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Lightspeed Trading Review and Tutorial 2021


Traders in United States Welcome
Facts & Figures

Lightspeed is a broker for high-volume traders offering advanced platforms & tools.



Premija Nėra
Instrumentai Equities, options, futures
Demonstracinė sąskaita Yes
Min. Indėlis $10,000
Mokėjimo būdai N/A
Min. Prekyba Variable
Reguliuoja FINRA, NFA
„MetaTrader 4“ No
„MetaTrader 5“ No
„cTrader“ No
ECN sąskaita No
DMA paskyra No
Programos mobiliesiems Yes
Auto prekyba Yes
Socialinė prekyba No
Kopijavimo prekyba No
Prekybiniai signalai Yes
„Islamo sąskaita“ Yes
GBPUSD sklaida
EURUSD sklaida
EURGBP sklaida

Trade Bitcoin futures.

Spread Floating
Coins BTC
Įspėjimas apie riziką - rizikuojate savo kapitalu

Lightspeed Trading is a US stockbroker intended for dynamic informal investors. This survey investigates the intermediary’s foundation, versatile programming applications, demo preliminaries and record types. Lightspeed Trading’s authorizing, guidelines, and charges are likewise point by point, so read on to settle on an educated choice.

Lightspeed Trading Company Details

Lightspeed Trading is a division of Lime Brokerage, a monetary administrations innovation organization. The agent has workplaces in New York and Chicago and gives a medium to exchange American financial exchanges. 

The organization’s objective demographic is dynamic, high volume retail and institutional merchants from the US to Germany and Singapore. 

Unfamiliar dealers from certain nations can open records with the intermediary. Nonetheless, further administrative work is required. The countries acknowledged by Lightspeed incorporate Canada, Australia, India, the UK and the UAE.

Trading Platforms

Lightspeed offers more than 15 stages to exchange with, each having its strengths, advantages and downsides. In addition, there are month-to-month programming expenses for specific locations. However, these are diminished by the worth of any commissions paid in the earlier month.

Lightspeed Trader

An exclusive stage for values and alternatives exchanging with level 2 statements, made by Lightspeed. Consoles can be utilized to help out orders through hotkeys. The stage upholds expanded hours trading just as Java, C++ and API Python joins. The graphs and request courses are entirely customizable, and there are progressed scanners and channels accessible. This product has a sticker price of $130 each month.

Sterling Trader Pro

This is an expert stage for dynamic merchants. Level 2 value cites accompany constant benefit misfortune data, hotkey requesting and expanded hours exchanging. Data windows can be modified and connected, and there is an inherent keen request steering and objective setting capacity. The stage can be utilized to exchange values and alternatives and can be connected to APIs, scanners and channels. There are 60 graphing choices with studies, and 11 option spreads. There is a month-to-month expense of $230-260, contingent upon prerequisites.

Livevol X

A platform geared towards options traders that has sophisticated, dynamic portfolio risk assessment systems. Custom layouts can be saved, and there is overlay charting, historical data analysis and an advanced ‘what if’ modelling and ordering tool. With level 2 price quotes, equities and options can be traded, plus the platform is free with Lightspeed Trading.

Eze EMS Pro

This is an adaptable stage that acquaints the capacity with exchange prospects close by values and alternatives, all from a similar record. Hotkeys can be appointed to arrange and steering options, and the interface can be redone. There are complex outlining choices in addition to API and prearranging capacities for robotized exchanging. Contributing can be done during expanded hours, and there is a month-to-month expense of $325.

Eze EMS Express

A worth option of Eze EMS Pro, however, with fewer abilities. Eze EMS Express can exchange values, alternatives and fates utilizing hotkeys. The stage has a completely customizable interface, full market profundity and coordinated additional items. Trading can be done during expanded hours, and the month-to-month expense is diminished to $125.

Lightspeed Web & Mobile

For the dynamic broker in a hurry, this stage is a program and portable-based option in contrast to the Lightspeed Trader. With ongoing estimating and information, customers can exchange values and alternatives to quickly and straightforward request section instruments. The stage has a customizable design and permits expanded hours exchanging. Likewise, the base record esteem is decreased to $10,000, and there is no month-to-month programming charge.


A stage planned as an across-the-board answer for hazard the executives exchange estimating, examination and multi-dealer requesting. It accompanies ongoing danger investigation and recreations with competent representation, in addition to a scope of execution alternatives including Staging Blotter, Trade Ticket and Spread Builder. Furthermore, the stage incorporates FIX APIs and accompanies various choices and stock exchanging calculations. Derivix likewise upholds multi-leg exchanging, and its cloud-based preparing structure lessens framework necessities.

Silexx OEMS

An all-rounder stage gives values, choices and fates exchanging with a customizable format, interlinked modules and hotkey requesting. Moreover, the stage upholds cross-module requests the executives just as unpredictability and market sway examinations. Besides, there are hazard appraisal and situation reproduction abilities.


A stage that spotlights subsidiaries, however, with value exchanging abilities. It powerfully streams continuous information to give top to bottom market data and fast request situations. Complex request types and investigation abilities accompany direct floor access and backing for instability and spread exchanging.


This exchanging stage is upheld as a work area or program that runs concerning Windows and Mac PCs. It highlights forex and fates style quote sheets and a customizable exchanging interface. Furthermore, it upholds prospects, values and choices exchanging.

CQG Integrated Client

Lightspeed CQG’s leader exchanging stage accompanies refined alternatives investigation, hazard-free system testing and API reconciliation. There is additionally immediate admittance to multi-dealer swapping, exchange steering customization and an exchange impact test system. It upholds both spread exchanging and accumulation for values, alternatives and fates.

CQG QTrader

Lightspeed CQG’s leader exchanging stage accompanies refined alternatives investigation, hazard-free system testing and API reconciliation. There is additionally immediate admittance to multi-dealer swapping, exchange steering customization and an exchange impact test system. It upholds both spread exchanging and accumulation for values, alternatives and fates.

CME Direct

This stage is equipped for exchanging values, alternatives and prospects in both single and multi-leg systems. In addition, there is a custom technique manufacturer, current and chronicled instability investigation apparatuses and coordinated exchanging windows for procedure proficiency. The stage likewise upholds block exchanging and blends with Excel.


However, this is a more open Lightspeed Trading stage, planned with an easy-to-understand interface for retail merchants with refined proficient abilities. The format is entirely customizable, with an underlying outlining bundle, a single tick exchanging in addition to news and financial markets. There are likewise a few additional items for cutting edge choices exchanging, custom and intraday outlining and computerized exchanging. Prospects can be traded with CTS T4 just as values and alternatives.

Trading Technologies TT

This prospects exchanging stage likewise upholds choices and values exchanging. It has continuous, inside and out market information with incorporated outlining and specialized investigation devices. The format and usefulness of the stage are completely customizable, and there is the capacity to plan and test calculations utilizing just visual devices.

VELA Metro

Previously called Options City Metro, this server-based futures platform supports multiple order types along with algorithmic trading through APIs. In addition, traders can pre-define strategies and safety rules and use risk management tools such as real-time greeks and scenario analyses.


This prospects stage centers around low idleness, dynamic exchanging. It’s anything but an API to fabricate custom trading programs and algorithmic procedures. There is likewise reconciliation with hazard the executive’s instruments, specialized examination diagrams and Excel. The stage furnishes a decent market profundity with a scope of request types for fates, choices and values. 

All the above bits of programming can be downloaded through Lightspeed Trading for Windows PCs. In addition, Macintosh and Linux renditions of certain stages are accessible, however not for every one of them.


The representative furnishes customers with admittance to all values and alternatives on the New York Stock Exchange, including trade exchanged assets (ETFs) and land venture trusts (REITs). Besides, a broad scope of prospects can be exchanged. For example, there are 11 money fates, Bitcoin, farming, domesticated animals, dairy, stumble, delicate produce, energies, lists, interests and metals. Lightspeed Trading likewise offers fates choices.

Spreads & Commission

Lightspeed Trading offers variable commission rates that are lower for more dynamic brokers. 

Stocks and trade exchanged assets (ETFs) have two commission roads in light of the volume of exchanges. The starter commission per share is $0.0045. However, this drops to $0.0010 for the month-to-month books more than 15,000,000 offers. Then again, there is a $4.50 commission for every exchange that tumbles to $2.50 per exchange for a month-to-month movement of more than 10,000 exchanges. Alternatives start at $0.60 per agreement and drop to $0.20 per contract for a month-to-month volume of more than 100,000 agreements. 

The decrease in commissions is steady with month-to-month exchange volume, with six all-out commission levels. To carry out these lower commissions, you need to apply for active dealer status with the specialist once your month-to-month volume is sufficiently high. 

Standard prospects are dependent upon a commission of $1.29 per side. However, choices on fates are charged $1.79 per side. 

There is likewise a base month-to-month charge of $25 for accounts worth under $15,000. However, any commissions charged are detracted from this. Commissions will again add to the product expenses for essential records. 

Dealers utilizing Livevol X have independent commissions that can be found on the agent’s site.


Lightspeed offers the most significant influence rates permitted in the US securities exchanges. Informal investors are restricted to paces of 1:4. However, this is diminished to 1:2 for positions held open for the time being. 

The agent offers higher paces of 1:6. However, some prerequisites should be met, and a Portfolio Margin account should be held.

Mobile Apps

There are two versatile exchanging stages on the proposal with Lightspeed, each accessible for iOS and Android gadgets.

Lightspeed Mobile Trader

This is a portable rendition of the web-dealer stage and must be utilized by customers with a web-merchant/versatile record. The Lightspeed Trading application has a more restricted usefulness than the work area adaptations. Be that as it may, it offers level 1 value cites, customizable diagrams and great till dropped (GTC) orders. Besides, a few records can be overseen and worked utilizing the portable application. However, there is a $10,000 account, and prospects can’t be exchanged.

CQG Mobile

This versatile application for agents utilizing a CQG stage or the futures exchanging set (run by CQG). The CQG Mobile stage coordinates with any connected exchanging stage and can be handily gotten through touch or face ID login. The Lightspeed application has constant statements outlining and investigation abilities, just as a scope of request types and a realistic plan.

Payment Methods

Lightspeed exchanging records can be subsidized and discharged utilizing direct wire moves, robotized clearing house (ACH) moves or check stores. When financed, the intermediary will hold the record for a period. On the off chance that the store was made by wire move, the paper is just fit for 24 hours. In any case, checks and ACH activities require five workdays before exchanging can start. 

There is no base store with Lightspeed Trading. However, accounts have the most negligible total levels. The most reduced being $10,000.

Demo Account

A Lightspeed Trading demo account with brokers can acclimate themselves with the different stages offered to utilize virtual money. These records can likewise be used to preliminary new techniques, hazard approaches and resources. The specialist again offers an individual showing of stage abilities and customization alternatives.

Promos & Bonuses

At the hour of composing, there are no refunds or markdown codes offered by Lightspeed Trading. This may diminish its seriousness against numerous famous merchants. On the other hand, this further supports their assumption that they are a superior dealer for cutting-edge and dynamic brokers instead of unpracticed rookies.


Lightspeed is a genuine, all-around directed financier firm, authorized and controlled for stock and prospects exchanging administrations. The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) manages the US financial exchanges, with firms being observed and directed by gatherings like the Financial Industry Regulation Authority (FINRA). 

However, prospect exchanging follows a comparative design with various specialists; the business sectors are controlled by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the organizations by the National Futures Association. 

Lightspeed Trading is enlisted with both FINRA and NFA and can be found in their online libraries. Like this, the agent is completely controlled for the US advertises and will give authentic, safe assistance. US controllers are likewise very much regarded inside Europe.

Additional Features

Customers are furnished with computerized exchanging openings utilizing the Lime Trading Gateway framework. The Gateway offers low-inertness automated and electronic exchanging arrangements. It incorporates market information, keen executions, exchanging worker and pre-exchange hazard evaluations, among different advantages and abilities. The Lime Trading Gateway effectively contains utilizing C++, Java APIs or FIX. 

Exchanging accompanies an innate degree of hazard, something that Lightspeed Trading perceives and tries to assist its customers with. However, there are a few dangers the board instruments gave to help screen and oversee hazards: 

  • Lightspeed Gateway – Pre-exchange hazard the executives meeting hazard approval necessities in Rule 15C3-5. 
  • Lightspeed Risk Suite – An application intended to assist with exchanging administrators and hazard chiefs to oversee hazard more than a few records. This incorporates a few constant instruments revenue-driven, misfortune and end images. 
  • Options Risk Manager – A restrictive application that spotlights changes related to choices and edges exchanging. It has synopsis tabs for resource the executives and can ascertain constant day exchanging edge necessities. 
  • Auto Risk – An application that permits supervisors as far as possible and exchanging boundaries on the Lightspeed Trader stage for various clients. 
  • Broker Order Entry Interface (BOEI)– An apparatus that permits supervisors to get to the records of their brokers and spot exchanges them continuously. 

The agent also has many video instructional exercises and instructive online courses, giving brokers data going from request types and essential examinations to cutting-edge exchanging methodologies and custom orders. This comes close to regular market news and financial reports on its dynamic exchanging blog. 

Social exchanging can be completed with Lightspeed utilizing their Hammerstone Markets news stage. This is a visit-based stage that gives breaking news and room to talking about exchanging thoughts.

Account Types

There are many record choices accessible with Lightspeed Trading, from standard edge exchanging records to more specific options focused on multifaceted investments chiefs and business firms. 

  • Regulation T Margin Account– Standard value and prospects exchanging account. Influence is restricted to 1:4 according to the Regulation T rules. Most negligible record worth of $25,000 for work area exchanging, $10,000 to utilize web and versatile exchanging applications. 
  • Portfolio Margin Account– Aimed at cutting-edge and dynamic merchants, permitting admittance to higher influence paces of 1:6, expanding their market openness. Most negligible record worth of $175,000 needed in addition to proof of good day exchanging experience. 
  • Separately Managed Account – For financial backers with an enormous portfolio, SMAs are like a shared asset with you as the sole proprietor. These permit vigorously redid venture arrangements that can meet explicit prerequisites. 
  • Delivery Versus Payment (DVP/RVP) Account– This exchanging model diminishes a portion of the danger related to the market’s liquidity around the settlement date. 
  • Clearing Member Trade Agreement Account– These records are focused on merchants who might utilize a few agents to lead their exchanges. Toward the finish of every day, every one of the exchanges would then be able to be cleared by one firm inside the understanding, making the cycle less bulky. 
  • Other Accounts– Joint Account, Partnership Account, Corporate Account, LLC Account, Registered Hedge Fund Account, Trust Account, Individual Retirement Account 

Brokers from nations outside the USA may likewise open records with Lightspeed Trading. These global records permit unfamiliar merchants to get to the US financial exchanges and the representative’s scope of administrations. 

The base store is $25,000 for all the record types, aside from the Portfolio Margin account. Be that as it may, exchanging stage decisions can likewise impact the base store, as those wishing to utilize web and versatile trading stages can set aside installments as low as $10,000.


If you take Lightspeed Trading versus any semblance of TD Ameritrade, Interactive Brokers, Thinkorswim or SpeedTrader, the merchant performs well in the accompanying regions: 

  • Scope of outstanding quality and expert exchanging stages 
  • Hazard appraisal programming bundles 
  • High influence rates for America 
  • Various record types 
  • Fates exchanging 
  • Programming interface mix


  • High least record esteems 
  • No forex exchanging

Trading Hours

Lightspeed gave exchanging freedoms to customers both the norm and broadened trading hours. For example, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) standard hours are 09:30 to 16:00. However, there are pre-market and post-market meetings at 04:00 to 09:00 and 16:00 to 20:00, separately. 

These all-inclusive hours permit exchanging on important market news and occasions, typically delivered outside standard hours so merchants can deal with the information. But, of course, these hours are likewise incredible for those exchanging after work hours. Nonetheless, the business sectors are less managed right now, so there can be enormous leaps and swings.

Customer Support

The Lightspeed Trading client assistance group is accessible during all regular and broadened market hours. Additionally, they can be reached utilizing the telephone numbers and email subtleties beneath. 

  • International Telephone – +1-646-393-4800 
  • Domestic Telephone – 1-888-577-3123 
  • Email  – contactus@lightspeed.com 

It’s a disgrace there isn’t live visit support. However, the client assistance group can point you toward exchanging manuals, general PDT rules, options in contrast to stage arrangements, and the sky is the limit from there. 

Lightspeed’s office locations can be found on their Support page.

Client Security

The merchant likewise executes a multifaceted validation framework for added record and exchange assurances past the business standard network safety gauges. Besides, all customers are ensured by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). This inclusion can provide customers’ capital for more than $1 million.

Lightspeed Trading Verdict

Lightspeed is a refined stockbroker that offers a far-reaching scope of exchanging answers for dynamic informal investors and institutional dealers. There are many record types and exchanging stages on the proposal with cutting-edge exchanging abilities and business models. 

For less experienced retail dealers, notwithstanding, it’s anything but an entirely open merchant. The expenses related to Lightspeed Trading are high, with sizeable programming and holding charges. Likewise, the minor record esteems are incredibly high, pushing out brokers with less capital. We would enthusiastically prescribe this merchant to genuine, proficient dealers. However, propose that retail merchants with less time and cash investigate a portion of different representatives assessed on this site.

Accepted Countries

Lightspeed Trading acknowledges brokers from Australia, Thailand, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Qatar and most different nations.

Alternatives to Lightspeed Trading

If you are searching for options in contrast to Lightspeed Trading, we have aggregated a rundown of the leading 5 representatives that are like Lightspeed Trading underneath. This rundown of intermediaries like Lightspeed Trading is arranged by comparability and incorporates organizations that acknowledge brokers from your area. 

  • Just2Trade – Just2Trade offer Hitech exchanging on stocks and choices with the absolute most reduced costs in the business 
  • Fortrade – Fortrade is a multi-resource merchant offering a primary live record with cutting-edge apparatuses. 
  • LegacyFX – LegacyFX is a multi-resource representative contribution to an MT5 download and free signals. 
  • Bitfinex – Bitfinex is among the best crypto trades for experienced merchants with a free versatile exchanging application and low charges. 
  • IronFX – IronFX offers web-based exchanging forex, stocks, prospects, products and cryptographic forms of money


What trading platforms can I download with Lightspeed Trading?

There is a broad scope of exchanging stages with Lightspeed Trading, including detailed steps for various resources, records and request types. As a result, there is a complete rundown in this audit. However, the primary stages are Lightspeed Trader, LiveVol X, Sterling Trader Pro, Eze EMS and futures.

What trading costs are there with Lightspeed Trading?

The dealer charges commissions for each exchange. However, these are decreased by high exchanging action. In addition, there are additional programming and record-holding expenses in specific situations. However, any commissions charged in the earlier month will be utilized to diminish these charges. Additionally, Lightspeed Trading offers refunds for programming expenses under explicit conditions, clarified on their site.

Can I open an account with Lightspeed Trading in Europe?

Lightspeed Trading does offer global records for unfamiliar brokers. However, these require further administrative work to be opened and might be dependent upon various guidelines. Like Germany, nations inside the EU can exchange with Lightspeed Trading, close by numerous others, including the UK and Singapore.

What do I do if I am having trouble with my Lightspeed Trading platform setup?

A portion of the exchanging stages offered can be muddled, so setting them up and becoming accustomed to them can take some time. Lightspeed Trading gives manuals to their foundation to make the cycle simpler, and different stages will have their instructional exercises and guides on their particular sites.

What assets can I trade with Lightspeed Trading?

The specialist upholds exchanging all values and choices on the New York Stock Exchange, just as fates contracts. Prospects can be bought for monetary forms, horticulture, energies, lists, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Does Lightspeed Trading offer mobile trading?

Lightspeed Trading gives two portable applications. In addition, there is one restrictive application intended to coordinate with their web broker and one made by CQG that incorporates with any of their upheld stages.

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