Review offers a set of online tools to enable the individual investor to embark on their chosen investment strategy. It provides a host of key services which incorporate some truly unique and innovative features. As an investor trying to decide which online platform best serves your needs, how do the tools available through measure up?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the unique software platforms Deriv provides and break down the functionality of their three core services.


The first and most popular of Deriv’s three service models, this platform is designed with accessibility in mind. Many investors will find their needs begin and end well within the scope of what the Dtrader platform offers. While this is arguably the simplest offering on the platform, it is actually a robust suite of easy to use tools that will completely meet the needs of the average individual investor.

Dtrader gives you full access to all the investment options available on the platform. Using this tool you can quickly and easily invest in traditional securities, place option trades, and even manage margin accounts. Leveraged investing is seamlessly integrated with the options platform, something Dtrader is designed for from the ground up.

It gives full access to commodity markets, synthetic indices, and even foreign exchange markets. Investors who are specifically looking for a way to combine the potential of options trading with the additional power of unsecured leverage couldn’t ask for a better tool.

Dtrader also has the core features that you must, as an individual investor, demand from a platform like this. Your investments are trackable, profit and loss easy to view and calculate, and integration with outside funds is quick and easy. The software is easy to learn and the tutorial has been highly rated.


For most individual investors, automated trading and algorithmic investing just isn’t possible. Without access to technologies developed by major brokerages or hedge funds it has always been just out of reach.

The Dbot tool closes this gap.

In this age when fractions of a second can make all the difference, having an automated technology to minimize the impact of wait times and human error can prove a huge advantage. Not only does Dbot place this technology within your grasp, it teaches you to use it and has an interface anyone can learn.


If a key component of your investment strategy is taking advantage of non-traditional asset classes, it is well worth your time to learn to use the DMT5 portion of the platform.

Boasting the ability to track multiple asset classes on a single platform, DMT5 is able to give you real time, side-by-side access to a surprisingly wide variety of investments.

While not every investor will need this level of flexibility to manage their portfolio, for those who do this tool makes the process easy and eliminates time consuming steps that might otherwise create a huge opportunity cost. Demo accounts are available and easy to set up to help you learn the platform and determine if it is right for you.

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