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What Does It Take to Make a Living as a Day Trader?

Day trading can be a lucrative and interesting career, one that allows you to work from home, for yourself. The Covid-19 pandemic has even ramped up people’s interest. Yet if everyone could be successful as a day trader, everyone would be doing it. What does it take to make a living as a day trader? Is it even possible? well, some might think its not. However, that’s not actually what it is.


3 Forex Tips for Beginners

Foreign exchange trading is an exciting option for people who are interested in making money with day trades. It’s a volatile market, which means there are a lot of opportunities out there.Of course, those opportunities also come with a lot of risks. Make a mistake and you could lose some money.


How to Start Forex Trading

Since the 1970s, the foreign exchange markets have been used to transfer and set the value of currency between international entities. Trading on these markets is often seen as the exclusive domain of banks and their affiliated dealers. At the highest levels of access, margins are razor thin and trading focuses on regulating the price of currency. Furthermore, access to these markets is typically restricted to entities with the ability to trade in the millions or even billions of dollars daily.