Advanced Trading Guide

Advanced Trading Guide


In this fast-paced world of investment, it is essential to have sufficient idea about how the market works. Without necessary information and proper analogy, an investor is like a lost ship in the ocean without a raider. To analyze the market or find financial strategies, the intellectuals of finance found some technical analysis methods, which are called the technical analysis. In the 1930s, a Guru of finance found an Advanced wave theory to analyze the market, which changed the market of the 21st century.

Elliott discovered that the movement in the stock market could be predicted by observing and identifying repetitive wave patterns. This analysis is called an advanced wave analysis. From this analysis, he discovered that the markets do not move randomly. Instead, they follow some repetitive cycle. In this article, we will give you in-depth information on Advanced Applications in Wave Analysis and much more. SO let’s GO!!


Zigzag Pattern in Forex Trading: The Advanced Guide

Zigzag is an indicator used in the chart of technical analysis. It functions as a filter for directional changes in the movement of price. Technical analysts and forex traders use the Zig Zag filter to eliminate irrelevant noise from the price chart. The purpose is to concentrate on the essential trends in the market, not

Advanced Applications in Wave Analysis: The Definite Guide

Wave analysis is an ideal form of technical analysis used by finance traders to analyze financial market cycles and estimate market trends, observing investor psychology, price fluctuations, and other common factors. Elliot found out that there is a repetitive pattern in the market.