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Free bitcoin mining sites

Top 10 Best Free Bitcoin Mining Sites 2022 [Review & Comparison]

Bitcoin is growing from its beginning. Nowadays, most people want to take a bite of it. But there are some fraudulent cases happened where people get conned by those fake crypto mining service providers. To make is simple we are going to review the best free bitcoin mining sites for you.

Bitcoins are the talk of the decade. Mining bitcoins in this era of technology science is one of the most profitable approaches towards acquiring intangible money. There are several fast & free bitcoin mining sites where one can mine bitcoins easily.

The bitcoin mining software is a tool that specializes in mining cryptocurrency by using computing power.

Once the mining operation is completed, you can receive a monetary reward through digital currency.

On top of that, the mining sites are automated. Therefore, you will not require extensive technical skills.

With an understanding of the profitability of bitcoin mining, this article brings you the top 10 best free bitcoin mining sites in 2022.

We will look at the user reviews of each of them and run a thorough comparison to figure out the best ways of choosing the most suitable site with free bitcoin mining without investment.

What is Cloud Mining?

Cryptocurrencies are the future of online transactions. Several famous people have invested their money in different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

These cryptocurrencies can also be produced through mining. The process of mining cryptocurrencies is called cloud mining.

The best thing about cloud mining is that you do not need to purchase any extra hardware for the task. In general, if you want to buy DIY basis hardware for cloud mining, it will cost you thousands of dollars.

Moreover, you will need to purchase better, upgraded, and updated versions of the hardware as the difficulty level on the blockchain keeps on increasing. As a result, your investment in cloud mining will become redundant.

Mining cryptocurrencies through hardware can be extremely costly as well. On the one hand, you will have to think about running the technology continuously throughout the day.

On the other hand, powerful devices will consume extremely high electricity to run fluently and constantly for 24 hours.

As a result, the long-term ROI will be disastrously hampered, and you would have no option but to consider cloud computing.

Free bitcoin mining sites

How Cloud Mining Works?

Cloud computing is the simplest way of mining bitcoins. You can do this from the comfort of your bed. The core concept is to gain access to mining spaces on different websites.

In this scenario, you will not need to purchase any extra hardware for the process. Therefore, the electricity consumption will be minimum as well.

All you have to do is invest your funds on a platform where the bitcoin mining framework is already operational.

So, how does this help you in gaining profits? First, you will acquire a share of the profit from your initial investment.

As a result, you can gain a return on investment from the very first day of cloud mining. Additionally, you can re-invest on the platforms with the extra money from the profit.

However, you must remember that cloud mining sites involve both good and bad sites. Just like any other online platform, bitcoin mining sites involve many non-credible platforms.

Several websites take away people’s money. Therefore, you must be extremely careful while mining bitcoins on free cloud mining websites.

How to Mine Bitcoin for Free?

Cloud mining is usually done on a platform where the hosts are the owner and seller of the service provided towards farms, who are the collectors of mining rigs.

These hosts are some large corporations that have purchased massive hardware to mine cryptocurrencies. The hosts usually provide mining rigs for the farms to invest their money, while the platform mines bitcoin.

However, the money you invest is only the service cost. The free bitcoin mining sites provide you the opportunity to mine bitcoins without spending thousands of dollars.

Paid Cloud Mining vs. Free Cloud Mining

You are asked to choose a paid plan service that best suits your interest in the paid cloud mining sites. In addition, different hash rates are offered to different bitcoin types.

The hash rate indicates the power of the mining rig. Therefore, you can know how much bitcoin that particular rig can mine with the money you pay for the plan.

The best part of paid cloud mining is the fact that you get quick returns. Of course, the higher the money you pay, you will get a faster return.

Several companies also allow you to choose your own preferred time to mine bitcoins. As a result, you can experience profits sooner.

On the other hand, paid cloud mining is said to be a bit expensive. It is because the charge you pay for the preferred plan can be costlier than other options. That is true for entry plans that can be quite expensive.

When we talk about free cloud mining, it allows people to get into free bitcoin mining sites without investment.

You will find hundreds of websites when you search on Google. These sites offer mining opportunities without any initial fees.

However, there is a catch. The sites will cut a portion from the monthly revenue you generate from bitcoin mining.

Nevertheless, if you want to indulge in free bitcoin mining, these sites are the way to go.

Free bitcoin mining sites

Top 10 Best Free Bitcoin Mining Sites

Now that we know what it takes to start mining bitcoins, it is time to dive into the top 10 bitcoin mining sites best rated for 2022.

SHAMINING (shamining.com) Review

SHAMINING is a service for all platforms that have been created only in 2018.

Since then, it has found great popularity among miners who possess little to no technical knowledge and want to start mining with a small investment.

The mining site was set by IT and cryptocurrency experts.

How to Mine Bitcoin on Shamining for Free?

SHAMINING has three data centers that are located in San Jose, London, and Capetown.

The farm allows miners to rent strong functional computers to mine bitcoin and gain profit.

To begin mining, you will have to deposit a minimum of only $50. With this money, you can expect an average income of 1.43 times more than what you invest.

The platform provides everyday profit to more than 8,000 miners currently.

Pros of Shamining

One of the most appealing features of SHAMINING is that the site includes gaming and animated elements while the mining process runs. It makes mining fun while being simple throughout the processing time.

When it comes to money talks, this site ensures that you get at least a 37% bonus from the very initial investment, which is lower than most other sites.

Moreover, you can deposit and withdraw money through various options like Visa, MasterCard, Qiwi, Bank transfer, and so on.

Furthermore, any miner would be extremely cautious about the security of the site before joining in.

SHAMINING ensures that the site is regulated and secured through the compliance of FCA, CySEC, ASIC, and other high-end encryptions.

Cons of Shamining

One of the major drawbacks of the site is that it is fairly new in the market.

With only 2 years of full function, SHAMINING has already been called out to scam users to re-invest more money every time they seek to withdraw their profit.

As a result, it may not be the best option if you are looking for something that has been in the business for several years now.

Free bitcoin mining sites

Awesome Miner Review

The next one on our list of top 10 best free bitcoin mining sites is Awesome Miner. The platform was designed to mine any type of cryptocurrency.

As a result, miners will not be limited to mining only bitcoins on this platform. It is exactly why users rate this platform as one of the topmost out there.

How to Mine Bitcoin on Awesome Miner for Free?

Awesome Miner is designed especially for miners who are professionals and have been in the bitcoin mining business for several years.

As a miner, you can control, manage, and configure the platform’s functions remotely from anywhere. However, it would cost you a formidable amount of money.

To begin with, you will have to pay starting from $30 as much as $800 for the initial investment.

With this money, you will be handed a well-functional graphical interface that will allow you to mine every cryptocurrency out there.

Moreover, you will be able to track the price changes of the cryptocurrencies and make decisions that yield the highest profit.

You can also switch algorithms only using the smartphone you carry by installing the mobile application of Awesome Miner and synchronizing it with the desktop version. 

Pros of Awesome Miner

One of the biggest advantages of Awesome Miner is how convenient it is to mine almost every cryptocurrency out there in the world.

The graphical interface allows the platform to possess programs for all cryptocurrencies. That allows users to mine the most popular and profitable cryptocurrencies.

In addition to this, the platform provides technical supports to both Russian and English users.

You can remotely control the program through the mobile application and monitor the value of cryptocurrencies to make the best decision over your investment.

Cons of Awesome Miner

Being a top 10 enlisted bitcoin mining site, Awesome Miner does not have many disadvantages. However, one key con of the platform is the high cost of the software products.

Because the site ensures several features that can be enjoyed remotely, the initial cost may be higher than other popular mining sites.

bitproapp.com Review

Bitproapp.com is a website that claims to provide you the best bitcoin mining experience possible.

One of the key features of the platform is its powerful algorithm. That enables miners to mine bitcoins at a quick speed than others.

How to Mine Bitcoin on bitproapp.com for Free?

The platform is certified to use funds in the form of a public account book. Furthermore, the secured and robust algorithm allows no one to know where the bitcoin is being mined.

Due to the quick calculation speed, you can generate bitcoins quickly. The best part is that you will not have to register on the platform.

All you have to do is click on “Generate now” and choose how many bitcoins you want to generate.

After that, you have to provide your bitcoin wallet address, and the platform will automatically begin generating bitcoins.

Pros of bitproapp.com

The biggest advantage of the site is its robust algorithm. You can expect to generate bitcoins quicker than any other platform out there. The robust system makes it secured as well.

Cons of bitproapp.com

The platform is not completely free. You will have to pay a small amount of money for maintenance, technical, and other forms of support.

Miner-B.com Review

The Miner-B.com platform allows miners to mine 6 cryptocurrencies. These are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Dash.

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The best thing about the platform is that it confirms uninterrupted earnings for the users by cooperating with several largest mining farms across different countries.

How to Mine Bitcoin on Miner-B.com for Free?

The Miner-B.com website has a landing page that enables you to gather all the necessary information that is basic to guide you through the process.

The first thing you will have to do is click on registration. Next, you will have to provide an E-mail address, user ID, and password.

Once you have registered on the site, you will have to log in with your user ID and the captcha solution. After the registration, you will get 0.1 bitcoin free.

Inside the log-in page, you will see the complete table showing how long it will take to mine different cryptocurrencies.

You can begin mining just by clicking on the “Mining” tab on the right side of the table.

Pros of Miner-B.com

The best thing about the platform is that it is entirely automated. So once you hit the “Mining” button, you can get on with your life while the website does its work.

The simplicity of the website and the mining process allow users to mine bitcoins from anywhere and any smart device connected to the internet.

Cons of Miner-B.com

The key disadvantage of the site is that you can mine only one cryptocurrency at a time.

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Although this brings a small limitation to your mining investment, the obvious benefits make it a powerful tool for miners to mine bitcoin for free.

Free bitcoin mining sites

Cryptoplace.cloud Review

Cryptoplace.cloud was Founded in 2017, the platform also provides miners to mine 6 cryptocurrencies. These are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, BCH, XMR, and TRX.

The platform has gone through several changes over the years, including the recent change in its name and domain.

Nevertheless, users have experienced both positive and negative things on the platform.

How to Mine Bitcoin on Cryptoplace.cloud for Free?

Once you go to the website, you will be shown the recent replenishments and withdrawals to maximize the most profitable decision.

You will also find several available plans along with the percent profit from each investment plan.

You can begin mining bitcoins after you register on the website. Just like any other website, you will have to enter your E-mail and Password.

Pros of Cryptoplace.cloud

Only by registering on the website will you receive a 2500 Gh/s bonus. Moreover, you may receive random bonuses from the platform, enabling you to mine more bitcoins quicker.

You can invite friends on the website to mine bitcoins and receive more bonuses. As you can understand, receiving bonuses is the best feature of the platform.

Cons of Cryptoplace.cloud

The biggest disadvantage of the site is that the more you pay, the more percentage you get on your investment.

Even if you do not pay anything, you will get a 1% return on investment. However, there are several plans to choose from, which can create decision problems.

Freemining.co Review

This platform is considered a passive income site. The site is run by investing bitcoins to mine bitcoins. You will have to either pay through money or cryptocurrency to begin mining.

How to Mine Bitcoin on Freemining.co for Free?

Just like every other mining site, you have to register on the platform first. You will find the registration option once you go to the website.

The website also includes a total of 5 different plans to choose from. Each plan is valid for a whole year, starting from the day you make the payment.

Pros of Freemining.com

The best feature of the website that it includes real-time payout amounts. That enables users to check and pick the best mining plan and maximize the profit.

Moreover, there are five different affiliate programs that you can choose from and get connected to mining instantly after the payment. There are no hidden fees, and you can withdraw any amount instantly.

Cons of Freemining.com

One of the biggest downfalls of the site is the bitcoin generation rate is low for the free plan.

Therefore, choosing a free plan to save money might make you wait a long time to generate a profitable amount of bitcoin.

In addition to this, you cannot change your bitcoin wallet information after you put data for the first time.

Bitland.pro Review

Founded in 2017, the platform only entered the market in 2018.

The extreme testing process of the software and hardware and the accumulation of capacity and resources make the bitcoin mining site one of the most acceptable ones out there.

How to Mine Bitcoin on Bitland.pro for Free?

Once you register on the platform, you can access mine several other cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin.

These involve Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tron, and Tether. You can also use Monero, DigiByte, Zcash, Payeer, and other cryptocurrencies to recharge replenishments.

Pros of Bitland.pro

One of the key features of the platform is getting a 2000 Gh/s bonus after registration. You can do a lot of mining with this bonus amount.

Moreover, you might not require any replenishments either. You can increase your income by winning bonuses you receive from inviting friends and other random spins.

You can gain a maximum return from a minimum investment of 0.1 USD. The platform is also secured.

Cons of Bitland.pro

If you wish to avail the premium features, you will have to pay $450. This amount is extremely high comparing to the other platforms in this list.

Apart from the free and other basic options, the advanced and business plans are quite expensive.

Free bitcoin mining sites

Bitcoin-live.app Review

According to several previous users, this site had problems with the withdrawal process. Many users complained about money getting stuck.

However, the problem is being solved. That suggests how credible the site can be. Moreover, you can get your lost coins back on the platform.

How to Mine Bitcoin on Bitcoin-live.app for Free?

The Bitcoin-live.app is another platform where you must register and avail yourself of the opportunity to mine bitcoins.

Once you register, you will see which mining opportunity suits your interest the best. Then, judging by the current and forecasted price, you can start the mining process.

Pros of Bitcoin-live.app

The app is highly suitable for both beginners and professional miners. One of the key features of the app is the “Pricing” tab.

You can check the available plans and bitcoin prices. The app is also user-friendly. In addition, it provides information on the currently online users and the current trend in bitcoin prices.

Cons of Bitcoin-live.app

One of the major downfalls of the platform is that you can only mine bitcoins here.

While this can be beneficial for many users, you lose the option to switch to other profitable cryptocurrencies.

Cudo Miner Review

Cudo Miner is another popular bitcoin mining site. The platform is highly famous for its security and return on investment.

You can expect to earn as much money as possible from using this safe and simple hardware system.

How to Mine Bitcoin on Cudo Miner for Free?

The mining process on Cudo Miner is almost similar to other platforms. Therefore, you can expect to begin mining from anywhere in the world.

All you need is a strong internet connection. In addition, the automated mining system makes the platform easy to monitor and manage.

Pros of Cudo Miner

According to several previous users, Cudo Miner is extremely profitable. In addition, the intuitive UI system makes the mining process simpler and attractive.

In addition to this, the platform offers several configurations that can be easily monitored and managed with an automated system.

Finally, doing everything remotely makes it a very lucrative option to choose.

Cons of Cudo Miner

Miners have also complained that the withdrawal fee is quite high. However, if you can reach a certain threshold, this problem diminishes automatically.

FAQ: Best Free Bitcoin Mining Sites

Question: Where Can I Mine Bitcoin for Free?

Answer: Several online platforms allow miners to mine bitcoin for free. However, the top 10 best free bitcoin mining sites are the best ones in 2021.

Question: What is the Best Free Bitcoin Miner?

Answer: There are many free bitcoin miners out there in the market. Some of them are Cudo Miner, SHAMINING, Awesome Miner, and others.

Question: What is the Fastest Way to Get 1 Bitcoin for Free?

Answer: The fastest and easiest way to get 1 bitcoin for free is Coinbase. Other programs include Coinmama, Virwox, RunCPA, Bitbond, Trezor, and many more.

Question: Is Free Bitcoin Mining Real?

Answer: Yes, without a doubt. Bitcoin mining can be done for free in the listed top 10 free bitcoin mining sites.

Question: How Can I Get Free Bitcoins Online?

Answer: You can play games on a few apps to get free bitcoins online. One of those apps is Blockchain Game. It is a free app that allows you to get free bitcoins by playing games.


Bitcoin mining has been one of the most profitable investments for the last few years. However, the concept itself is quite new and illegal in several countries.

Nevertheless, you can follow the top 10 best free bitcoin mining sites in 2022 to begin mining as a beginner. You will not have to invest a huge amount of money, and the sites are well-tested and reviewed.