Binomo Broker Review

Binomo Broker is designed to inform and empower the individual investor using a set of easy-access online tools, but do they offer the features that you really need?

As an investor trying to decide which online platform best serves your needs, how does Binomo Broker measure up?  In this article, we’ll take a look at a few key features and break down their purpose so you can make your decision.

Knowledge Base Access

Binomo has a robust knowledge base that is provided to all users free of charge, just for establishing your account. You can easily educate yourself on the specific investments (and investment classes) that most interest you.

There’s need to attend lengthy seminars or deal with customer service at a faceless investment firm. You can look up the answers you need, get the in-depth education in areas that matter to you, and get back to trading.

The knowledge base covers topics ranging from the basics of trading to highly specific investment classes.

Need a guide to complex investments? The knowledge base describes all the classes available on the platform. Concerned about trends in the marketplace? Just look up the relevant information in the database, and you’ll have access to the latest education on the subject. Uncertain if you qualify for a specific investment? The guide in the knowledge base will put you back on track.

24/7 Online Support

You can chat with a representative for Binomo at any hour of the day, from anywhere in the world, using their simple online chat interface.

Binomo will never force you to interact with their brokers, allowing you to have a streamlined experience, but everyone needs help from time to time.

If you come across a specific situation and need some guidance, or experience any issues with the platform, dedicated staff who are trained to focus on the needs of the individual investor can get you the most relevant information with a few simple clicks. You will only be on your own when you want to be, and support personnel will never try and tell you how to invest unless you ask.

The Freedom to Invest

Many brokerage platforms are easy to use but lack access to the asset classes that global strategists need most. With Binomo Broker you can allocate your investment dollars exactly where you want, even in asset classes typically ‘restricted’ to smaller investors.

Forex markets, for example, are traditionally only open to big banks and brokerages. The Binomo platform not only provides access to these markets but does so in a way that is easy to use and understand.

Transferring funds into and out of your Binomo account is fast and easy. You will be able to put your resources to work quickly when you need to, and then either collect or reinvest your profit dollars without any fuss. In an industry where timing is crucial, these services are a vital part of any online investment platform—Binomo understands this and has implemented these features seamlessly.

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