The IQ Broker Experience

The IQ Broker Experience

What’s it like to use

The first thing you may notice when the site pops up is the link to the free trial accounts. If you are a first time user, especially if this is your first day trading experience, to go ahead and grab one of those trials.

You will get 10 virtual dollars to play around with as you figure out how the software operates and you can get a feel for how long things like cash inflows and outflows will take.

There are some great information resources there on the site under ‘About Us’ if you’re curious to learn more about the company who will be handling your transactions. Do a little research here if you are looking for reassurance, and feel free to follow up with any concerns directly via the contact link.

It’s always a good idea to check out any business entity that will be handling your funds, and like any honest entity of that kind, IQ Broker and are ready to openly answer questions on the subject to your satisfaction.

Under the ‘For Traders’ Tab near the top of the site, you’ll find a section full of video tutorials. This contains great easy-to-use guides to getting everything set up.

If you are interested in getting additional guidance and specific investment advice from experts at the platform, this is available directly from the website as well. A good example is under the ‘For Traders’ Tab a section called ‘Stock Collections’ with some investment groupings to help with diversification planning.

There are also guides on hot topics like options trading to help you get the most out of the platform. Feel free to take a look at anything relevant to your specific areas of interest under this tab.

If you use the free practice account it will guide you into converting that account into a regular paid account any time. If you’d rather not use the trial account feature, you can come back to this top menu at any time and just hit the ‘create account’ button near the center of the front page. The prompts are simple and will get you set up and trading with a minimum of hassle.With just what we’ve covered in this brief article that should get you up and running with IQ Option. Use the video Tutorials to learn more, and feel free to follow up with Customer Service if you have any questions. There are other information resources as well, including a blog with the most up-to-date and current information.

You’ll even find some hot tips on outstanding new trade opportunities!

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