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10 Best Swing Trading Alerts Services

10 Best Swing Trading Alerts Services [Review & Opinion]

Do you know the best swing trading alert services? Well, most of the time traders face difficulties regarding alerts before trading. To help you we have reviewed the top 10 best swing trading alerts services. Continue reading to check our review. Swing Trading is an efficient way of trading despite the lengthy time each trade takes.

With total concentration, any trader can master swing trading. Yet, deducing the market all by yourself can be daunting. Often, many traders are befuddled with the swing trading options and seek out the most lucrative trade with puzzling strategies.

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And this is where swing trading alert comes into play. Using swing trading alerts for every swing trade can save your time and energy to do more important things. Instead of striving away your sweat, use a service for swing trade alerts that helps you choose from viable strategies available to purchase and sell.

So which trading alert service to choose? Below, we have discussed the top 10 swing trading alert services that suit your situation.

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Top 10  Swing Trading Alerts Services

Here, we will be discussing the 10 best swing trading alert services on the market.

1. Motley Fool Stock Advisor

Motley Fool Stock Advisor is eminent for its significant return to traders. It is a leading swing trading alerts service, contemporarily in the stock market industry.


Stock Advisor Program

The stock advisor program is quite valuable for helpful traders. They will be able to gain intel and knowledge from the program. Apart from the available membership, recommendations for stock-related decisions are a part of the package.

Data charts

The service has inclusionary data charts to aid the traders with the history of their previous data. All the program’s records are tracked, and input new suggestions are also given in some charts.

2. Rule Breakers

Rule Breakers has a likeness to the service mentioned above. Its most crucial difference is in its commitment to demonstrating the obstructions to a swift flow in a trade. This program aims to locate the swing trade stocks with peak growth rates.


Best Buy Selections

Members get to deliberate their decisions with the best stock alerts in the trade market. This list comprises top-tier stocks worthy of the trader’s money to be spent on a day of trading.

Lots of Additional Services

The members are given access to the Motley Fool library brimming with analytical reports of stocks. They are also getting a chance to track market movements, stature, and e-inflations.

3. Everlasting Stocks

As another one of Fool’s creations, Everlasting Stocks works as an informational service benefiting the serious traders in the game. It encourages a mindful and minimum take to trading.


Bonus Stock Picks

Upon sign up, you will receive surplus stock picks of a total of fifteen! The stock picks help you garner swing trading alerts.

Afterward, you can attain extremely lucrative stocks that help you make program decisions. The program will notify you of the current stock alerts’ analytics. You also get to gain more experience to improve your trading tactics.

Alerts on a Weekly Basis

You are given an email notification with the latest swing trade alerts, so you don’t have to worry about checking the site every day. The service is catered to your needs and time availability.


Timothy Sykes, the founder of TimAlerts, has a distinct outlook on trading. Becoming a millionaire at 22, he has broken a record as the firstmost penny stock trader with online courses. He insists that penny stock trading is an excellent income method as you can generate income with a small investment.


Chat Room

Once you have subscribed to TimAlert, the program will give you a chat room to grow a relationship with other traders. You can also let them know about newer ideas that you find.

Video Courses

TimAlert is also a mobile app, and you get to use it on either iPhone or Android. The program drops a new video to its immense library of over 4,400 videos each week.

5. Trade Ideas A.I

Trade-Ideas A.l is the best stock alert service available for active swing traders. This platform helps scan stocks for new traders. It is so reflexive that the users can change the program and add features.


Trade-Ideas Stock Scanner

This program comes with a scanner to scan your trades and analytics to curtail your load in long-term trading. The bonus is that the scanner is also built-in.

Bonus Videos

While using this program, you also receive seminars in live, video lessons of a well-reputed university. You can also access the library, but it comes with a price.

6. Mindful Trader

Eric Ferguson, the founder of Mindful Trader, has formulated his service after years of experience. Eric is known to use several tactics to buy and sell stock. But most of it is done with data.


Lots of Stats

This program relies on statistics to improve your trading experience. From Monte-Carlo Simulations to Correlation tests, Mindful Trader will give you all to make the right step.


The only live trade alerts service to give huge yields is Mindful Trader. As only after less than two months, you receive 40% profit. In a year, you receive a whopping 147%.

7. Bear Bull Traders

Bear Bull Traders is reasonably necessary for active swing traders. The program gives you undying support and knowledgeable substance to improve and enhance your swing trading strategies.


Educational Courses

This service comes with a surplus of investment suggestions and data analytics. Much can be found on this platform, from program lessons with video tutorials to books and classes.


The mentors of BBT will analyze every swing trade alert, whether the trade is novice level or advanced level. The mentors then scan swing trader reviews and share them with the traders.

8. Scanz

Scanz is a scanning platform that distributes data that it collects from the market. You can absolutely optimize the program to save scans.

There are also fifty variations in the costs of the paid features to lower the permanent scanned results. It can also provide day trade alerts.


Sharing Stocks

You can scan and email free stock alerts or keep them on your desktop with your trade ideas scanner. You can also find new stock after reviewing.

Endless Resources

Scanz permits you to use streaming charts, keep a watchlist of tons of helpful videos, and even watch them.

9. Pilot Trading

Pilot trading obliges you with finding swing trade stock and provides you with swing trade alert services and inflation alerts. It comes with improvised algorithms that enhance the quality of trading.


Great Security

This service makes trading way safer for you. Forex and other trading systems include approximately 37,000 security features.

Four Algorithms

Pilot trading has a minimal amount of algorithms that work effectively with most trades. They are Perception, Commitment, Equilibrium, and Sentiment.

10. Trade Ideas

Trade-Ideas is an innovative and advanced trading program that gives access to an Al they call ‘Holly’ apart from their tips and tricks to increase success on every trade.



Holly is a virtual analyst that researches relentlessly for your sake and betterment. She analyses a million trades in the nights and mornings when markets are closed. She then finds over 70 formulae, giving you the possibility to win without risks.

Trading room

There is also a trading room that you can view live. You can propose your ideas live and hear others’ ideas, in turn improvising your own.


Let’s look at some frequently asked questions:

What Is a Swing Trade Alert?

A swing trade alert is a notification that you will receive about an upcoming stock movement. You can use this information to place trades and benefit from market fluctuations.

What Is the Success Rate of Swing Traders?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some traders are successful while others are not. It ultimately depends on your individual trading strategies and how well you execute them.

Why Is Swing Trading Difficult?

Swing trading is problematic because it involves taking a small profit from it and then reinvesting it into another one. This type of trading involves an ongoing, active management process.

Is Fast 5 Trades Legit?

Yes, Fast 5 Trades is a legitimate trading service. It offers a variety of features, including swing trade alerts, that can help you make money in the stock market.

How Do You Research Swing Trades?

To research a swing trade, you will need to analyze the charts for potential setups. To find high-probability trade entries, you can use moving averages and support/resistance levels indicators.


Swing trading alerts services are a much-needed implementation to any software of any swing trader. They not only reduce your efforts but help you make the right choice out of many. These recommendations in this article are all updated to the nearest time frame compared to the recent decisions.

But you should only select what suits you. But how will you know if you never trust? We recommend that you give them a go or read other swing trader reviews!

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