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CommSec Review and Tutorial 2021

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Facts & Figures

CommSec is a top Australian retail broker offering a suite of trading tools & products.


• Innovation Excellence 2020 – Canstar

علاوة بدون
الادوات Shares, Options, ETFs, Warrants, Fixed Income Securities
حساب تجريبي No
دقيقة. الوديعة $500
طرق الدفع Credit Card, PayID, Wire Transfer
دقيقة. تجارة 0.01 lots
تنظمها ASIC
ميتاتريدر 4 No
ميتاتريدر 5 No
سى تريدر No
حساب ECN No
حساب DMA Yes
تطبيقات الموبايل Yes
تجارة السيارات No
التجارة الاجتماعية No
نسخ التداول No
إشارات التجارة No
حساب اسلامي No
السبريد GBPUSD
فارق السعر EURUSD
سبريد EURGBP
تحذير من المخاطر - رأس مالك في خطر

CommSec is an online stockbroker offering trading on offers and options. Our review covers the critical parts of day trading with CommSec, including opening another record, options charges, opening times and a summary of the broker’s trading application, CommSec Pocket. See whether you should join on the web and begin trading today.

CommSec Company Details 

CommSec, otherwise called Commonwealth Securities Ltd, is an auxiliary of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. This firm is managed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and conveys an unmistakable yellow logo. CommSec professes to be Australia’s driving broker and primarily obliges the individuals who are occupants in the country.

CommSecIRESS Platform 

CommSecIRESS is a platform for trading protections recorded on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). The constant customizable program is reasonable for fledglings and makes purchasing shares basic and straightforward with the accompanying highlights: 

  • Market watch and ready abilities 
  • Quick request arrangement and progressed diagramming 
  • Watchlist highlight for following organizations of interest 
  • Live organization information statements and exploration accessible for nothing 
  • Portfolio seeing on the web or utilizing an application, further subtleties underneath 

The platform is accessible on a membership administration for $82.50 each month. Additional items like global business sectors are accessible at an extra expense. The membership charge is deferred for ordinary CommSec traders that total at least eight exchanges per month. 

Customers can put in a few request types, including contingent orders, which require a trigger and breaking point price tag to be set. When the offer arrives at the trigger value, the firm will naturally submit a request. Traders thinking about setting a stop misfortune will be satisfied to hear they can do this through a particular Falling Sell request. 

Trading can be performed by amount, for example, a specific number of offers, or worth, for example, a financial measure of offers. Customers can likewise set an expiry: ‘useful for a day’ implying that the request should be filled by the end of the exchange, or a multi-day ‘great till expiry’, which can be a predefined date or as long as 20 days. 

Dropping a CommSec request should be possible using the site since the request has not been filled. Traders may likewise encounter a Cross Trade (XT), in which similar security is purchased and sold simultaneously by customers of the firm.



Customers can perform Australian offer trading straightforwardly with CommSec, for instance, on the ASX 50 or the ASX 200, otherwise called XJO. Traders can pick associations physically or utilize a ‘share pack’ chosen by the broker from driving organizations. 

On the off chance that an organization decides to profit investors, the customer will get an assertion. Traders would then take the money or utilize a reinvestment profits plan (DRP) whenever advertised. A few offers might be ‘XD’, which implies whenever bought around then. A purchaser won’t get the latest profit.

International Markets 

Utilizing a CommSec International Securities Trading Account, customers can likewise exchange 25 global business sectors, including US and Hong Kong shares, just as stocks on the NASDAQ. Traders can likewise join to get IPO warnings to keep steady over new contributions. 

This broker additionally seems to offer forex in global business sectors. However, subtleties are restricted.


Trade exchanged options, or just options, give customers the option to purchase or sell a specific security at a predefined cost inside a given time, generally between financial backers. CommSec offers trading in numerous business sectors, including US options, albeit potential traders ought to know that they may need to breeze through an ‘options information assessment’ before they can get to the market.

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

The brokerage offers all ETFs recorded on the ASX, for instance, the Vanguard Australian Shares Index ETF, which incorporates 300 of Australia’s chief organizations. These protections are exchanged like offers with a $500 minimum speculation and can be utilized to screen the presentation of bonds or files like the S&P 500.


CommSec likewise offers warrants to permit traders to profit with market changes, with expanded leverage contrasted with options. These are given straightforwardly from the organization holding the resource.

Fixed Income Securities 

At times known as financing cost protections, fixed pay protections include the financial backer crediting cash to a gathering that will deliver revenue or profits for the length of the advance. For instance, CommSec offers Australian government bonds. 

Starting in 2020, CommSec no longer offers CFD trading. Like this, customers can’t accept resources like gold. This broker also seems to have quit promoting overseen reserves, albeit these can be added physically to a customer’s portfolio whenever held somewhere else, such as in a mFund, and acknowledged in a Margin Loan. Likewise, the firm doesn’t offer to trade on digital currencies like Ripple (XRP) and Bitcoin (BTC).

Trading Fees 

CommSec has an unpredictable charge construction, and customers ought to counsel the site for full subtleties of every resource: 

  • Australian offers, ETFs, warrants, and fixed pay protections have a $10 charge for exchanges up to $1,000, diminishing as a rate with the exchange esteem 
  • Exchange utilizing perished homes at paces of $59.95 up to $10,000, with fixed-rate charges for bigger exchanges 
  • Options contributing brings about a minimum of $34.95 up to $10,000 for web trading, and this rate increments if executing via telephone 
  • Little expenses of $0.05-$0.45 are additionally charged, relying upon the agreement type 

Worldwide trading charges fluctuate by area, and extra duties or market expenses may apply – more data is accessible in CommSec’s FAQs.


CommSec offers an honor-winning Margin Loan, which traders can exploit to augment their portfolio with acquired assets. The loan fee is a minimum of 5.63% p.a. The broker gives a mini-computer on their site. CommSec likewise distributes a task and industry characterization list, which may help traders in their credit application.

Mobile Trading 

CommSec App 

The CommSec application is the mobile platform for stock exchanges and offers similar resources and expenses as the work area terminal. The application gives in a hurry trading and full admittance to your portfolio with notices and watchlists.

CommSec Pocket 

CommSec Pocket is another mobile application offered by the broker for financial exchange trading. Customers have the decision of 7 ETFs, including Global 100, and our review was satisfied to see that clients can make ventures with a minimum $50 installment. 

Android clients can refresh the application to see their watchlists on the home screen through gadgets, and iOS clients can utilize the notice place. This broker charges a $2 brokerage expense on exchanges up to $1,000 and 0.20% for higher-worth exchanges. 

In our review of CommSec Pocket versus the CommSec mobile and site offers, we feel the application offers a more direct contributing interaction and lower expenses without the whole arrangement’s broadness of resources.

Payment Methods 

Customers considering what amount of time it requires to settle exchanges will be keen on CommSec’s T+2 settlement framework: 

  • Customers that have sold resources will get the assets into their assigned record two workdays after the exchange has occurred 
  • Purchasers should have installment reserves accessible in their record by 8 am on the second workday or will be exposed to a late settlement charge 
  • An expected settlement adding machine is accessible on the CommSec site in the Home segment 
  • On the off chance that customers wish to purchase and sell around the same time, the broker can utilize a framework called contra settlement to cover the contrast between the exchanges 

For tax document purposes, customers can download their financial year outline straightforwardly from the site, in addition to yearly profit and exchange explanations. The IRS needs US tax documents. There is additionally the choice to go paperless by changing to e-proclamations for simpler record keeping.

Demo Account 

At present, CommSec doesn’t offer a demo account. Our review needs to hail this as a real downside as planned clients have no chance of attempting before purchasing.

Trading Bonuses 

CommSec recently ran a $600 free brokerage joining offer, in which the initial ten exchanges would be free. The broker isn’t publicizing trading advancements. In any case, their site shows a proposal for Westpac Capital Notes 7.

Regulation Review 

CommSec is an auxiliary of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, controlled by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), and as such is very trustworthy.  Non-occupants, for example, traders in New Zealand (NZ), can apply to exchange with this broker if they have an Australian financial balance and are enrolled with the ASX PC framework. 

CommSec is a mainstream broker and is regularly contrasted with other huge brokers. Reviews like CommSec versus Raiz, IG, CMC, Selfwealth, NabTrade, and eToro can be found on the web.

Additional Features 

CommSec offers a broad scope of materials to help traders: 

  • News area puts out market reports with a leader talk with series 
  • Revealing Season articles with an income schedule that records the additions of ASX-recorded organizations (2020 detailing schedule accessible) 
  • A quarterly State of the States report which subtleties the monetary environment in Australian domains 
  • Incessant online classes like ‘Sharemarket 101’, guide articles, and experiences remembering a ‘Year for Review’ highlight 
  • Consolidates suggestions from foundations like Goldman Sachs and runs a different venture administrations branch called CommSec Adviser Services 
  • The ‘Statements and Research’ part of the site can be utilized to assist customers with likely learning organizations for speculation 
  • YouTube channel makes The Top Five recordings that significant rundown parts of the market to watch that week

Trading Accounts 

Customers who wish to open a CommSec account have a few options relying upon their expected speculation action. It ought to be noticed that application is, for the most part, shut to non-inhabitants and those under 18, even though you can get a CommSec record to go about as a trustee until a minor turns 18. 

Notwithstanding the records recorded underneath, a CommSec shared service is accessible with more data in the broker’s habitually posed inquiries.

Share Trading Account 

Customers can exchange a scope of resources with this CommSec account, including shares, ETFs, options, and warrants. Exchanges up to $25,000 can be executed without a deposit, and there are no record-keeping expenses. Note that this is simply a trading account, and a different money account is needed for repayment.

International Securities Trading Account

This CommSec account is ideal for customers needing to exploit worldwide trading, as over 25 driving offer business sectors are advertised. This record covers US options and US ETFs through the International Trading Desk. Trading expenses are higher for this record, and additional charges, for example, a yearly $25 account idleness charge, apply.

Margin Loan 

As covered over, the Margin Loan offered by CommSec permits customers to get speculation reserves while moving existing resources into the record as a guarantee. ETFs, options, and offers are altogether accessible to exchange with this record. Interest expenses apply, and albeit no record-keeping charges are charged, there are other upkeep expenses to know about.

Commonwealth Direct Investment Account (CDIA)

The CDIA, additionally advertised as ‘your money account’, is the suggested account that traders use for repayment. Customers can procure revenue on assets in this record, and it additionally offers the most minimal brokerage rates. The CDIA has unlimited electronic withdrawals without expenses, albeit different charges may apply.

Options Account 

This record type is proposed to be utilized close by other CommSec accounts. It might be helpful if customers are keen on utilizing more unpredictable options trading techniques, or on the other hand, they need to shield the worth of their current portfolio. Not at all like different records utilizing the T+2 framework, exchanges are settled following one workday, so your assets are accessible all the more rapidly.

CommSec One

CommSec One is a program intended for dynamic traders to develop further their results utilizing balanced help and extra cautions, trading devices, and request types. It is allowed to join, yet customers should meet one of three qualification models: $30,000+ brokerage spend (yearly), $100,000+ Margin Loan surplus, or $2.5 million+ in the property.


Forthcoming CommSec customers can enlist to present an application for a trading account, then, at that point, sign in with their customer ID to get to the offer market. Traders can likewise get to through NetBank, even though login subtleties will be different.


Picking this broker enjoys a few benefits: 

  • A few record types to suit your contributing technique 
  • Beginning record measure direct 
  • Trading on more than 25 global sharemarkets 
  • Committed CommSec Pocket application 
  • Grant winning Margin Loan


Drawbacks of CommSec trading include: 

  • Simply accessible to Australian occupants 
  • No CFD trading

Trading Hours

Customers can utilize the CommSec site 24 hours every day, even though trading hours for the ASX are 10 am – 4 pm. Worldwide trading hours shift by time, region and area.

Customer Support 

CommSec customers can contact client care through a few channels. The helpline can assist with inquiries like an update to address subtleties or how to close a CommSec account:

Phone number: 

  • 13 15 19 (within Australia)
  • +61 2 9115 1417 (outside Australia)
  • +1300 361 170 (International Desk)


  • Locked Bag 22 Australia Square, NSW, 1215

Email for CommSec Pocket:

  • pocket@commsec.com.au

The site likewise has a contact structure and explicit contact subtleties for every resource.

Safety & Security 

Exchanges are ensured utilizing CommSec’s SMS security framework. This 2-factor verification (2FA) sends a code to the client’s telephone to confirm site orders. Then again, customers can set up Secret Questions or a secret discretionary key to building security.

CommSec Verdict 

CommSec is an online stockbroker obliging Australian occupants and offers options, offers, and ETF trading close by the CommSec Pocket application. No deposit is needed for exchanges up to $25,000, and customers can use the Margin Loan record to subsidize orders. Numerous traders will be drawn to this contribution and can believe that their exchanges are secure.

Accepted Countries

CommSec acknowledges traders from Australia. 

Alternatives to CommSec

If you are searching for options in contrast to CommSec, we have gathered a rundown of the best five brokers like CommSec underneath. This rundown of brokers like CommSec is arranged by comparability and incorporates organizations acknowledging traders from your area.

  1. Forex.com – Forex.com boasts a global reputation. Regulated in the UK, US and Canada, they offer a huge range of markets, not just forex, and offer very tight spreads and a cutting-edge platform.
  2. Admiral Markets – Admiral Markets is the leading Forex and CFD broker offering the MT4 & MT5 platforms
  3. FBS – FBS is a top online broker offering MT4 & MT5 trading across a range of instruments.
  4. FXCC – FXCC is a highly regulated and trustworthy MT4 trading broker.
  5. FP Markets – FP Markets is a multi-asset broker offering a choice of trading platforms


Is CommSec a decent broker for day trading? 

CommSec is a top broker in Australia and offers a scope of resources for day trading, including shares, options, ETFs, and warrants. 

Is CommSec controlled? 

The broker is an auxiliary of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. It is dependent upon guidelines by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). 

Is a CommSec account free? 

Many record types don’t charge the account the board expenses, for example, the Share Trading Account. Records for worldwide trading may have related charges. 

Does CommSec have an application? 

CommSec has a mobile application that offers a similar scope of resources on the broker’s work area program. The broker has additionally made CommSec Pocket, an application with an alternate trading experience like lower charges and more modest minimum exchanges. 

How do customers purchase and sell imparts to CommSec? 

Customers can put orders straightforwardly through the CommSec site. After enlistment and login, traders can get to the Trade segment then, at that point, go to Shares: Place Order.