How to Start Forex Trading

Since the 1970s, the foreign exchange markets have been used to transfer and set the value of currency between international entities. Trading on these markets is often seen as the exclusive domain of banks and their affiliated dealers. At the highest levels of access, margins are razor thin and trading focuses on regulating the price of currency. Furthermore, access to these markets is typically restricted to entities with the ability to trade in the millions or even billions of dollars daily.

For these reasons, most individual investors assume they would have no need or ability to access the Forex market.

That is where platforms such as IQ Options come into play. At the lower levels of these currency markets, smaller entities and individuals can and do participate. Their goal is, typically, very different from the big banks. Many people are there to turn a profit.

While the top levels of the market stay insulated from the impacts of these smaller trades, within their strata there is incredible volatility. This volatility is exactly what an experienced Forex trader is looking for: a high risk area where large profits can be made swiftly by the skilled and the fortunate.

What do I need to get started?

The currency markets are known to be very unpredictable. Watchdogs and economists advise a strong working knowledge of currency markets, and anywhere from two to ten years of experience in analysis or other work in these markets before trying to navigate such a volatile area.

Of course, the modern individual investor looking to day trade often knows they will have to overcome experience gaps. Tools such as can help, connecting you with the necessary software to track and manage your investments. Traders in this area will also want a swift, reliable source of data on market information as trends move swiftly and mere seconds can make or break an entire strategy.

You will also need significant discretionary capital, as trade positions can and will fluctuate wildly. If the initial investment is too small, you may find yourself without needed purchasing power at a critical moment. Because of this, many investments in Forex markets are highly leveraged.

If you intend to take this approach, you will need a block of dedicated, liquid credit that you can transfer to and from rapidly when needed. While patience and strategy may be your most powerful tools, when the time comes you may find you have a very brief window in which to act.

Now that I’m prepared, how do I get started?

With your resources in place, it’s as easy as signing up with a service such as IQ Option or Take some time to familiarize yourself with the tools and resources available, and spend some time monitoring the flow of the markets and getting a feel for how the trends appear in your data.

As you get started placing trades, make sure you stick to your risk management strategy, and keep an eye on the level of your cash resources as things shift. Before you know it, you’ll be navigating the highs and lows of the Forex markets alongside many others!

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