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Best Finviz Screener Settings for Swing Trading

Best Finviz Screener Settings for Swing Trading

Finviz is a hot trend in the stock market among traders and investors. It gives you access to financial news and a platform to research the stock market for free, or you can pay for it. Settings and setups might be confusing on the website.

If you find it confusing or just want to know the best screener settings for swing trading or day trading, this article is for you.

Here, we’ll guide you through one of the best swing trading platforms – Finviz Screener.

Finviz Screener

Finviz screener gives information on stocks you desire based on what you search. It is one of the best stock screeners in the market.

It is easy to use but may look complicated at first, but this problem will be solved with the correct Finviz screen-up setups and the best Finviz screener settings for swing trading or other forms of trading.

The website is often criticized for looking “old,” but Finviz is one of the best browsers for research if you look past that. Some people find it a bummer that Finviz does not have a mobile app, but the browser works fine and thus doesn’t need an app.

Finviz also lets its users access the market data before it opens, which is a plus point.

You can use the Finviz options screener free without signing up or signing up for free and get more features, like saving you Finviz screener presets.

To do this, simply:

  • Select “My Presets”
  • Click “Save Screen”

You can save 50 such screens for free if you signup, and 100 if you use Finviz Elite. Finviz Elite also lets its users use Intrary Charts. Even more, reasons to get the elite version.

You can see all your present screens by following these steps:

  • Click the “info” icon on the upper right.
  • Then go to settings from the drop-down.
  • Find “screen presets” in the navigation part.

Best Finviz Screener Settings for Swing Trading

Swing trading is holding onto an asset for some days or more so that you can profit from the price changes. It may not look profitable at first, but small gains will, in the long run, add up to a lot.

The Swing Trading Strategy is excellent for cutting losses. This trading is recommended for beginners as loss and risks aren’t as much as another trading.

Using Finviz for swing trading is easy and accessible. What’s better is that it lets you view all the charts you have screened. Go to the tab section and select ‘charts’ to access that.

Firstly, we need to look at the three primary filters

  • Fundamental
  • Technical
  • Descriptive

The best stock screeners settings for swing trading are:


  • market cap (over 2 BN)
  • Optionable
  • Current volumes > 1m.


  • 20day Simple Moving Average Price 10% above SMA.

Pattern is optional, but you can select and use it to screen.

If you are not satisfied with your charts, you can change the average to below 10% or 20%.

If you want more names of companies who seem to have a chance of emerging back into the top, change your technical to 20-Day Simple Moving Average: Price crossed above 20 DMA. You can now search through names or increase volume to fit your needs.

Finviz is the best stock screener for swing trading, so these settings will help you level up your game in investing and trading.

Screener Settings for Growth Stocks

Growth stocks increase in capital value than the average market. That also means that they do not pay dividends. They are often expensive and can rapidly decline if the investors’ expectations are not met.

It typically grows quarter over quarter by at least 20%. If you want to keep an eye on growth stocks, then here is how you can do it:


  • Market cap (over 2 BN)
  • Optionable
  • Current volume > 2M.


  • EPS growth qtr over qtr: over 20% (if you want, you can change it to 25 or 30 or more)
  • Sales growth qtr over qtr: over 20% (you can change it too)

You also need to look at the companies to see their growth over the years. For that:

  • EPS growth past 5 years: 20%
  • Sales growth past 5 years: 20%

You can make more changes to suit your needs, like lessening the lists of names shown by adding more to volume. These are considered the best screener settings for swing trading.

Screener Settings for Day Trading

If you somehow are not aware of day trading – day trading is when a buyer buys something financially and sells it the same day.

That way, speculators (what traders into day trading are known as) can avoid significant risks and price gaps. The correct stock screener settings for day trading are needed for that, and this article provides the stock screener settings for day trading.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the screener tab, under the descriptive tab.
  • Put – Exchange=Custom=NYSE + NASDAQ.
  • Average volume = Over 2M (you can increase this if you feel the need).
  • Industry = Stocks only (trade stocks).
  • Current volume = Over 100K (you need to adjust this throughout the day, especially after the market has opened when you need to increase).
  • Price = Custom = choose the range that is suitable for you.

Finviz Forex

The conversion of one currency for another is known as forex trading. It is the largest trading in the financial market. The global Forex trading market is worth $1.93 quadrillion.

Forex trading aims, as you guessed it already, profit. You can profit from the differences in interest or exchanges. The trading is done mainly in the U.S. dollar, Japanese Yen, British pound, and the euro. The market is open for five and a half days, and even a beginner can trade easily there because the trading is considered relatively straightforward.

Finviz gives you access to charts and 1-day performance, so you know which currency is the best to trade on. Just head over to Finviz.

Here’s How to Use Finviz for Forex:

  • Open Finviz.
  • Choose forex from the top left of the page.
  • You will see a list of commonly traded forex.
  • This list varies throughout time and can be adjusted.
  • The bottom of the page contains a bar chart to see each currency’s 1-day relative chart.


In conclusion, Finviz has you covered in trading, whether in swing trading, day trading, or forex trading. This article gives you the best Finviz screener settings for swing trading, along with day trading.

Trading may seem complicated, but it gets easier to research and trade when you know the correct settings and screen-ups. Head over to the website to start trading right now!


These FAQ’s will enlighten your ideas about Finviz Screener.

What Is Finviz Screener for Swing Trading?

Market participants can use Finviz for value in assets or stocks. Finviz can be used for swing trading using the correct settings and can get ideas for investment to buy the downside when it has started to recover. Traders can use it for free or get the elite version for $39.50 per month.

How Do I Set Up Finviz Screener for Swing Trading?

Traders can use Finviz screener for swing trading by adjusting the Descriptive, Fundamental, and Technical filters. The adjustments vary slightly, especially on what you want, and you are ready to swing trade. Pattern is optional, but you can still use it if needed. You can experiment with Finviz filters until you get the right one.

Which Screener Is Best for Swing Trading?

The answer is Finviz. It is a great screener that lets you keep an update on the stock market with filters and lets you save your presets. Finviz is free, but its elite version gives you more opportunities like managing charts and exporting data. You can easily research stocks, assets, and forex (foreign exchange) there.

How Do I Scan for Swing Trade Stocks on Finviz?

Finviz is very easy once you get to know it. Go to the Finviz screener, then to technical, change the pattern and choose any stock you wish to see. Familiarize yourself with the pattern and keep doing this till you want.

How Do You Find Volatile Stocks for Swing Trading?

In theory, volatile stocks have the most profit potential. Go to Finviz, and you can see the volatile stocks and filter stocks in the screener for market capitalization, volume, and performance. Volatile stocks also come with a lot of risks. The more volatile a stock is, the riskier it is.