenya, Zambia, Nigeria, Ireland, Kuwait, or New Zealand. The specialist additionally can’t be utilized for exchanging the UK or ISA accounts.

Additional Features

Webull runs a News Center with the market and stock updates, alongside an IPO center that subtleties the most recent data on ongoing filings, profit, and profits per share. Likewise, the specialist has a YouTube channel with instructional exercise recordings and an active Twitter account that runs gift voucher giveaways. The site additionally offers 101 exchanging tips. 

The vendor is an enormous firm regularly contrasted with other famous businesses in online audits, for example, Webull versus Robinhood, Etoro, TD Ameritrade, Trading 212, Freetrade and ETrade. Specifically, Webull is considered to have a superior exchanging stage, devices, and examination abilities contrasted with Robinhood.

Account Types & Information

Cash Account

Customers opening a Webull Individual Brokerage record should know the distinction between an edge versus a cash account. In real money accounts, the client forks over the required funds for whatever resources they buy. Individuals can’t day exchange, use influence or short sell with a money account.

Margin Account

In edge accounts, the customer can use influence to purchase more protection. Clients with under $2,000 in financing are restricted to multi-day exchanges 5 days and can’t utilize power or short sell. Those with between $2,000-$25,000 are additionally specified in their day execution, yet would margin be able to exchange and quick sell. Financial backers with more than $25,000 have limitless day trading. 

Note that customers can make two Webull investment funds, one money and one edge, in addition to an IRA. Stocks and ETFs can be exchanged IRAs, and clients can move their resources into this record type straightforwardly from their 401k. 

Webull doesn’t at present help common or global record types.


  • No minimum deposit
  • No commission or inactivity fees
  • Own brand platform and app
  • Two free stocks promotion


  • High store and withdrawal wire expenses for non-US occupants 
  • Day exchanging restricted for clients with under $25,000 kept

Trading Hours

Webull offers expanded premarket (4:00 am to 9:30 am) and night-time (4:00 pm to 8:00 pm) exchanging. However, just breaking point requests can be utilized on these occasions. There are no extra exchanging charges during these additional market hours, and the firm has a scanner for top gainers and washouts in these periods. Customers can likewise appreciate every minute of everyday exchange on digital currencies.

Customer Support

Webull gives every minute of everyday online assistance and hosts a broad website page on as often as possible posed inquiries. How best to contact support relies upon your question – dealers can close their Webull account utilizing directions in the FAQs, or can use these subtleties for other help: 

  • Live chat function in the app
  • Number: +1 (888) 828-0618
  • Email: customerservices@webull.us

The help group can help if you get ‘mistake stacking information messages’ or again if the stage continues to log me out.


Webull utilizes physical and electronic protections to guarantee the security of customer information. Clients are approached to make a six-digit exchanging secret key on join and may likewise decide to set up 2-factor confirmation for extra record assurance.

Webull Verdict

Webull is a genuine merchant vendor situated in the US offering stock and ETF exchanging close-by choices and crypto on work area, web or application stages. The firm has no base store or commission expenses in addition to a free stock advancement and a paper exchanging account. This firm would be a decent decision for some fledglings and further developed brokers hoping to extend their portfolio and begin putting resources into the securities exchange.

Accepted Countries

Webull acknowledges merchants from United States, India, Brazil, Turkey, Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, China, Korea.

Alternatives to Webull

On the off chance that you are searching for options in contrast to Webull, we have arranged a rundown of the best 5 agents that are like Webull beneath. This rundown of dealers like Webull is set by comparability and incorporates organizations that acknowledge brokers from your area. 

  1. Dukascopy – Dukascopy is Swiss-based forex, CFD, and parallel choices merchant 
  2. Forex.com – Forex.com brag a worldwide standing. Directed in the UK, US and Canada, they offer a gigantic scope of business sectors, not simply forex, and offer exceptionally close spreads and a state-of-the-art stage. 
  3. IronFX – IronFX offers web-based exchanging forex, stocks, fates, wares and digital forms of money 
  4. Fortrade – Fortrade is a multi-resource merchant offering a bare live record with cutting-edge apparatuses. 
  5. Moneta Markets – Moneta Markets is a directed FX and CFD merchant offering a restrictive web stage.


What is Webull?

Webull is a specialist seller situated in New York City that offers exchange stocks, ETFs, alternatives, and cryptographic money in the US and other chosen nations.

Is Webull suitable for day trading?

A Webull Individual Brokerage edge account permits day exchanging; however, this is restricted to multi-day exchanges 5 workdays for those with under $25,000 stored. The dealer gives off an impression of being authentic and offers its image exchanging stage as a work area program, program arrangement, and portable application.

What is buying power on Webull?

Purchasing power is the measure of money held in the customer account added to all accessible edges. These are the assets that the merchant can admittance to purchase protections.

Does Webull have Level 2 market data?

Webull offers Level 2 market information on membership. This offer is controlled by NASDAQ TotalView and named Level 2 Advance at the expense of $1.99 each month.

Is Webull a direct access broker?

Webull doesn’t offer direct market access. See the intermediary subtleties for more data around its exchanging model.

Can you buy XRP on Webull?

Right now, XRP isn’t offered by this intermediary. Webull permits exchanges BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC and others.

How do I contact Webull?

Brokers can arrive at Webull support day in and day out on the web or utilizing the versatile application. Then again, customers can contact the firm by phone or email at +1 (888) 828-0618 and customerservices@webull.us

What time does Webull close?

Ordinary exchanging hours for stocks stop at 4:00 pm, however, broadened market hours proceed until 8:00 pm. Cryptographic money exchanging doesn’t close and runs all day, every day.

Is Webull better than robinhood?

What’s better out of Robinhood or Webull will rely upon singular inclination. A superior exchanging stage depends upon the resources you need to trade and the investigation instruments you need. It very well may merit a demo record to see which one you’d like.