DAX Robot: CFD’s Auto Trading Software Review

DAX Robot is one kind of popularized CFD trading robot designed for placing automated trades so that CFD trades can take a breath of relief every now and then. Even though it’s a very new addition to the CFD trading market, it has drawn a lot of attention towards it. So here’s an unbiased review for DAX Robot: CFD’s auto trading software.

DAX Robot: CFD’s Auto Trading Software Review

If considering all the cool features and instant payoffs, DAX Robot does seem too dreamy to be true. Well, if you investigate the available info on it, you will find some supporting evidence towards its growing popularity and high demand on the market, such as- a very user-friendly and interactive user interface that will de-stress your CFD or forex trading experience.

As in, for using this automated software or bot, you don’t need any extra set of skills or knowledge, and it just eases things up.

The process of signing up with DAX Robot is straightforward, and it promises to get you the top brokers in the market with an attractive amount of profit. Just open an account, fund it with bitcoin, ethereum, credit card, or litecoin and let the bot do the rest for you!

Other popular automated systems out there are forex steam, forex fury, et cetera.

History of DAX Robot

The company DAXBase created DAX Robot. It’s already a well-reputed company in the CFD trading world, but some might differ in this opinion. There is some shady info about the company’s background that created some concerns and all those hush-hush “e-gossips” about the legitimateness of the company itself and the robot.

So, we did a little bit of research and found out that behind its humongous success as a company, there is a hand of another mega-successful company, Finance Group Corp. This company is a giant in the forex trade industry, as it pretty much leads the forex industry at a global range. Finance Group Corp has the credibility and reputation strong enough for you to pick a broker from them, and its wide recognition makes it a safe bet.

Working principle

Cryptocurrencies and Forex are getting really popular these days. Following their footsteps, companies are coming up with clever and automated technology like DAX Robot to get you your desired amount of profit or even better. These bots operate using the latest AI tech, follow smart strategies, and offer novice investors an easy way into the cryptocurrency and Forex trading market.

Although a very recent addition to this competitive market of CFD and FX trading, DAX Robot is doing an impressive job as an automated system to provide the traders with a smart and efficient solution.

The best thing is, it claims to have a solution for all kinds of traders, whether they are retail or institutional ones. Bonus point! The users get to enjoy adjustable solutions for fixed or compound strategies.

It also allows customers to sort through different assets and investment fields in a functional way. But the downside is, the company doesn’t reveal much about the actual trading strategy of the software.

Things you should know about DAX Robot.

The software is free of cost, but to get benefit from their offered services, you have to deposit some money under their broker, which is DAXBase, their parent company.


The company claims to get you a high amount of profit, although there is not really any evidence supporting this claim. The software is, however, easy to use with fast performance and promises of making a fortune; still, the investors should keep their eyes and ears open as there are also claims that it could be a scam.

The promise of getting instant riches is impractical as Forex or CFD isn’t a lottery, and the amount of profit or losses depends on the situation of the market. The difficult part is the assessment of to which extent the bot can catch up with the market trends.

The performance and results of this software are quite impressive as opposed to its price, which is free! But the traders should at no cost consider this as an instant money-making machine and should be prepared for all possible scenarios, even a bad one.


The clients have contradictory opinions about the legitimateness of the software. Many customers swear by it that it gave them a satisfactory outcome, but on the other hand, many claim that it’s a fraud. However, the bot has an average rating of three to five stars.


The company claims to be an award holder, which again comes with no evidence. It certainly has some cool tools and functionalities to bring you profits, but its lack of enough information and solid evidence puts the authenticity of the software under question.

A contradiction to these concerns and risks is, it is owned by a very renowned company, Finance Group Corp, so their sister projects should not be a failure either. As it’s under strict public scrutiny, at this point, the company should be more transparent about their working policy. They will certainly be able to draw more customers if they reveal some honest user reviews, pictures, videos, et cetera.


We are not confident enough to recommend this software for you, considering all the facts discussed above. The customer service seems to be co-operative, and as it’s a brand new software, it’s understandable why it still doesn’t have enough reviews and supporting data.

But a major disadvantage is you must choose their provided broker service, so you might have to switch from your previous broker, and to be frank, their provided broker service also seems a little sketchy.

However, if you are confident enough to gamble with your assets, you can use it and see for yourself. I hope you found this DAX Robot review (CFD’s auto trading software review) helpful.

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