Option Robot: Binary Option Auto Trading Software Review

Option Robot: Binary Option Auto Trading Software Review

Option robot has established itself as one of the most popular trading software out there. The best part is, it gives the traders the option to connect with a couple of selectively chosen binary options brokers.

Most of the popular trading bots live off the hype of the market, but option robot is different in this case. It has the capability of utilizing effective trading indicators and strategies to give its customers fruitful results.

Option Robot is also customizable by the traders, which makes it different from other trading bots in the vicinity. It claims to have a winning rate of up to 83%. So here, we’ll provide a binary option auto trading software review or a review of option robot so you can take a closer look at it.

What is Option Robot?

Option robot is a software created by some highly experienced anonymous developers. It’s a binary option auto trading software. It was launched in 2014.

It’s a smart technology to monitor and identify trades and thus helping the traders. It also places trades on the trader’s behalf. It can be very helpful to traders of beginner-level experience as they can watch the software trade and thus learn how to trade themselves.

It’s also helpful to experienced traders who don’t have a wide range of assets but are willing to trade in them.

Option robot: binary option auto trading software review

Option robot at a glance

As mentioned, it has a very high rate of accuracy in auto trading mode, but that doesn’t mean it comes with a magic potion that will certainly make you win. Actually, it gives you trading signals based on a couple of effective trading indicators and clever strategies to make sure that you win.

Most of the auto trading bots available over the internet have a major lacking; that is, they can’t let the traders change the trading parameters according to their needs. But you can easily perform this task with the option robot.

Option Robot comes with the choice of which trading indicator you want to use that will make it your favorite trading robot in no time! There are six categories of trading indicators for you to choose from, and their names are CCI, RSI, MACD, Stochastic, Williams, and Trend.

There is another added bonus; it lets the users utilize multiple trading indicators. Basically, it will only confirm the trade when both the indicators are going north. Even though it will provide fewer trading signals as it is using multiple indicators, the results are more likely to be accurate!

Pros and cons

The pros

The biggest advantage is, it proves you with a demo or trial account funded with 25,000 euros! So you can practice trading with your demo account without taking any risks!

It’s super easy, so sign up, and you can do that only in a couple of minutes!

Another major advantage is that it’s totally free! You can access and use it free of cost.

After you sign up to use the real account, it gives you a list of integrated brokers to choose from to make your first trade and deposit some money in your account!

It comes with a high winning ratio as it uses three smart trading strategies, and this ratio is higher than other binary trading bots in the market!

Although there is no tracking history in the logs, this is the time when the demo account can be of use. Check out for yourself how many trades you can win as opposed to how many trades you lose!

The software is very customizable, so you can modify it according to your needs!

It provides you with a lot of choices such as-

  • You can choose from a collection of trading strategies.
  • You can pick your desired currency from a selection of currencies.
  • There is also an option of choosing timeframes like the sixty seconds sniper trade!

It also comes with a wide selection of brokers for you to choose from. But it would help if you did some research first about the brokers to figure out who will provide you the best platform with additional services.

It provides a detailed review of all the brokers available on their website so you can pick wisely.

The cons

As stated before, one of the pitfalls of the software or the website is, it doesn’t keep a log of the tracking history. It also doesn’t provide any verified trading results. So you have to use the demo account to see how it works.

Another major drawback is, there is no phone number for you to call and complain or ask for help as in it doesn’t have a customer support helpline. But you can ask for help in the live chat box and get instant help if you email them.

Another disadvantage is, it doesn’t provide you with enough info or solid evidence for you to trade with confidence.

It offers to make you rich in a click, which is not the way it should be done.


Option robot is most likely not a scam, and there’s enough evidence to prove it and enough users who swear by it. Most scam checker websites also claim that it is legit. Now it’s up to you and your trading preferences whether you should use option robot or not.

For newbie traders, as they lack sufficient trading skills, option robot can be a savior in this case. But pro traders might want to utilize their own trading knowledge gathered from years of experience and operate their trades manually and do the technical market analysis by themselves.

In my opinion, option robot is better than the rest of the binary options auto trading software as it provides a solid control over how the trades should be placed. Hope you can make your decision wisely about option robot after reading this binary options auto trading software review.

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