Intermediate Trading Guide

Intermediate Trading Guide



Macro-Economic Indicator: The Definite Guide

The macroeconomic indicators allow traders of the forex market to know the economic health status of a country. Thus, to anticipate the fluctuations of the currency. They are published at regular intervals by private or public study organizations. These indicators are used by traders who love fundamental analysis.

Capacity Utilization in Forex Trading: The Definite Guide

The installed capacity in forex is the maximum yield that can be produced in a given period, using the resources that are available at a given time. It is an essential aspect of the production system; it is an efficiency measure that can be adjusted in such a way that production is by demand.

Fibonacci Trading: The Definite Guide

In the world of trading, there are numerous strategies and techniques for forecasting the markets. One of the most used and known is undoubtedly that of Fibonacci. It is based on the numerical series discovered by the Italian mathematician of the same name. Fibonacci trading allows for identifying areas where price tensions could occur and