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Ultimate Guide to Forex Scalping Strategy for Newbie Featured Image

Ultimate Guide to Forex Scalping Strategy for Newbie

The appeal of the Forex scalping method in the Forex market cannot be denied. This strategy consists of entering and exiting currency trades quickly with small gains. It is done while limiting the risk of loss and exposure to the market.

Ahhh, the nirvana of the operators!

There are no fairy tales. Scalping in Forex (or any other market) is very difficult, and only a few are successful. Order entry and management must be flawless. In addition, intense and constant immersion in the market is required, like the eyes of a hawk fixed on each movement of its prey.

What is Forex Scalping in Trading?

If, when you read at the beginning of the article about scalping, and you wonder, what is scalping? What is scalping used for? Or, how to scalp on Forex? We explain and answer each of your questions:

The scalping is called the trading technique that allows buying and selling currencies or financial products at very short notice. As some market experts point out, the scalper is content to get a few pips in the market.

Scalping is also called “speculation trading” and is usually applied to derivatives. It has a strong leverage effect.

Besides, the return on investment in each position is not high and more with respect to the risk they assume.

One of the advantages is the number of positive positions.

How to Scalp in Forex?

The Forex Scalping is used among retail traders and professional traders. Scalping, as a term, can assume certain technical definitions. But we will go the way of simple and straightforward definitions. We will explain about short-term trading techniques and strategies using scalping.

 What is a Scalper and How Does a Scalper Operate?

Some scalpers perform scalping in the stock market. His profits are not significantly high. But the scalper can multiply his trades based on higher leverage than the swing trader. Scalping is used predominantly by those who seek to be a better trader and have a short-term strategy.

So a scalper aims to obtain profits from the minimum fluctuations of the trading market.

The Scalpers are currency traders with a high level of activity. The orders are opened and closed very quickly in a concise term. For this, they use Forex robots to obtain the maximum returns in the currency market.

Scalpers operate by taking small profits in the Forex market by speculating on the exchange rate in the concise term. Being well is the second-fastest strategy behind the operation of the high trading frequency.

To gain experience in Forex trading, you must know about the Forex scalping strategies to be successful in trading. There are various trading strategies, such as scalping trading strategies based on intraday trading indicators.

What is Forex Scalping Strategy?

It is a short-term trading strategy on Forex, the most liquid and volatile financial market in the world. Based on the volatility of the currency pairs, traders can obtain profits through movements of 100 to 200 pips.

Short-Term Currency Trading: Scalping Forex Strategy

It is an algorithmic trading strategy. The profit made on average in short-term trading is 05 pips maximum. To invest in the stock market in the concise term, you need to have high leverage. It should allow you to speculate in the currency markets and thus earn a high return.

The so-called speculation trading strategies are one of the most used among professional traders. It allows them not to have high exposure in the market and take a low risk.

Why Do They Choose to Scalp?

Scalping on the exchange rate allows obtaining benefits from the small movements in the currency pairs in Forex. This market allows more opportunities in the short term than in other types of markets.

The Forex Scalper allows you to obtain an average of up to 10 pips in the currency market, assuming a maximum risk of 20 pips. If someone wants to receive income through Forex scalping then, there must be very high volumes in the market and low commissions. So, profitability is the maximum possible.

Forex Scalping Indicators

As we said, scalping can be defined as a type of trading based on technical analysis and fluctuations in the price of currency pairs.

Technical indicators for scalping should be specific and not just any indicator for scalping and trading FX scalping.

One of the main ones is the Ichimoku 1 minute scalping indicator. It is a popular technical indicator and one of the most used in Forex Scalping. For some scalpers, it is the best scalping indicator, and others directly ignore it or use others.

How to Trade 1 Minute Forex Scalping Strategy

The 1-minute scalping Forex strategy: It is a strategy for beginners in Forex. However, it does involve having a few hours to monitor the currency market.

The 1-minute Scalping strategy is defined as an intraday strategy. It allows the opening of a position, earning it a few pips and then closing the position on the same day. It is easy to understand because it is one most fundamental forex scalping strategies. Also, it offers more resources to operate.

The validity of the Scalping Trading Strategy, Time, Indicators, and Sessions

  • Currency pair validity: All pairs
  • Time: 1 minute
  • Necessary indicators: Stochastic Oscillator 5, 3, 3 – EMA 50 periods – EMA 100 periods
  • Recommended sessions: London, New York (with high volatility)

Trade with the Forex Scalping Strategy 1 Minute

  • Review entry points and stop-loss levels in the trading terminal, and risk management
  • Test the strategy in a demo account before using it in the real account
  • By using the strategy in the real market, trade with small volumes. With more experience, you can risk trading the strategy with higher volumes

Forex Scalping Strategy 1 Min: Indicator to Buy

  • The 50 period EMA must exceed the 100 EMA
  • Wait for the price to return to the EMAs
  • The stochastic must rise above level 20 from below.

When these conditions are met, they can initiate a purchase order that is to say, “go long.”

Stop loss:  Set a stop loss, 2-3 pips just below the last low point in price.

Take profit:  Being the short-term scalping strategy, they can earn between 8 and 12 pips per trade. For what they should set, the take profit at 8-12 pips of the entry price.

Scalping Forex Strategy 1 Min: Indicator to Sell

  • The 50 period EMA must be less than the 100 EMA.
  • Wait for the price to return to the EMAs.
  • The stochastic must cross level 80 from above in a descending direction.

Upon meeting these conditions, they may open a sell order.

Stop loss:  Set the stop loss 2-3 pips above the last price high.

Take profit:  Place the take profit at 8-12 pips from the entry price.

Final Words: Forex Scalping

Finally, one piece of advice is that one of the main aspects of Forex scalping is the number of operations. Some traders place more than 100 daily operations. So you have to choose a broker with the lowest possible spreads, which means lower commissions.