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Bonus Policy Complaints

Bonus policy complaints are being frustrating for traders while they want to withdraw their money. Now, if you are accepting bonuses from the broker and adding it up with your invested capital in the broker’s platform, then there are standard policies maintained by most of the broker that indicates, to conduct a certain number of trades to withdraw your money. Several brokers have a policy that to withdraw the money from the account, and the trader must meet a certain amount of money on their account through trading. Without fulfilling their terms, you cannot simply withdraw your money from that account.

Mostly, non-regulated and un-licensed brokers offer the bonus to their customers. Sometimes they automatically add the bonus amount to the traders’ account without the trader’s permission. It is the reason why traders are complaining against those non-regulated brokers every day.

On the other hand, regulated and licensed brokers are not offering any bonuses during the signup or any additional time, and they have a legitimate reason for that.

Experts are always suggesting to involve regulated brokers to trade independently, and they will not do anything without your consent. Besides these, every time you are signing up on any brokerage firm, do read their terms & policy properly, so that you know what you are going to get from the broker.

Now, some brokers are wrongfully doing businesses, and they do not care about the traders because they are not regulated under any government agency. So, be sure to understand that they can do whatever they want with your money. In the end, you are going to be the loser if you are signing up on non-regulated brokers without reading their policy.

In most cases, beginners are their target because those beginners are not aware of those policies. Newbies are accepting any policy when they see that if they join the network, then they are going to get bonuses when they are signing up.

It is crucial for beginners because they are managing their first hundred dollars or five hundred dollars for the forex trading business is a challenging way. Due to a simple careless behavior, while investing that money in any broker network, they may lose their money.

Well, keeping that in mind, our expert has developed an entire observation of bonus policies of non-regulated brokers. So, if you are facing a similar forex bonus related problem, then it is going

to help you. We have discussed the most unanswered question of “Why You Shouldn’t Take the Bonus From Forex Brokers?” You can read the entire article here.

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